Secret Language Of Your Body. First Time In Poland!!! [ONLINE]

Secret Language Of Your Body. First Time In Poland!!! [ONLINE]

Do you know how to read and understand messages coming from your own body? Befriend your body, wake up your spirit and heal yourself!

“Connect yourself with your body wisdom, learn how to use your intuition, open your heart and feel joy and love. Discover your innate body intelligence and use it to create wonderful transformations. Learn how to heal yourself and release your negative attitude. Get rid of destructive emotions. (Inna Segal, The secret language of your body)

We are inviting you to participate in a 4 hour online workshop, guided by a healer, author of “The secret language of your body”. Inna Segal created her own healing method based on
a conscious working with your body. She guides workshops all around the world teaching how to use your healing energy. An online workshop is an introduction to further cooperation and a stationary workshop in Poland.

According to Inna Segal every condition has its own emotional reason and another way around – each problem is connected to a particular body part. Knowledge about an effect our emotions and thought have on our organism is well-known from ancient times but now we can fully acknowledge their effect on our health. A human body is a complex machine, which is effected by the smallest movements in our health balance, it sends us signals in shape of discomfort and pain. How could we read and understand what your body informs you about? What does it mean when your head aches, when you have insomnia, a runny nose, or kidney malfunction?


Healing mental, energetic and emotional causes of disease

Pain and disease is information that our body tries to inform us about something. Every human being works on several levels – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and others. Before a self-healing process appears, we have to discover the reason of our pain/illness. We have to make contact with our emotions. Let yourself feel them and accept their wisdom, instead of rejecting or pushing them away. Feeling is healing.

Your body has its own intelligence – it knows how to make your heart beat, your blood flow, without your consciousness.

Which thoughts, emotions and experiences produced our pain/illness?

Your body is like a book to read.

Your illness tells you about the emotion which is related to it.

An ability of cooperation with your body will enable it to a natural process of self-healing. You will learn how to use your regeneration potential, which is hidden in all humans. You will become aware of your emotions effect your health and life. Another will show you how to understand your body and how to communicate with it and how to use your eternal body wisdom. You will learn how to make a relation with your body and your inner wisdom and how to awake your psychological, physical and emotional healing on the deepest level. 

During this Master Class you will:

  • Discover how to begin to recognise the language with which your body communicates
  • Truly understand what elements can create dis-ease in your body and what you can do to start creating change today?
  • Learn about the power of colour healing as soul medicine
  • Deepen your understanding of left and right sides of the body and the life changing wisdom you can learn about your feminine and masculine aspects.
  • Discover where whatever you refuse to work on is most likely to settle in your body and how it can create ancestral challenges for the future.
  • Participate in powerful body healing processes.
  • And much much more…


“Your body is a gift. It shows you what life is about, similarly to a TV screen which allows you to get to know what the programme you are watching is about.” (The secret language of your body)

If your pain could talk, what would it say?

What if pain in your body could point you to the thoughts, emotions and wisdom that can help you heal?

Discover the secret language of your body

Release old baggage, blockages and trauma

Improve your emotional health

Activate your self-healing abilities and more…

Befriend your body, awaken your soul and heal yourself!

“On the physical level your body is constantly changing. The science says that our skin renews monthly, stomach cells recreate themselves every 3 days, eyes cells every forty-eight hours, kidney cells every six weeks, and our skeleton cells every three months. It is exciting that if you consciously participate in the self-healing process, you help it to recover much quicker and you give away the heaviness, toxins and blockages, which disable you to be fully healthy.” (The secret language of your body)

“Your healed life brings us a lot of advantages, one of which is a recovery from our disease. Similarly to bacteria, viruses and plants, which change their genetic code to immune them against antibiotics, vaccine or weather change, we are also able to our inner healing. It appears to be more difficult as our life is more complex but if you listen to your intelligent body cells and create an inner environment, which takes care of your life, then provoked by us self-healing will appear more often. Firstly you would have to notice that your body and emotions to not only be present in your head and your thoughts.”


In this amazing workshop, even more valuable knowledge and insights await you that will help you transform your life.

What you will gain by the end of this masterclass is an in-depth understanding of how your body stores experiences and absorbs information, and how you can communicate with it and start receiving healing insights.


Details of the workshop


  • 1 of  October 2023 (Sunday)  hours: 9 - 13 CET



  • 350 PLN + Food & Accommodation


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  5. Refund will be available not later than 30 days prior to the event. In case of refund, the 20 PLN administration fee will be deducted from the deposit. The deposit cannot be transferred to another workshop.


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inna segal

Inna Segal is the creator of, “Awaken The Healer Within”, healing programs and the best-selling award-winning author of The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health Wellness and The Secret Language of Colour Cards as well as The Secret of Life Wellness: The Essential Guide to Life’s Big Questions book. Her new book Understanding Modern Spirituality will be out in 2023, as will her new healing card decks. Inna is an internationally recognised healer, professional speaker, author, and television host. Inna’s clients include doctors, CEOs, healthcare professionals, actors, and sports personalities. Inna is a gifted healer and a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness. She can “see” illness and blocks in a person’s body by intuitive means; explain what is occurring, and guide people through self-healing processes. When Inna was a teenager she suffered from severe back pain, which continued to deteriorate, despite visits to doctors, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals. By her early twenties, Inna’s pain was so intense that for weeks she was barely able to walk. In an incredible twist of fate, Inna, while meditating, discovered an unusual way of communicating with her body. By tuning into her back and releasing all the pain and negative emotions, she was able to heal herself. Now she helps others to transform their health and their lives, in her live and online seminars and through her books, card decks and journals.



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