You are invited to use our Space in realizing your projects. We offer a specific place dedicated to work on personal and spiritual development, mental and physical renewal and raising of quality of life.

We offer all-year-round renting of our Center, workshop rooms, as well as cooperation and help in organizing workshops and camps.


  • 3 rooms can be rented at the same time
  • the Center has enough accommodation space to hold two (or even three) workshop groups at the same time.
  • 3 rooms can be rented at the same time
  • the Center has enough accommodation space to hold two (or even three) workshop groups at the same time.


For your convenience and taking under consideration various workshop needs, we offer four different workshop rooms in "HERE AND NOW" Center. All the rooms are situated apart from each other, so that activities performed in each room do not disturb activities in other rooms. This ensures privacy for the participants.


Open all year, bright and comfortable 120 m2 workshop room equipped with a professional sound amplification system, with oiled wooden flooring is situated in a main building of the Centre. It is decorated in neutral sand colors. One of the walls is equipped with handles for practicing yoga on the ropes and three big mirrors. We provide mattresses for exercises, blankets and pillows for yoga.


A 190m2 (24x8 m) summer rectangular tent, 4 meters high, equipped with a sound amplification system, with wooden flooring and with optional regulated tarpaulin walls. The Pavilion is situated on a neighbouring glade which is located within the distance of 100 m from the main house. There is a nearby washroom with toilets and showers.


An 80 m2 (13m in diameter) summer round yurt-shaped workshop room equipped with a sound amplification system, with wooden flooring, with tarpaulin roof and optional tarpaulin regulated walls. The yurt is located in another glade surrounded by an old forest within the distance of 150 m from the main house.


A 40 m2, 3 m high, rectangular music pavilion with a tarpaulin roofing, a wooden flooring and a sound amplification system. Easy to set up and carry. It is located on a meadow within the distance of 80 m from the main house.

Our aim is to support the work of Leaders by providing silence, serenity, acceptance, respite from the daily clamor, healthy energetic meals, friendly home-like atmosphere, technical help and untrodden beautiful surroundings.

  1. Group - at least 10 people.
  2. Please send any inquiries by using "Formularz Zgłoszeniowy Dla Organizatora" ( Application Form For Organizers ).
  3. Organizer can stay at our Centre free of charge if there are15 Participants in the group.
  4. We can help with organizational issues (for example, by accepting registrations)
  5. We send the notice about Your workshop to our Centre.
  6. We can also manage the promotion and sale of Your Workshop.
  7. After you send an  Application Form For Organizers  and transfer the agreed advance payment to the Centre account, you will receive the booking confirmation.


We invite volunteers to work at our Centre all over the year in accordance with the following rule ? five hours of solid work daily, at least 2 weeks in return for board and lodging. Tasks are suited to the Centre?s needs and they are assigned by hosts ? they include cleaning, working in the kitchen, in the garden, in the household, etc.


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