I Festival Of Shamanism & Ancestral Traditions
„Message From Mother Earth. From Ancient Wisdom To New Consciousness.”
On 2 – 7 July 2024
"Here And Now" Center Poland


Francoise Rambaud


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About the Facilitator

Awakened Shaman from France. She began her shamanic journey 30 years ago in Tibet, where she worked with many Tibetan masters. She developed all her senses with them through a deep experience of life to transcend her deepest illusions. She then worked with shamans in Peru and received many initiations during 15 years of intense work. She ran a Spiritual Center in France and an individual healing practice for over 10 years. In recent years, she has also experienced intensive work with shamans from the Egyptian desert.

Her knowledge combines shamanism, energy work and quantum physics. For many years, together with the famous quantum physicist Olivier Masslot (author of Transsurfing Reality), she conducted workshops "Become the Creator of your Reality". She has been running her shamanic and energy workshops in France, England and Poland for years. She currently lives permanently in France and travels from time to time to share her experience, knowledge and skills.

For 9 years she has been coming to the Tu i Teraz center in Poland, where she conducts amazing shamanic and energy workshops several times a year. She is an author of the book "Enter into vibrations. The Birth of a Shaman” (published in Poland by Galaktyka publisher).



  1. Shamanic cleaning Family and Ancestral Karma
  2. Shamanic Protection - connection with Umai Spirit / Mother Earth
  3. Four Wolves Ritual - connection with four big Spirits: Erlik, Umai, Ulgen and Tengri

About the Facilitator

Ahamkara is a Siberian shaman from Altai. He is a spiritual healer and founder of the shamanic school. He dedicated his life to practicing and teaching the wisdom of indigenous Siberian shamanism. His mission is to apply this ancient knowledge to the present day.

Ahamkara specializes in traditional shamanic rituals, healing rituals, medicinal herbs, shamanic journeys and healing journeys.

He was born and raised in the Altai Mountains of Siberia. Since he was a child, he was taught about medicinal herbs and plants by his grandmother, who was a famous healer herself. Many people turned to her for help and advice. She became Ahamkara’s first teacher.  He later studied with the Siberian Shaman Arzjana, and was educated in the ways of indigenous Siberian shamanism. His knowledge of the Spirits and Gods comes directly from the indigenous people of Siberia.

Ahamkara has been offering a variety of courses both for individuals and for groups for more than twenty years. The Focus of the classes is to help people grow, transform and heal their lives.

Ahamkara lives in Russia with his beloved wife and two children.

He runs the Siberian Retreat Center Zhivo Center near Yekaterinburg in Siberia.

Arvick Baghramian


  1. Introduction to the magic of the Shamanic Journey (session I)
  2. Introduction to the magic of the Shamanic Journey (session II)
  3. Learning to Listen and to work with the Spirits of Nature


  1. Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval: trauma and healing from a shamanic perspective
  2. Understanding the science of Shamanic Journeys and their healing power

About the Facilitator

Contemporary Shaman - Shaman Therapist, who has developed a unique system using shamanism in her therapeutic work, author of the book "The Magic of Shamanism".

Contemporary Shaman - Shaman Therapist, who has developed a unique system using shamanism in her therapeutic work, author of the book "The Magic of Shamanism".

She learned the basics of shamanism in the 1990s during workshops conducted by Jonathan Horwitz at the Scandinavian Center for the Study of Shamanism. She studied with Jonathan for many years and since then she has taught shamanism around the world. Since 2008, she has also studied intensively at the Michael Harner Foundation for Shamanic Studies in the USA. In her therapeutic practice, she uses shamanism, Reiki, conscious breathing, visualization and visual arts. She uses each of these techniques as needed to help those she works with discover their own potential, experience transformation, and regain health and personal power. However, she considers herself primarily a shamanic therapist, and while she regularly conducts workshops on Reiki, Conscious Breathing and Personal Totem Pole, in private practice she mainly relies on shamanism. Over the last 20 years, she has conducted workshops not only in Spain, where she currently lives, but also in the UK, USA, New Zealand and Poland. In addition to workshops, she also runs 2-year Shamanic Training Programs.

