Marcin Piątkowski

Marcin Piątkowski


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About the Facilitator

A Żerca (cleric) is a member of one of the Polish indigenous religious associations, which is the oldest religious association in Poland and continues the pre-Christian faith of the Slavs. Marcin specializes in ritual matters, ethics, philosophy, and history. He is a researcher, he explores the common features of polytheistic spirituality. He is also a political scientist and educator. Moreover, he holds a position as a lecturer at the Academy of Żercs. Additionally, he actively engages as a social activist, leading annual cycles of meetings focused on Slavic, Prussian, and Indo-European topics..

Marcin is a co-founder of the "W Kręgu" association and the "Axis Mundi" spiritual community. Not only does he organize spiritual rituals, but he also arranges cultural-historical meetings to foster a deeper connection to indigenous spirituality. Through projects like "Roots" or "Ancestors' Stones," he reintroduces symbols of Indo-European culture to the public sphere. Additionally, he is an artist skilled in working with stone, particularly in the realm of pre-Christian sacred art in Europe, crafting pieces for places of worship. He builds stone circles for worship, spiritual exploration, and energy practices. Furthermore, he initiated and co-founded the Święte Gaje (Sacred Groves) in Poland. As a naturopath affiliated with the State Guild of Crafts, he specializes in fascial tissue therapies, leech therapy, and supplements his treatments with cupping, moxibustion, and fire massage. He leads a multifaceted life, embodying a Renaissance spirit with his diverse practical skills. He finds deep passion in horse training, rescue operations, history, theology, as well as spiritual practices, rituals, and ceremonies.


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