Babski Blues – March 2019 – Shamanic Healing Practices, with Arvick Baghramian, [txt]

What is the magic and uniqueness of shamanism about?

We often refer to things as magical when they are either unexpected, surprising or happen effortlessly … we refer to things as magical when we can't explain them or when we don't understand them. Thus, when something does not behave according to our rules of how the world is, we may perceive it as "magic” So the magic is in the way the lives and souls are deeply touched and changed effortlessly. It helps us to discover the magic within us. “it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” (The little Prince)” so I believe that through the help of our spirit helpers we are enabled to see the invisible, we learn to honor and respect our inner and outer world and learn to truly honor our own truth and speak our truth coming from the heart.

How did it happen that you became interested in shamanism and you started using it in your work?

It was at my darkest hour that shamanism came into my life.  Throughout the years I had experienced many ups and down and looking back, I can see how the crises of my life always brought me to connect with my power and potentials which lay hidden with me. The crisis which directed me to my shamanic path was by far the most painful and challenging, yet the fruits it boe were equally as sweet. It was much later when I was instructed by my spirits to begin to use shamanic practices as an empowering tool for others. By exploring issues of health and healing from a cross-cultural perspective.

Why do you think that shamanic methods can be used in therapy work with people, in coaching, in psychotherapy? How does it look in practice?

Shamanism is not a therapy, it is a way of life, I never mix it with other modalities. However, if I am working with someone with another technique and an issue comes up that I feel it can be resolved better by the help of the spirits I introduce the person to their spirit helps. Each modality has its own place and power.

When is the moment that you know you are already a shaman?

You don´t know, it is an honor and recognition that is given to you by your community, by others.

What is the meaning of costumes, drums and other tools in the shaman's work?

There are many tools used in shamanic practice, the drum is the canoe of the shaman that transport him/her into the world of the spirits. Just as we say no spirits no shamans, the same way we can say no drum, no journey.

Rattles are something special I call them my power antenna, I use the rattle to send my voice to the spirits. In the workshop I teach “a basic rattling ritual” for calling the spirits. Use of rattle can be an exercise in exceeding your boundaries, or as don Juan used to say, “in losing self importance.” Sometime the spirits will give us instruction on certain Regalia for healing or ceremonial purpose.

Under what circumstances we can lose our soul?

We may lose souls in a variety of ways. One of the main causes of soul loss is trauma.  We are all exposed to potentially traumatic experiences throughout our lives.  These may include a relationship break-up or the death of a loved one, accidents, major illness, birth traumas, domestic violence, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, etc., But the trauma doesn´t have to be so dramatic to result in soul loss.  We can lose a soul for something as little as a sudden fall, a startling situation or a fearful walk in the dark.

How can one recover it?

Dark So, what can we shamanically do in cases of soul loss? Very simply we journey to the spirit world, to search for the lost soul, retrieve it and reintegrate it into the person´s body. This is a journey that can only be performed by a shaman or shamanic practitioner. After traveling to the spirit world and retrieving the soul, the shaman blows it back into the person ́s body. Just as losing a soul is one of the gravest injuries to a person, so is the work of soul retrieval one of the most important and challenging tasks for the shaman, who must receive extensive training to learn how to properly find souls, communicate with them and reincorporate them into the person’s body, and, of course, how to help the person provide the soul with the support to remain integrated in the body in the period immediately after the soul retrieval.

Can you tell us about the shamanic course you will lead in Nowe Kawkowo in Poland?

I will be doing an introductory course to shamanism in Poland, this will be for people who have never experienced shamanism as well as for people who would like to deepen their relationship with their spirit helpers.

What do you think is our greatest power?

Our ability to heal!!!

What is the most inspiring, uplifting in your work?

Helping students journeying and coming into direct contact with their spirit teachers/healers and be able to transcend the boundaries of their ego, judgments and resistance, and bring true wisdom and love back into their lives. Taking a more active role in their growth and development.


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