Julie Macloughlin

Julie Macloughlin

About the Facilitator

I am Julie, Francoise's Rambaud daughter, with whom we run shamanic and energy workshops. I am a French woman living in Scotland where I found Joy, love for Nature and Life. A place sacred where all the elements are presents. Fire, Water, Air and Earth help you retrieve sensation of your body, of who you truly are. You and you only, can find this force, this faith, to allow the energy to open to the EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Everything that happened, that is happening is for my own good. All that is around me is my own creation. I can't complain anymore. Why do I choose to go through these events in order to grow? All that is around me is my own creation. Everything that is around me is here to teach me. I am not scared, I have full trust in whatever is coming in my life, I feel, I know this is the right path. I don't know where it is taking me, who is joining me, but I have this new faith that it is going to be amazing. Mountains are being moved, the entire universe is participating, I feel its force, its power. Let's do this. Together let's activate our sacred flames, open ourselves to the New that is coming. In creativity and joy. I invite you to join us to spend time together to play and have fun. Live Life.




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