1. Shamanism as the Path of Liberation - Introduction to the Magical World of the Inkas and the Shamanic Path of Liberation. The Power of Meditation.
  2. Solar Initiations and the Children of the Sun Ceremony.
  3. Shamanic Inka Alchemy.


  • The Andean Master Path of Illumination

About the Facilitator

Shaman from South America, Peru, international teacher and lecturer. He travels the world teaching about the ancient culture of the Andes. He conducts shamanic rituals, ceremonies and initiations using singing, dancing and ancient instruments such as drums, ocarinas, zamponias, quenas, shells and condor feathers. His events take place in the USA, Europe, Peru and Bolivia.

As a spiritual guide, he explores the magical dimensions of Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Viracocha (Lord of Creation). Following this path of sensitivity allowed him to establish contact with his Ancestors, thanks to which he can transmit messages from them to "white brothers" around the world.

Mallku promotes shamanic experiences as one of the Paths of Liberation in modern times. He is also a researcher of places and ley lines, including Nazca, the Sacred Valley and the area around Lake Titicaca. There he discovered many astronomical phenomena and the effects of geomagnetic forces.

Previously known as Chaski, in 2000 he changed his name to Mallku, which was to symbolize his new mission of transmitting the message of the spiritual ancestors of the Inca.


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