She is a psychotherapist by profession, specializing in helping children and adults who experienced sexual violence in childhood. It was work with these people that led Arvick towards shamanism and other healing techniques, which she has been using and passing on to others since the 1980s. Working with this particularly traumatized group of people made her realize that traditional therapies, although effective to a certain stage, have serious shortcomings when it comes to healing past hurts and traumas fully, transforming lives and regaining power. In search of more powerful techniques, she also took up Play Therapy, NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis, and then practiced and taught Reiki, Conscious Breathing and the Personal Totem Pole visualization technique.

In 2007, her second book, The Magic of Shamanism, was published in the UK by the Book Guild. The book is also available in Polish version.

She also developed a therapeutic game called Discoveries, used to facilitate communication between children and parents, teachers or therapists in a fun and exciting way. The game was published in 2008 and is available in several language versions.



Marcin Piątkowski


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About the Facilitator

A Żerca (cleric) is a member of one of the Polish indigenous religious associations, which is the oldest religious association in Poland and continues the pre-Christian faith of the Slavs. Marcin specializes in ritual matters, ethics, philosophy, and history. He is a researcher, he explores the common features of polytheistic spirituality. He is also a political scientist and educator. Moreover, he holds a position as a lecturer at the Academy of Żercs. Additionally, he actively engages as a social activist, leading annual cycles of meetings focused on Slavic, Prussian, and Indo-European topics..

Marcin is a co-founder of the "W Kręgu" association and the "Axis Mundi" spiritual community. Not only does he organize spiritual rituals, but he also arranges cultural-historical meetings to foster a deeper connection to indigenous spirituality. Through projects like "Roots" or "Ancestors' Stones," he reintroduces symbols of Indo-European culture to the public sphere. Additionally, he is an artist skilled in working with stone, particularly in the realm of pre-Christian sacred art in Europe, crafting pieces for places of worship. He builds stone circles for worship, spiritual exploration, and energy practices. Furthermore, he initiated and co-founded the Święte Gaje (Sacred Groves) in Poland. As a naturopath affiliated with the State Guild of Crafts, he specializes in fascial tissue therapies, leech therapy, and supplements his treatments with cupping, moxibustion, and fire massage. He leads a multifaceted life, embodying a Renaissance spirit with his diverse practical skills. He finds deep passion in horse training, rescue operations, history, theology, as well as spiritual practices, rituals, and ceremonies.




Jacek Hugo-Bader


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About the Facilitator

Jacek Hugo-Bader is one of the most esteemed Polish reporters, specializing in the countries of the former Communist Bloc. Since 1990 he has been associated with "Gazeta Wyborcza" as a reporter. Twice a winner of the Grand Press award, as a writer best known of books such as "Shaman's Disease", "White Fever", "Kolyma Diaries".

As a reporter, he spent almost four years in Russia and former Soviet Union republics. Teacher by trade, a traveler by passion. He’s been all over Central Asia, the Gobi desert, China, Tibet and the Pamir mountains on bicicle, and crossed Lake Baikal by canoe. In the winter of 2007 he had traveled alone for months by car from Moscow to Vladivostok, which he described in the White Fever. In 2011 he hitchhiked from Magadan to Yakutsk. The diary of the journey, in the form of articles and recordings, was being published in Gazeta Wyborcza, after which it found its way along with new reports into the book The Kolyma Diaries, published in December of that same year.

He is also the author of the books Long Film About Love. Return to Broad Peak and In Paradise Valley Among the Weeds, nominated for the Nike Literary Award, and co-author of the documentaries "Jacek Hugo-Bader. Correspondent from Polsha," which tells the story of the Ukrainian Donbass, and Trace of the Mezuzah about the Belarusian Jews. He has won the Grand Press award twice and major awards from the Association of Polish Journalists. His book Skucha was nominated for the "Newsweek" Teresa Torańska Award and the Nike Literary Award, and the "Book Literary Magazine" published by the National Library named it the best reportage book of 2016. Two years later, Jacek Hugo-Bader published Audit, and in 2020 Shaman Sickness was published. April 2022 saw the release of his new book, Guardians of Freedom.



  1. Shamanism as the Path of Liberation - Introduction to the Magical World of the Inkas and the Shamanic Path of Liberation. The Power of Meditation.
  2. Solar Initiations and the Children of the Sun Ceremony.
  3. Shamanic Inka Alchemy.


  • The Andean Master Path of Illumination

About the Facilitator

Shaman from South America, Peru, international teacher and lecturer. He travels the world teaching about the ancient culture of the Andes. He conducts shamanic rituals, ceremonies and initiations using singing, dancing and ancient instruments such as drums, ocarinas, zamponias, quenas, shells and condor feathers. His events take place in the USA, Europe, Peru and Bolivia.

