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I am a German musician and play drums, percussion and a whole range of other instruments and have more than 35 years of experience in music, meditation, trance dance and other transformational work. I trained with teachers such as Osho, Arthur Hull, Frank Natale, Serge Kahili King and others. I have been playing music since I was 12 and produce CDs with various world music artists such as Hamsafar, Prem Joshua, Snatam Kaur, Milarepa, Ashik, Subodha.

As a drummer, music producer and animator, I offer events, seminars, retreats and individual sessions. I mainly work with partners such as Dhwani W. Zapp, Shakya M. Grahe, Harshil Chiostri and others...

My own productions "Forget the Limitations" and "Shamans Return " are widely used in workshops, classes and seminars, as well as at discos and parties. With my bands TranceFormation and The Call Of The Drums, we tour and play all over Europe.

In my shamanic retreats, I create a safe spiritual healing environment for personal insight and growth of inner strength and wisdom. Using ancient rituals and techniques, I invite people to reconnect with Mother Nature's deep wisdom and inner healer, guide and allies.



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