1. Doorway to Silence (Live Music Meditation)
  2. Hara Dancing


  1. Morning Mindfulness sessions.


About the Facilitator

One of the most outstanding authors of New Age music in the USA of the last 20 years. Shastro passionately offers his own understanding of what meditation can be and how to apply it to our daily lives.

Based on his 40 years of meditation practice, his teachings are not situated in any particular technique, but in the constantly unfolding moment and how it is experienced in the inner space.

Shastro has released over 18 albums under his name so far, many of which have won various awards:

  • Zen Notes – Best Meditation Album nominated for the New Age Voice Awards in 2000.
  • Tantric Heart – Best New Age Album nominated for AFIM Awards 2001
  • Reiki Offering – Winner for Best Reiki Music at the COVR Awards 2001
  • Shamans' Healing – Winner for Best Healing Album at the 2003 Visionary Awards

For several years he lived in India with his master – Osho – where he had the opportunity to deepen his approach to meditation and music. He later moved to Hawaii, where he created the music label Malimba Records, which is a global distributor of music for meditation, yoga, tantra, reiki and healing arts.

His life path was also influenced by other practices: the martial art of Aikido, which he practiced for 15 years and also taught at Osho Ashram in India, Kyudo, also known as Zen archery, Sufi Whirling and Argentine tango, which he taught for several years in his own school in Maui, Hawaii. He considers them all to be important forms of moving meditation that helped him get a taste of what in Taoism is called Wu Wei – the so-called “action without action” or “action without effort.”


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