As a spiritual guide, he explores the magical dimensions of Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Viracocha (Lord of Creation). Following this path of sensitivity allowed him to establish contact with his Ancestors, thanks to which he can transmit messages from them to "white brothers" around the world.

Mallku promotes shamanic experiences as one of the Paths of Liberation in modern times. He is also a researcher of places and ley lines, including Nazca, the Sacred Valley and the area around Lake Titicaca. There he discovered many astronomical phenomena and the effects of geomagnetic forces.

Previously known as Chaski, in 2000 he changed his name to Mallku, which was to symbolize his new mission of transmitting the message of the spiritual ancestors of the Inca.

Helene Lindmark


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About the Facilitator

Helene Lindmark is the Guardian of Wisdom, healer, shaman (noid) and Elder (Mattarahkka) and Grate-GrandMother of the Saami people - the oldest indigenous people living in northern Scandinavia. She follows the shamanic tradition of the heritage of the Ancestors of the Saami people (Sápmi) in the northern parts of Sweden, Russia and Finland. She conveys wisdom and traditions that had to be protected and hidden for years. She uses her knowledge as the voice of Mother Earth, her people and the wisdom of the Saami Ancestors.

She was born in Liikavaara, south of Gällivare in northern Sáami land. She grew up in close friendship with nature, surrounded by the wisdom of the Elders. As a child, she received many visions and messages from the Ancestors and Nature. And her roots in wisdom, shamanism, spiritual healing and mediumship come from both her mother's and father's sides, the Saami people.

As a teenager, she left the village where she grew up, started a new period in her life and closed the door to her shamanic roots. In the 1990s, her interest in spirituality arose, she looked for answers, but found only confusion. When she returned to the village where she spent her childhood for a year, everything she had left behind - her Powers and connection with the Ancestors - returned and the doors began to open. Yet she continued to fight and run from herself. Finally, halfway through her life, while staying with her father, she received news; “What are you looking for, Helene? You are not the 50 certificates you have achieved in life, you are your roots.” This freed her and all the pieces finally came together. She began a New Journey that led her to who and where she is today - an Elder of the Saami People, a mentor to the next generation, speaking on behalf of her people around the world. As Grate - GrandMother, she travels around the world teaching shamanism and Saami traditions, sharing messages from Mother Earth.

In addition, he has extensive experience in psychiatric care, in trauma cases, both in diagnosis and treatment. She also runs her own business as a certified masseur.

Anand Rudra


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About the Facilitator

He grew up in a shamanic family in Mexico. He was directed by his father - a Mexican shaman and priest, and by his grandmother - a healer of the Mexican Yaqui Indians. From his youth he was interested in the spiritual and esoteric world. He studied shamanism, symbolism, rituals, tantra, tarot and sacred geometry. His knowledge combines academic knowledge, practical experience and ancient practices. The rituals include tribal traditions: Olmec, Aztec, Balinese, Dravidian, Siberian, Filipino and Mayan.

He is an international relations lawyer by profession; holds three master's degrees in North American Studies; Mexico-USA relations; Law and Economics of the European Union, as well as a PhD in European Union Security. For the last 15 years he has lived in Europe, where he conducted over 150 different workshops devoted to Shamanism and Tantra. He is a member of the Faculty of Connection University in the Netherlands and a certified teacher of Yoga Alliance, YACEP and the Arhanta Yoga School System. Founder of True Tantra School.

He is an International Relations Lawyer; holds three masters degrees in North American Studies; Relations Mexico-USA; Law Economics of European Union. And a Ph.D. in Security Studies of European Union. For the last 15 years, he has been living in Europe where he conducted over 150 different workshops devoted to Shamanism and Tantra. He is a member of the Faculty of Connection University in the Netherlands and a certified teacher of Yoga Alliance, YACEP and the Arhanta Yoga School System. Founder of True Tantra School.

Nofit Itzhak


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About the Facilitator

Nofit Itzhak is a psychological anthropologist, holding a doctorate from the University of California in San Diego. She is a specialist in the anthropology of healing and of religion, and has practiced, researched, and written on shamanism and other therapeutic and healing practices for the past twenty years.

Terra Nine


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About the FacilitatorS

Concert and audiovisual show: Evolution of Consciousness. Music in 5D.

