Helene Lindmark

Helene Lindmark


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About the Facilitator

Helene Lindmark is the Guardian of Wisdom, healer, shaman (noid) and Elder (Mattarahkka) and Grate-GrandMother of the Saami people - the oldest indigenous people living in northern Scandinavia. She follows the shamanic tradition of the heritage of the Ancestors of the Saami people (Sápmi) in the northern parts of Sweden, Russia and Finland. She conveys wisdom and traditions that had to be protected and hidden for years. She uses her knowledge as the voice of Mother Earth, her people and the wisdom of the Saami Ancestors.

She was born in Liikavaara, south of Gällivare in northern Sáami land. She grew up in close friendship with nature, surrounded by the wisdom of the Elders. As a child, she received many visions and messages from the Ancestors and Nature. And her roots in wisdom, shamanism, spiritual healing and mediumship come from both her mother's and father's sides, the Saami people.

As a teenager, she left the village where she grew up, started a new period in her life and closed the door to her shamanic roots. In the 1990s, her interest in spirituality arose, she looked for answers, but found only confusion. When she returned to the village where she spent her childhood for a year, everything she had left behind - her Powers and connection with the Ancestors - returned and the doors began to open. Yet she continued to fight and run from herself. Finally, halfway through her life, while staying with her father, she received news; “What are you looking for, Helene? You are not the 50 certificates you have achieved in life, you are your roots.” This freed her and all the pieces finally came together. She began a New Journey that led her to who and where she is today - an Elder of the Saami People, a mentor to the next generation, speaking on behalf of her people around the world. As Grate - GrandMother, she travels around the world teaching shamanism and Saami traditions, sharing messages from Mother Earth.

In addition, he has extensive experience in psychiatric care, in trauma cases, both in diagnosis and treatment. She also runs her own business as a certified masseur.


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