I Festival Of Shamanism & Ancestral Traditions
„Message From Mother Earth. From Ancient Wisdom To New Consciousness.”
On 2 – 7 July 2024
"Here And Now" Center Poland


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Shamanism, this ancient practice that has survived thousands of years around the world, continues to be one of the most effective healing and transformational techniques in human history. Modern shamanic practices continue to help heal illnesses of the body and soul, both physical, mental and somatic. Used in therapy, in the privacy of the office or surrounded by Nature, they help us enter various dimensions of the reality of our mind and soul. It's not only about working with visions, dreams, myths and personal stories. It is also work with our shadow, with what is deeply hidden and repressed, and which, after transformation, contains enormous Power. It is also work with our unconsciousness and invisible energy body. Working with what requires healing, with loneliness, fear, sadness, the lost Soul...

Many people also use shamanism for their own individual personal development.

Shamanism in the form of shamanic therapeutic practices re-emerged in Western culture only in the second half of the 20th century. We owe this mainly to the anthropologist Michael Harner, who took shamanism out of the realm of typically academic and anthropological interests and into the sphere of practice – therapy and healing. Harner, who dealt with shamans of North and South America, renewed the Western world's interest in shamanism.

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A new type of shaman has emerged – a modern shaman, therapist or shamanic advisor, who treats shamanic practices as a highly helpful therapeutic tool, but also as a path to personal and spiritual development.

Shamanic therapeutic counselling draws from both modern and ancient healing traditions. But it also puts emphasis on drawing on one's own internal resources and self-healing possibilities.

A shamanic advisor takes on the traditional role of a shaman and usually travels on behalf of or accompanies the person in need of help. It can diagnose, heal, bring a Power Animal, summon our Guardian Spirits or help us retrieve a lost soul. He helps you take an internal journey, navigate through the world of Spirits and communicate with them.

Shamanic tools and techniques, as therapeutic practices, can be perfectly used by therapists, psychotherapists, coaches, psychologists – all those who would like to use ancient wisdom and knowledge in their work with their clients. They are for those who would like to go beyond the established trend of exclusively academic learning and dare to new experiences.

We hope that shamanic therapeutic techniques will become as common and used in therapeutic work as Hellinger Constellations or working with dreams and the subconscious.


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