Dear guests! In order for you to feel safe and make the most of your stay with your head in the clouds, We, people responsible for this place, created these regulations basing on our experience so as to provide successful co-existence.

  1. We attend your arrivals from 2 p.m. till 11 p.m. Please let us know about your late arrival.
  2. Please keep silence from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. (there are some special areas for the night talks).
  3. We offer vegetarian cuisine only.
  4. Tap water is perfect to drink – we have our own 80 m deep well.
  5. Spare water! Take only short showers.
  6. Turn the lights off when leaving the room.
  7. No smoking – anywhere in the buildings or in the forest. Smoking area is set at the main entrance to the main house, next to the “smoking allowed” sign.
  8. Don’t light any candles nor incents in the room or in the attics. Please do not move candleholders from the living room to the rooms.
  9. No drinking alcohol and no use of any illegal substances nor stimulants.
  10. To walk into the halls – take off your shoes, don’t bring any food nor drinks.
  11. Use slippers inside the house.
  12. No food nor drinks are allowed at the attics, please take your shoes and slippers off when entering the attics.
  13. Put your plates next to the washing-up room after meals.
  14. Wi-Fi network in the sitting room: “Tu i Teraz 1” password: tuiteraz1
  15. One cannot use the office computers at the mezzanine.
  16. People with illnesses (or under treatment), who’s state of health might affect others or who might require immediate medical help – are required to inform the organizers about it.
  17. Don’t bring any animals.
  18. If you don’t feel like sleeping with the cats – close your door with a key :-)
  19. Children must be under the custody of their parents or baby sitters.
  20. Don’t move the furniture in the sitting room nor in any rooms.
  21. Don’t play your own music in the living room.
  22. If you leave your belongings in the center, you should contact the center's office within one week and order a courier after finding / identifying these things. We will pack them. We do not keep the things left behind for more than a week.



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