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Laurent Lacoste

Laurent Lacoste is the co-director of SkyDancing Tantra International. He is responsible, together with his partner Laurence Heitzmann, for supervising Sky Dancing Tantra International, on behalf of its founder, Margot Anand. He runs the “Love & Ecstasy Training” (LET) workshops in France, as well as trainings for SkyDancing Tantra trainers and teachers in the USA and Europe. He immersed himself in Tantra for about 20 years with various Teachers around the world. He is a Certified Skydancing Tantra Teacher and belongs to the Skydancing LET’s (Love and Ecstasy Training) team of Teachers.

Studying Ayurveda has enabled him to enlarge his perceptions of Tantra and opened doors to new understandings. Laurent is also an Ayurveda practitioner in Paris. He receives individuals in Paris for personal coaching using the tools offered by Tantra.

Laurent says: “Through awareness, one can embrace all facets of life so to learn and to realize oneself, to create a state of silent joy which is the state of accepting what is.”



Laurent Lacoste Combines In His Teachings:

  • The methods of the SkyDancing Tantra School, where Laurent is a director at present
  • Ayurvedic techniques

SkyDancing Tantra School - The Path to Bliss

SkyDancing Tantra is a lineage founded by Margot Anand thirty years ago. This teaching is provided for by three Institutes throughout the world : Francophone Europe - USA - Germany.

SkyDancing Tantra teaches us to choose with awareness what brings us pleasure and joy , thus opening the door to a deeper connection with spirit and a greater sense of aliveness and well-being. The practice of SkyDancing Tantra enables us to overcome feelings of separation and create a sense of union with yourself, others, and the world. The body relaxes, the heart opens and the mind becomes clearer and more focused. When this integration takes place, we are ready for a new sexual and spiritual experience in which physical/sensual pleasure becomes a celebration of the heart and an ecstasy of the spirit. Ultimately, the SkyDancing path provides a model for cultivating the Tantric way of life – helping us awaken to our ecstatic potential, embrace our own vital powers, enliven sensuality, awaken spirituality, and create a more fulfilling love life.

SkyDancing is the ancient metaphor for the ability to achieve ecstatic states. SkyDancing Tantra is the ability to integrate these ecstatic states into our sexuality and into our lives, so that love can be experienced as a flow, a joyful celebration, a healing meditation. SkyDancing Tantra presents the Tantric paradigm through methods accessible to the Western culture and lifestyle. Margot Anand has integrated the ancient spirit of Tantra with the most recent discoveries in clinical sexology, as well as the therapeutic methods of humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Her teachings are powerful, healing and effective.




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