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liza martin

Lisa Martin

Jivan Abhika (Lisa Martin) is an international teacher and therapist with over 20 years of experience working with people. She specializes in Tantra, Family Constellations (Hellinger Constellations), Trauma Healing (Somatic Experiences), Gestalt Therapy, Breath and Body Work. She runs circles for women, Tantra groups, and Family Constellation circles in many countries. Her working tools include: tantric practices, bioenergetic body work, and healing the Masculine and Femininity, Hellinger Constellations, working with trauma and childhood conditioning. She has completed many international trainings, including: Tantra teacher training with Homa and Mukto, Sarita, Aneesha Dillon Family Constellations / Hellinger Constellations training with S. Libermeister, the world-famous author of the books "The Roots of Love" and "Zen Counseling", a student of Berth Hellinger; Gestalt Therapies Shiatsu Training in O.D.H.A. School in Italy, Ito Thermie Healing Art (holistic complementary healing method) in Japan with Master Kohroghi-san; Neoreichian breathing training with A. Dilon Osho. In her work, she combines the experience she has gained with a message closely related to her spiritual name Jivan Abhika - which means "Life Without Fear". Therefore, her work is based on removing obstacles that separate people from their inner space of peace and prevent them from living a full life. She is the author of a unique method of working with life problems called Back to the Flow – a powerful combination of Family Constellations, Tantra and Quantum Physics. This method helps to free yourself from traumas held in the Family System, as well as from childhood conditionings that prevent you from returning to being authentically oneself.

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