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Biodanza – Dance Of Life & Freedom. Laboratory Of Creativity. The (Re)Birth Of Inner Child, (Warsaw)
Pt, 24. luty 2023 - N, 26. luty 2023
Cristiano Martins
February 2023


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Biodanza means Dance of Life. It is a dance of heart and freedom from South America. It's a system that integrates music and movement; it also makes possible to establish an authentic relationship with yourself, with other people and with the environment. Biodanza creates experiences of intense awareness of being alive in the here-and-now.

Celebrating life is a goal of Biodanza. It stimulates community bounds and makes establishing relationships easier, as well as helps participants regain joy and vitality to celebrate the sacredness of life. It makes a way to feel happy, healthy and more confident, with strengthened self-esteem, also improving the ability to make choices.

Our life is happier the better we have contact with our Inner Child. It is the Inner Child who embodies everything that is associated with energy, vitality, joy of life, fulfillment and spontaneity. It is a child's part of our personality, personifying joy and creativity. The level of our satisfaction with life depends on its condition.

Although we are adults, our Inner Child is still within us. Everyone has Inner Child in them, regardless of how old they are. The inner child is you, when you enjoy a visit to a new place, when you go to your favourite cafe for a delicacy or when you are exploring a new book in the bookstore. It is the joy of skiing, singing your favourite songs, taking a beautiful photo or receiving a gift. The Inner Child is someone in us who trusts, unconditionally loves, feels deep joy. The Inner Child would like to tell you that only selfless love will give you true freedom.

"We Can Only Learn To Love By Loving" Rumi

The Inner Child who’s accompanying us on our Journey of Life, tells us what is really good for us - through our dreams or a voice that appears in our mind at times when we need inspiration or we get excited about things which are important to us. Working with the Inner Child, his rebirth - may be the missing link that helps us to move forward.

The Inner Child is such a primary creative energy that when we are adults allows us to make the most of our potential. Sometimes simple experiences bring the greatest joy, and listening to your Inner Child allows you to get the most out of life.

"To live is not necessary. Necessary is to create." Fernando Pessoa

To create and to love are two of the most natural functions of the Human Creation, and these two things are as fundamental as feeding, loving or communing with the divinity. During this workshop we want to wake up dormant potentials or celebrate and expand them, if they are already living in you.

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“Biodanza represents the primordial energy pattern of deep connection and freedom of expression, beauty, enthusiasm and passion. It lives through the original thirst that our species has of health, love, pleasure and well-being. It is translated by the impulse to dive deep into the world of sensations. It is guided by the compass that lives in our heart, connecting us with the need and the desire to give and receive love. It teaches us to recognize that love is an art, just as life.” (Cristiano Martins)

Life as the most Sacred of manifestations constantly asks us to reborn and become whole in a complete lovingness at every moment of our lives. The first step to take in this experiential Journey is to recognize that love is an art. In the same sense in which life in entire its splendor is an art. If we want to learn how to love, we should do the same things we do when we want to learn any other form of art, such as music or sculpture.

Biodanza is a delicate but deeply transforming work on consciousness which awakens for universal solidarity, based on working with the body, body movement and dancing.

  • Integrates body, mind, emotions and soul.
  • Arouses vitality, creativity, sensuality and emotionality.
  • Teaches openness, joy, building good relationships and expressing emotions.

Feeling the connection with your body, emotions and energy, makes the transformation occur. These experiences are called "vivencias". They allow access to our primal emotions and help with the most natural expression of true self to emerge through movement.

Biodanza also strengthens the "lineas de vivencia", which are lines of vitality within five specific areas: vitality, sexuality, creativity, affection and transcendence.

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Biodanza is based on psychological and philosophical research, dance anthropology and traditional rituals. One of the teachers explains the origin of the word "biodanza" from the Greek bios meaning life, and from the Spanish danza which means dance.

Workshop is based on personal, direct experience - individually, in pairs, subgroups or in a group of all participants. There is music, movement and dance to enable the creation of harmony and closeness in interpersonal relations.

Rolando Toro Biodanza System is a method that works on every human being’s potential.

It reveals various possibilities and forms of expression to us. It is based on the positive resources of each of us, according to the author's method - the creator of the system, prof. Rolando Toro. Her father is a psychologist, anthropologist, poet and artist from Chile. And since the 1960s, system itself has been distributed in over 30 countries around the world as a method of personal development.

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„A man doesn’t live to dance, but dances to live happier”

Biodanza draws our attention into building relationships and bonds between people through eye contact. An eye contact is considered as the fundamental base of a beautiful and meaningful communication without words. This also helps to open the heart, transform person's needs and desires and to be ready for new experiences.


