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anada kumar

Ananda Kumar

Introducing Ananda, a meditator living, teaching and healing with inner essence through body, mind, emotions and energy using transforming tools of Yoga & Tantra!

Some mystical experiences and further quest propelled to travel inside and outside to explore various forms of yoga, tantra, healings and energetic spaces over 21 years.

Deeply grown with heartful tantra stream of Osho and grateful to  experiences through wonderful teachers like Ma Sarita and Swami Hariprem. Rejoicing with tantric Bauls initiated by Baul Guruji Sadhandas.

Intuitive healer and professionally trained in various forms of healing through body, mind, emotions and energy (Watsu, Aqua wellness, Foot Reflexology, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy, Alchemy of Touch - Rebalancing) from wonderful teachers in conscious communities of Osho and Auroville.

Sharing tantra and healing retreats and trainings over 7 years leaving behind software architect profession for dedicated heartful sharing across India, Vietnam & Europe. Reminding people to live with essence of love and freedom inside and outside.

Glimpses of past courses, trainings & further events accessible through public page:

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