Location on the map

Coordinates: 53°50'41.0"N 20°12'21.7"E

Access by car from the south-east direction (from Olsztyn)

In Olsztyn turn into the road no 527 in the direction of Morag / Pasłęk. After about 10 km turn right - direction to Jonkowo. In Jonkowo enter  the market and turn left at the direction Mostkowo (on the left you pass a mini gas station, to the right - the cemetery).

After about 7 km you will reach New Kawkowo (on the way you pass the village aptly named Pupki). In the village Nowe Kawkowo, just after passing the inscription "New Kawkowo" on a sharp bend of the road, turn left into a ground road and drive into the property’s stone - brick wall entrance. You have to drive between the two columns of bricks (it's very important not to take the path beside the signpost Nowe Kawkowo 50). Our address is the Nowe Kawkowo 52 A.

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Arriving in the center Here and Now in New Kawkowo

Ground road leads approx. 2 km, first up through the field, and then down through the forest

Go straight all the time. Please stick to the signs....

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“Passing place”

Then, after approx. 100 m after the "passing place", you will see another brick pillars - it is entrance into the clearing where the buildings are located of the Personal and Spiritual  Crossover - "turnout" in the forest.

Then, after approx. 100 m from the "passing place", you will see another brick pillars - it is entering into the clearing where the buildings are located of the Development and Spiritual Centre "Here and Now". After a few meters uphill you will see the  Centre. Parking is on the right side. When parking, be sure to stand in one of the three designated rows (so as not to block the other). The entrance from the parking lot to the retreat is deep in the left side - the brick gate with cap and Tibetan flags. Small metal gate in the middle of the wall is the only entrance to the kitchen staff.

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Entrance to the center from the forest.

Attention!!!!: the roads  in Warmia and Mazury are generally very narrow and planted  with avenues of trees, so when passing of oncoming car , it is often necessary to give the way and drive aside.

Access by car from the north-west direction (from Ostróda, Gdańsk)

Driving the route from  Gdansk  turn into direction of Dobre Miasto and  reach the village (municipal, large) Łukta. Continue into the direction of Dobre Miasto approx. 7 km.  After crossing the single railroad tracks  before the village Mostkowo, please  turn right on  the direction of Jonkowo, Gamerki, Old Kawkowo, New Kawkowo. In the village of New Kawkowo pass first shop, a church, a second shop, at the end of the village, on the right side of a stone wall. At the turn, turn right into a ground road and drive into the property fenced stone - brick wall. You have to drive between the two columns of bricks (it's very important not to take the path beside the signpost New Kawkowo 50). Our address is the new Kawkowo 52

Nearest airports

Nearest city

The nearest city is Olsztyn. There are two railway stations in Olsztyn: Olsztyn Główny (Main Olsztyn station) and Olsztyn Zachodni (Olsztyn West). Markus Travel, Radex and Wagner Transport busses finish their routes near the Olsztyn Główny railway station.

Access by taxi from Olsztyn

Our recommended taxi driver Mr Roman will take you from Olsztyn to the Center for PLN 80 (it is possible to share a taxi with other participants). Phone number to Mr Roman: +48 667 639 544. We can help you to arrange a taxi.

Mr Roman always asks people coming from the direction of Warsaw to leave the train in Olsztyn Zachodni (Olsztyn West, 5 min before main station Olsztyn Główny), from where it is closer to our Center.

Access by bus from Olsztyn

From Olsztyn to Nowe Kawkowo you can go by minibus of SA-TO BUS company, direction Gamerki Wielkie (displayed as GAMERKI WLK on the bus)  via Jonkowo. Travel time approx. 40 min. Minibus (20 people) leaves from the main railway station area, from the city bus stop. When leaving the main main railway station Olsztyn Główny through the main doors, straight ahead we will see a McDonald's. On the right side of McDonald’s, on the other side of the street, there is a city bus stop, where you can catch the minibus to Gamerki. Unfortunately, there is no indication of the SA-TO BUS company.  You need to ask the drivers of the coming buses in which direction they are going. Please do not get discouraged by the lack of information on the timetable or the fact that the majority of people waiting will not have a clue about the bus going to Kawkowo / Gamerki, because these are small villages. We ensureyou that the bus runs, but sometimes is delayd.  

In Nowe Kawkowo we will pick you up by car from the bus stop near the church, after prior phone arrangement (+48 602 219 382, +48 606 994 366, +48 662 759 576). The distance from the village to our Center is about 2 km through the forest.

Buses from Olsztyn (direction Gamerki) leaves at:

  • Monday - Friday: 5:40, 8:10, 10:25, 12:40, 15:10, 17:30, 19:05
  • You go to bus stop : Nowe Kawkowo

Return: Nowe Kawkowo - Olsztyn

  • Monday - Friday: 6:45, 9:25, 11:35, 13:40, 16:25, 18:40

Attention!!! Does not operate on Saturday and Sundays.


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