FRIDAY (24th February)

  • 8 PM – 10.30 PM BIODANZA

SATURDAY  (25th February):

  • 10 AM – 2 PM BIODANZA
  • 2 PM – 4 PM Lunch break & rest
  • 4 PM – 7 PM BIODANZA

SUNDAY  (26th February):

  • 10 AM – 1 PM BIODANZA
  • 1 PM – 3 PM Lunch break & rest
  • 3 PM – 6 PM BIODANZA

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Dancing is barefoot. No dance experience is necessary. You can start Biodanza anytime and enjoy benefits from its practise!


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We invite you to join a unique certified workshop, conducted according to the Brennan Healing Science - enlightening system of personal transformation that combines spiritual and psychological processes with powerful, loving hands-on healing techniques, authorized by founder of the Healing School – Barbara Ann Brennan.

Dr. Brennan is a world-renowned healer, teacher and former NASA physicist, and the best-selling author of Hands of Light®, Light Emerging, Core Light Healing and the Seeds of the Spirit® book series translated into 22 languages. She has devoted the last 35 years to research and exploration of the Human Energy Field, which has laid a milestone for the development of energy healing and bioenergotherapy.

She is one of the most respected healers in the 21st century, whose workshops and books have influenced the lives of millions of people around the world. For many years has been showing how to heal yourself and others with the help of energy. She presents practical ways of using the Human Energy Field to improve health. Introduces innovative views on the source of health and disease. She proves that each of us has the gift of healing.

Established in 1982, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing is the world’s premier institute of hands-on healing and personal transformation. This is a hands-on healing system that works with an individual’s energy consciousness system to create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. It proves that every one of us has the gift of healing. Dr. Brennan draws on scientific and metaphysical sources to bring together many aspects of human experience, which describe and explain the healing process. She educated over 3,000 graduates from all over the world.

The whole series of workshops consists of three modules, based on three books by Barbara Ann Brennan. All workshops use energetic transmission and a sequence of lectures, experientials and healing techniques or meditations to work through the essence of each of the books of Dr Barbara Brennan. The journey of the trilogy follows author’s on evolution as a healer from hands on healing to personal transformation work and transpersonal experience. After completing all 3 modules, you will have the possibility to join the 3-year Karl Pernull Healing School.



  1. Hands of Light, HOL – Introduction to Energy Healing. Healing through the Energy Field.

    In the first workshop, HOL, we explore the human energy field and the basic concepts of the work, we experience the field and stretch our perception of it. We learn to work with it as a healer and apply it to table work.

  2. Light Emerging, LE – The Journey of Personal Healing. Energy Healing Techniques.

    In the second workshop, LE, we explore deeper into the human energy field and the relational aspects. Focus is on the personal transformation and further healing techniques optimizing health and wellbeing.

  3. Core Light Healing, CLH – The Creative Process. Advanced Healing Techniques.

    The third workshop, CLH, is focused on creating the life you want to live, the creative process and the potential to create what you deserve.

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During the workshop "Hands of light" led by Karl Pernull, the main lecturer at the Barbara Brennan Healing Institute, you will learn the dimensions of the Human Energy Field in the way, that Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan perceives and describes them, with detailed information about chakras and aura.

  • You will learn about the structure and operation of the seven layers of the Human Energy Field.
  • You will learn how your energy field affects your health, mental and emotional condition and spiritual well-being.
  • You will learn the influence that the Human Energy Field has on the overall experience of the reality, in which we live.

dlonie pelne swiatla 03

Hands of Light Workshops are designed to provide a basic understanding of the healing and transformational work of Brennan Healing Science. You will learn practical concepts and hands-on healing methods, including skills to regulate your energy for healing and exercises to help you sense the Human Energy Field. It is through the Human Energy Field that the mind-body connection is made and healing takes place. We will hold a uniquely powerful and safe space in which healing and learning can occur. As the energy level and frequency increases over the weekend, you will enter into expanded states of consciousness and feel the Divine within and all around you.

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During the classes we will practice skills that are taught at the Barbara Brennan Healing School, such as:

  • perception, feeling and receiving energy through the chakras;
  • breathing in colors;
  • seeing and understanding aura;
  • grounding and priming energy in the body;
  • how to read the chakras;
  • what colors are manifested in the aura of human emotions;
  • what diseases cause energetic aura disorder;
  • what are energy blockades and how to defend against them;
  • what can be seen through internal vision;
  • how to clean the auric field.