Discover the captivating music of Terra Nine, an atmospheric band from New Zealand. Dive into a musical adventure full of vivid colors, mesmerizing melodies, and deep feelings.

Sirius Music, the trance project by Michael Westcot, also known as Terra Nine, promises an immersive journey into a realm of mesmerizing imagery and evocative soundscapes.

Led by Michael Westcot on viola, keyboard, and computer, Terra Nine's sonic explorations are further enhanced by the artistic brilliance of Claire, aka VJ Intelliki. Together, they create a spellbinding visual spectacle, weaving together moving images, music videos, and electrifying live performances.

At the heart of Terra Nine's music are powerful beats and captivating visual narratives that resonate deeply with both the soul and the body. With six albums and numerous EPs under their belt, Terra Nine's discography showcases their innovative collaborations and remixes with international artists.

Over the past decade, Terra Nine has embarked on extensive worldwide tours, captivating audiences with their dynamic all-live audio/visual shows. Join us as we journey through the sonic realms of Terra Nine and immerse ourselves in a world of boundless creativity and expression.

"Projected images are believed to contain vibrational power that can lift us to higher states of consciousness and bliss - especially when combined with music."

Małgorzata Romanowska

About the Facilitator

I run the "Soul Medicine" Shamanic Practice in Gdansk, Poland under the supervision of Arvick Baghramian, from whom I have been taking lessons since 2019. I also perform Reiki and BARS treatments. I have completed a 2-year Shamanic Training Program with Arvick Baghramian and assisted her in workshops and subsequent editions of the Program.

I provide an introduction to Shamanic Journeys to :

  • get answers to your questions,
  • to heal yourself, your relationships with loved ones, the outside world, money
  • Soul Recovery,
  • cleansing from foreign energies
  • Divination (reading signs from crystals, fire - to get concrete answers and knowledge that is not available to us in ordinary reality).

My interest in alternative medicine, energy work and spiritual healing began in 2008. In 2000 I started practicing yoga and have been practicing it ever since; then I learned about and used the 5 transformations nutrition, qigong, tantric practice. Eventually, I started working with the pendulum, doing BARS and Reiki treatments. Each of these practices, and each of my teachers, had a very positive impact on my life and developed me. But ultimately, working with spirit guides through shamanic practice has made many positive changes in many aspects of my life, transforming it.



Time approx. 1 hour, cost PLN 250 for an individual session

Paab Amani


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About the Facilitator

Paab Amani is a spiritual development and energy work coach who combines in his practice the tools of working on the development of a person's conscious, subconscious and energetic potential.

Paab Amani is a spiritual development and energy work coach who combines in his practice the tools of working on the development of a person's conscious, subconscious and energetic potential. He has been studying and practicing shamanism for many years, which he has explored with teachers such as Arvick Baghramian (core shamanism), Valery Topoev (Hakka shamanism), and Bhola Banstola (Nepalese shamanism). He is a graduate of the Arvick Baghramian School of Shamanic Counseling and The Kabbalah Centre in London. In his practice, he uses the shamanic techniques and tools he has learned in energy cleansing and healing, such as through the soul bringing ritual. He also guides clients through the process of Conscious Dreaming. Paab is a teacher of the Kundalini InnerDance Activation process of the Pi Villaraza stream and a Reiki Usui healer, conducts individual, group sessions and workshops in Energy Activation.

Julie Macloughlin

About the Facilitator

I am Julie, Francoise's Rambaud daughter, with whom we run shamanic and energy workshops. I am a French woman living in Scotland where I found Joy, love for Nature and Life. A place sacred where all the elements are presents. Fire, Water, Air and Earth help you retrieve sensation of your body, of who you truly are. You and you only, can find this force, this faith, to allow the energy to open to the EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Everything that happened, that is happening is for my own good. All that is around me is my own creation. I can't complain anymore. Why do I choose to go through these events in order to grow? All that is around me is my own creation. Everything that is around me is here to teach me. I am not scared, I have full trust in whatever is coming in my life, I feel, I know this is the right path. I don't know where it is taking me, who is joining me, but I have this new faith that it is going to be amazing. Mountains are being moved, the entire universe is participating, I feel its force, its power. Let's do this. Together let's activate our sacred flames, open ourselves to the New that is coming. In creativity and joy. I invite you to join us to spend time together to play and have fun. Live Life.




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