XII International Festival Of Tantra, Consciousness And Relationship For Singles And Couples
Following The Holy Path Of Tantra – From Ancient Wisdom To Modern Life
On 24 – 30 June 2024
"Here And Now" Center, Poland


  1. We understand Tantra as a conscious path of developing full human potential – through work with body, consciousness, mind, emotions, sexuality and spirituality. Learning how to be and live consciously, in the flow, Here and Now. Exploring, searching but also taking full responsibility for myself and my actions, the way I live and treat other people.
  2. Particular emphasis is placed firstly on learning awareness and presence, the flow of energy, conscious breathing, feeling the body, grounding, recognizing, setting up and respecting one’s boundaries and only after this exploring sensuality, sexuality and tantra.
  3. During the Festival, respect for yourself, others, the Centre and the space around is very important – and it shall be expressed by respect of intimacy, tolerance for differences, care for cleanliness and good atmosphere. Each participant of the Festival brings his/her conscious responsibility and with his/her own attitude co-creates elements of this space.
  4. We invite everyone – to come alone or together with a partner, beginners and experienced Tantra practitioners and people just curious about the new topic and approach to life.
  5. During the Festival, together we create a safe space to learn about Tantra individually and in pairs.
  6. The Festival is a whole process that has its own rhythm and lasts 9 days, that is why beginners cannot join it in the middle of the course. The exception is for the advanced tantra practitioners who took part in advanced Tantra workshops or previous festivals.
  7. At the beginning of the Festival, it is mandatory for everyone to participate in a workshop on conscious setting up boundaries and the rules of the Festival.
  8. We invite various teachers from all over the world to conduct Tantra workshops but it is very important for us that they integrate different levels of being – body, soul and mind – with their own methods, and do not teach only tantric and sexual techniques. Therefore, we cooperate only with experienced and proven teachers.
  9. Only adults are allowed to participate in the Festival.
  10. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and stimulants is strictly forbidden.
  11. The principle of confidentiality applies to everyone – everything that happens during the Festival and all information concerning the participants' identities are confidential. This also applies to speakers, assistants, translators and organizers.
  12. We do not support only fun/party approach to Tantra. Tantra is not an event – it is Life in all manifestations. We are not an ashram, but we are also not a disco.
    For us, Tantra is the Way of Development and Transformation, through the experience of deep love and sexuality, creating close relationships. These are not just sexual techniques and advices – as it is commonly thought, but it is a process that takes place at all levels of body, heart, mind and spirit. And which unites all those levels.
  13. We do not support: quick, shallow pseudo-tantric relationships and polyamory understood only as non-obligatory sexual relationships with many partners.
    We support instead conscious Tantra for singles, couples and marriages.
  14. During the Festival, facilitators cannot enter into sexual encounters with the participants of the Festival (the same applies to assistants and translators).
  15. Everybody takes responsibility for their choice of the workshops and well-being during the Festival.
  16. You are also responsible for your behaviour towards all participants during the Festival. We expect you to show respect for others as well as truthfulness and openness during the process of the workshop.
  17. You can always choose not to participate in the exercises to which you do not feel convinced! Every time we support you in respecting your personal boundaries and your freedom to say "No".
  18. If you come with your partner, you can book a double room or a place for camping, to preserve privacy. But if you want to sleep in a shared space, please note that these are intended only to relax and sleep.
  19. People participating in the Festival take full responsibility for the state of their physical and mental health, both during and between classes.
  20. People in the psychiatric treatment and those who recently suffered from an emotional crisis or severe depression should consult with a doctor or psychotherapist before taking part in Festival activities.
  21. The organizers of the Festival are not responsible for any negative consequences of non-compliance with the above guidelines.
  22. If someone does not respect our rules, he/she will be asked to leave the Centre.


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