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You will learn how to heal and receive healing that will cleanse your energy field and make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

At the workshop, we will also look at:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the Human Energy Field (HEF)
  • Human Energy Field function in health and illness
  • Influence of the Human Energy Field in relations with others
  • Skills of the High Sensory Perception in receiving the Energy Field of Man
  • How to regulate your own energy for healing
  • Powerful Technicians of Energy Healing

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This workshop will guide you to:

  • Establish a deep connection with inner spiritual guidance on the way to fulfilling your heart’s true longings.
  • Transform your relationships through awareness of energy dynamics.
  • Learn healing techniques for yourself and others.
  • Strengthen your hara, the intention and ability to accomplish your life goals.


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These teachings on human energy and consciousness, health, healing, and self-awareness are at the cutting edge of human development. Come experience this healing event and return to your life renewed, open-hearted, and transformed

Each of us has a much greater inner healing potential than we realize: Come and discover how you can awaken this inner ability!

We invite everyone interested in mental and physical health; working with energy, deep personal transformation on many levels and spirituality. It is valuable for beginners as well as practicing healers. This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn energy healing together with an advanced faculty teacher at the Brennan Institute in Oxford, England.


„Wonderful, interesting, inspiring.”

”I highly recommend workshops led by Karl, there is a lot of knowledge about the healing method of Barbara Brennan, and above all there are practical exercises. Extremely friendly atmosphere. In addition to learning healing techniques, there is a great opportunity to work on your inner self and your own development.”

„Very professional workshop. Very clear pictorial message of the lecturer, which facilitated understanding, perception, seeing completely new things and spaces. I WANT MORE.” Marta

„During the workshop, it was a great value for me to discuss the human energy field and how to take care of my own energy level. So far, this knowledge has been touched on various workshops in a very simplified form. After this short workshop, I know how to take care of my own energy, how the healing process works and what are the possibilities for healing.”

„Very good workshop on healing. It shows with what and how to work. Why in such and no other way. The leader "holds" the group field and is flexible. He adapts activities to the group and 'flows' with the group's energy. If energy of the group, or the group flows in the wrong direction, he slightly directs the group to the right track.”

„Karl's workshop supplemented my knowledge of energy-related topics and work with it. I really missed such a structured and perfectly given portion of knowledge. Karl is an excellent lecturer and trainer. The workshops are understandable, interesting, there is a lot of practical work with energy. I recommend to everyone.”

„Whole workshop at a very high level. A lot of knowledge given in a very professional way, which is confirmed by the students who in my opinion were very involved in the course. I am waiting for information about Karl's next courses / workshops. Thank you for everything.” Sylwek


Details of the workshop


  • 24 – 26 February 2023 (Friday – Sunday)

  • February 24th   at 8 PM

  • February 26th   at 6 PM

  • Warsaw


  • 900 PLN
  • Accommodation & Food is not included in the price and is arranged by participants.

  • Due to the unstable economic situation in Poland, we reserve the right to raise the prices of accommodation, meals and workshops, based on exchange rates and official inflation rates in Poland.


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  6. Remaining payment for the workshop is paid on spot and accepted in CASH only, after arrival to the workshop venue.


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Cristiano Martins


cristiano martins

Cristiano Martins

Cristiano is a Biodanza (Rolando Toro System) Facilitator, certified by the Biodanza SRT School of Portugal and also a Didactic of the same System. He is part of the teaching staff at the Institute of Applied Psychology in the postgraduate course "Human Development and Therapy through Expressive Arts" and also collaborates with the Portuguese School of Biodanza in the accompaniment and supervision of students and new teachers. In the last few years he has dedicated himself to the creation of diverse signature workshops such as: "Roots in the Earth, Roots in Heaven"; "Chaos, Creativity and the Return of the Sacred"; "The Birth of the Cosmic Man"; "Under the Sign of Affection"; "Surrender to Love"; "Sacred Warrior"; "Ecstatic Lover"; "Mystic Magician"; "The King the Queen"; "Equinox and Solstice Celebrations" in Nature. Regular Didact In Berlin and Portugal; Also with agenda in Spain (Gran Canaria, Seville, Merida), France (Toulouse and Nantes), Montreal (Canada).

Born in 1979 in Freiburg im Braisgau, Germany, finally settled down in Oporto, Portugal. After graduating in clinical psycho-pedagogy, Cristiano was trained in Gestalt therapy; these tools permitted him to work during some years in the field of behavioural deviations. Simultaneously, he attended different theatrical and dance workshops.

Cristiano is one of the teaching staff at the Institute of Applied Psychology in the postgraduate course "Human Development and Therapy through Expressive Arts" and also collaborates with the Portuguese School of Biodanza through supervision of students and new teachers.



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