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2-Year Training Of Conscious Energetics Module VI (Closed Group), (Nowe Kawkowo)
Cz, 9. luty 2023 - N, 12. luty 2023
Karl Pernull
February 2023



Training of Conscious Energetics –
Intensive 2-year training in 8 modules – led by Karl Pernull

We invite you to an intensive and specialized two-year training in 8 modules, offered and organized by Karl Pernull. The program is addressed to people interested in deepening personal development, multidimensional transformation, learning methods of working with energy and healing. School participants can also join to experience personal transformation and healing, as well as to use the methods learned in their professional practice. The school ends with the issuance of a certificate confirming the completion of 8 training modules.

Karl Pernull is currently the Chancellor of the Barbara Brennan Institute of Healing in Oxford ("Barbara Brennan School of Healing"/BBSH). In her original 2-year School of Conscious Work with Energy, she combines methods of working with energy, integration and psycho-dynamic aspects for personal transformation. He integrates his many years of experience as a teacher, workshop leader and energy healer in professional practice, as well as in Transformational Breath training.

In order to participate in the training, it is necessary to have previously completed two workshops led by Karl Pernull:

  • Hands of Light - Introduction to Energy Healing. Workshop Authorized by Barbara Ann Brennan, Part I
  • The Light of Life. The Journey of Personal Healing. Methods of Triggering Healing Energies. Advanced Workshop, authorized by Barbara Ann Brennan, Part II
  • And being qualified for the program by Karl Pernull.

The training is based on 8 Modules comprising the following basic units:

  • Meditation/Presence and Contact
  • Expanded Sense Perception/ ESP
  • Healing Techniques and Methodology
  • Process Work
  • Characterology/Developmental Theory
  • Consciousness Training
  • Conscious Breathing
  • Energy Work

Today we know that our Consciousness can affect our biology and even change it. Based on these teachings, as well as to meet the expectations of many participants of Karl Pernull's workshops around the world, the School of Conscious Energy Work was created.

The Program offers a modular, integrative Training based on direct embodied experience and group work suited to the individual needs, bringing support for their lives challenges and evolution of man.

This integrative approach is dedicated to the balance and centering of the creative life force, human evolution, encompassing spiritual needs, mind and body (energetic as physical) as much as the need to support our fellow humans with knowledge of healing.

At the centre is the path to the integrated Self and relational Self to the Other. We use this energy-consciousness Matrix as an energetic system or field of supporting our growing consciousness and personal development.

This training includes, among others: breathwork, work with energy, healing, as well as process and integration work on the consciousness level.

The training program consists of 8 modules, 3 days each, 22.5 h of classes during each module, summing up to 170 hours. The total length of the program is 2 years, with 4 group meetings per year. Additionally, there will be 7 interactive-online meetings via zoom organized, each lasting for 2 hours, in order to deepen the material, cover questions and addressing the group dynamic.

All meetings will take place at the Tu i Teraz centre in Nowe Kawkowo.  Meetings will be residential, meaning that participants will be lodging at the centre for the entire duration of the training. All meetings will be translated to Polish. While the individual correspondence with Karl Pernull outside the workshops will be held in English.

Before joining the program, all participants should:

  • Take part in two workshops by Karl Pernull, parts I and II
  • Be qualified for the program by Karl Pernull.


Karl Pernull


karl pernull

Karl Pernull

Karl Pernull studied with Barbara in Europe and the US and graduated in 2010. After completion of the ASBIW program in 2012 he continued his Teacher Training until 2013. With the opening of the Brennan Institute, UK, in 2017 he started as a lead teacher for the freshman class.

While living in the US he completed his training as a Transformational Breath Facilitator.

Originially trained in Business Administration he holds an MBA from Innsbruck University in Austria involving research and project work in Nepal. He also holds a Bachelor in Healing Science and a Masters Degree in Complementary Psychosocial Integrated Health from the University in Graz, where he is researching a Ph.D. in Heart Rate Variability Measurement for Breath Therapy. He runs a practice in Austria and is holding seminars and workshops in Europe.

Both in his academic and professional career in Industry and business he worked in multicultural environments. Over 15 years as a leader in international business management he has learned and followed his passion to support people and teams in realising their potential.

"I passionately love teaching the first year at BI, facilitating this first step in the transformational process towards your true Self. And from that perspective i would like to welcome all those opening to the call of their souls to join us in the celebration of creative potential". Karl Pernull



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