The Tantra workshops offered at our Centre „Here and Now” can be considerd a modern approach to Tantra. The knowledge which is based on the old methods and traditions of Tantra, help us to develop philosophical systems and techniques that we can practice in our day-to-day life. In this practise there is no religion, no rituals, no idols. It is neither Hinduism nor Buddhism, it is all about being in the Here and Now.

A single Tantric workshop, may be the experience that makes your sexual life richer and more satisfactory; but it could also be the beginning of your longterm development and a new path for you in life. In Tantra there are many levels you can discover and overcome to improve your sexual life and build better relationships. It can lead you to transformations in all aspects of your life. For example: to become more aware, and improve your self-awareness. Tantra can become your route to higher consciousness, to a total awakening.

Each level in Tantra is very important, and each progressive level can only be reached after mastering the previous one. You can start practising Tantra at any moment in your life, and at any level of your personal development, and the good new is, you can start on you own or with a partner.

There are various teachers from all over the world teaching Tantra at “Here and Now”. Each one of the teachers uses variuos methods to integrate all levels of being: body, mind and spirit. Therefore, the workshops are not sexual techniques trainings, and for that reason we invite only the best and most experienced teachers to our center.

Tantra is one of the very few spiritual paths, that not only accepts our sexuality, but even admits it as an essential way to get closer to God. Tantra isa several thousand year old philosophic approach and is sometimes called, "Yoga of Love".

In Tantra, body, mind, and spirit all come together. Tantra is called “the sacred union in the two bodies” and that's what it really is! When pure love flows freely it flows through our whole body! Every little piece of our body becomes sacred and radiates with love.

Tantra is the path of development and transformation, of diving deeper into love energy and sexuality, of creating close relationships. It helps us to integrate mind and body. Many people thinks that Tantra is all about sexual advice and techniques, but that's not true! Tantra is actually about transformation that is much, much deeper. The process of this transformation takes place on many levels, where the body, mind and spirit all come together. This path will lead to deep, mystical spirituality and discovering the God/Goddess within yourself and others.



The heart of Tantra is the meeting of feminine and masculine energy. They are both so different, yet both are necessary to create the new and beautiful value.

What can Tantra offer you?

  • Tantra makes our sexual life more beautiful and adds new value to it
  • It teaches us how to develop our spirituality through intimacy with another person
  • It enables real flow of love energy between couples.
  • Allows us to discover our true self
  • Through the most beautiful and most intimate sexual act it can lead us to God/Divine Energy (whatever word we use for the Higher Being)
  • It teaches us how to develop our spirituality through intimacy with another person
  • It does not judge us, it treats us like perfect beings and respects every bit of us
  • It Helps with healing our emotional scars




We hope you will come and be a part of one of our exciting Tantra workshops very soon!


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