1. Shamanic cleaning Family and Ancestral Karma
  2. Shamanic Protection - connection with Umai Spirit / Mother Earth
  3. Four Wolves Ritual - connection with four big Spirits: Erlik, Umai, Ulgen and Tengri

About the Facilitator

Ahamkara is a Siberian shaman from Altai. He is a spiritual healer and founder of the shamanic school. He dedicated his life to practicing and teaching the wisdom of indigenous Siberian shamanism. His mission is to apply this ancient knowledge to the present day.

Ahamkara specializes in traditional shamanic rituals, healing rituals, medicinal herbs, shamanic journeys and healing journeys.

He was born and raised in the Altai Mountains of Siberia. Since he was a child, he was taught about medicinal herbs and plants by his grandmother, who was a famous healer herself. Many people turned to her for help and advice. She became Ahamkara’s first teacher.  He later studied with the Siberian Shaman Arzjana, and was educated in the ways of indigenous Siberian shamanism. His knowledge of the Spirits and Gods comes directly from the indigenous people of Siberia.

Ahamkara has been offering a variety of courses both for individuals and for groups for more than twenty years. The Focus of the classes is to help people grow, transform and heal their lives.

Ahamkara lives in Russia with his beloved wife and two children.

He runs the Siberian Retreat Center Zhivo Center near Yekaterinburg in Siberia.


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