OŚRODEK TU I TERAZ / WARSZTATY / August 2021 / 10.08.21 - 15.08.21


Red Tara: Sexual Empowerement, (Nowe Kawkowo)
10.08.21 - 15.08.21
August 2021


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“Each step you take toward your passionate desire drops a layer of dross.  Continue to pursue your desire, refining it, gaining more and more clarity, and soon you will find the beauty that is you.”

We heartily invite you in 2020 to the sixth series of workshops dedicated to The Awakened Feminine by Santoshi School “Tantra Woman”. This training is extremely popular. Many women have deeply benefited by it and do it again and again. The training is designed in four modules:

  • Module I: Sexual empowerment – Red Tara
  • Module II: The Power of Love – White Tara
  • Module III: Creativity, expression and Healing Powers – Green Tara
  • Module IV: The Goddess Embodied. Advanced Level I – Black Tara
  • Module V: Beyond Woman. Advanced Level II – Purple Tara

Prerequisite to participate in Advanced Tara Modules is to have done three previous modules (Red, White and Green Tara) and those participants will have priority in signing up for those workshops. Participation in two out of three basic Tara workshops might be also considered – to be decided individually by Santoshi.

Every basic workshop (Red, White and Red Tara) is an independent module and they do not need to be attended in any sequence. Advanced trainings (Black and Purple Tara) also do not need to be attended in order.

Once you have completed the whole training of five Modules you will receive a certificate!


The TARA Trainings: The Awakened Feminine
Tantra Training For Women

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We want to welcome you into an amazing space, the temple of the Goddess. Here is a wild, juicy ride where we connect beyond the mind and the limited personality. Here we nourish each other through our bodies and hearts and celebrate our unique gifts by simply being alive as radiant, powerful and at the same time vulnerable women.

Together we can bring back to the Earth the Power of Yin...The planet is urgently calling for us to stand up and embody our Divine Feminine!


Red Tara: Sexual Empowerment

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It is time for us women to reclaim our sexual power by putting the attention in our bodies and allowing ourselves to truly feel.... 

Tantra brings together sex, heart and spirit.

Through conscious body-awareness combined with dynamic, tantric meditation, we can access a blissful state of being and regain the means for our own sexual pleasure. Let us become naked together. It’s time to liberate ourselves and celebrate the wildness, the tenderness, the ferociousness and the beauty that we are. Let us claim back our power: Let us learn how to surrender into cosmic orgasm, laugh in ecstasy and cry tears of joy at the beauty that we hold within us.

When we are in our feminine power and authentic, life becomes orgasmic. We become orgasmic!”

In this course you will learn to:

  • Open to the free flow of sexual energy
  • Love and enjoy your body
  • Celebrate and shine your natural beauty without imitating social stereotypes
  • Become aware of your inner Power as a wild, sensual, wise Goddess

Some of the benefits of this process:

  • Awaken your sensitivity and sensuality
  • Discover the power and nourishment of your Emotions
  • Heal the blockages to full sexual expression
  • Rediscover your immense capacity for pleasure
  • Experience the Power of the Sacred Circle of women

The Practices include:

  • Tantra meditations and rituals
  • Breath and Energy work
  • Massage
  • Powerful therapeutic exercises
  • Dance and playful interaction
  • Group sharing, Awareness and silence

Join us in this self-discovery journey to become the radiant, sensual and wise woman that you are born to be!

What to bring:

  • Comfortable clothes, a few cotton dresses or skirts easy to move with.
  • Notebook and pen
  • Sarong or sheet to cover your body
  • Massage sheet or towel and massage oil
  • Blindfold
  • A Mirror big enough to see your face
  • Sexy Wild Costume for Party
  • Red dress


Details of the workshop


10th – 15th of August 2021 (Tuesday – Sunday)  


August 10th   at 6 PM at Dinner


August 15th   at 2 PM at Lunch;


"Here and Now” Personal and Spiritual Development Center in Nowe Kawkowo


1700 PLN  +  Food & Accommodation

  • Food 88 PLN / day (3 vegetarian meals)                           
  • Accommodation depending on standard:
  • From 33 PLN - 124 PLN / night; 
  • Only full board packages are available.


  • Jacek Towalski, mobile phone: +48 602 219 382
  • Maja Wołosiewicz - Towalska, mobile phone: +48 606 994 366,
  • Office, mobile phone: +48 662 759 576
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  1. Please register by email at: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. (giving your first and last name, phone number, the name and date of the workshop);
  2. Only after receiving an email with confirmation of your accommodation choice, please send two payments (refundable and non-refundable deposits) to two separate accounts.
  3. We kindly ask you to pay two deposits in a week from registration. No payment within 7 days will cancel the registration. Please do not pay deposits before receiving an email confirmation of the reservation of your place in the workshop!
  4. Paying the deposit to our Centre means you agree to the Center rules and regulations, which you will receive by email upon registration.
  5. Please pay 200 PLN deposit to “Tu i Teraz” to the following account with description: "Deposit for Lodging 10-15.08.2021”.

    Tu i Teraz

    BANK PKO BP Account number: 92 1020 3541 0000 5502 0206 3410
    BIC (Swift): BPKOPLPW

  6. Refund will be available only within two weeks after a payment is registered into our account, but not later than two weeks prior to the event. In case of refund, the 20 PLN administration fee will be deducted from the deposit. The deposit cannot be transferred to another workshop.
  7. Please pay a non-refundable deposit of 200 PLN to Begoña Amor Cazorla to the following account with description: "Red Tara 10-15.08.2021”.

    Begoña Amor Cazorla
    ALIOR BANK Account number: 68 2490 0005 0000 4000 7257 6060

    IBAN: PL68 2490 0005 0000 4000 7257 6060


Santoshi Amor, Anna Sokołek and Janka Jankiewicz


Santoshi Amor

santoshi amor

Santoshi is an international Tantra teacher who has embodied the essence of Tantra for the last 20 years. Her presence and both her passion and spontaneity encourage participants to discover hidden aspects of themselves. She dropped her career as an architect to follow her heart and lived at the OSHO Community in India for 12 years where she became a Tantra and Meditation teacher. After leaving OSHO commune she retreated in silence and isolation in the Himalayas for over a year to practice Tibetan Tantra. Intimacy and Love are her quest in life. She has experienced many different relationships and explore deeply the art of conscious love and conscious sexuality. She is based in Ibiza at the moment, where she gathers people from all over the world to experience Living Tantra. She also runs a Tantra training for women, singles and couples in different countries.  Her Passion is to support women to bloom into their higher potential.

Websites: www.ibizagoddess.com , www.ibizatantrafestival.com 


anna sokolek

Anna Sokołek

Tantra trainer in Prem Santoshi's school "Tantra Woman". She runs certified by Santoshi tantra training for woman: "Red, White and Green Tara". She is also a certificated massage therapist and sexual healer from John Hawken's school; taught also by Freya Wolna. Ania offers tantra trainings for woman and mixed groups and individual sessions. She runs tantric woman circles and she works also with unlocking the voice. She is also a certified vocalist.


janka jankiewicz

Janka Jankiewicz

 Janka meets Divinity in Nature, as well as in Dance, Breath, Sound and Touch. Certified massage practitioner at John Hawken’s International School “Path of Transformation”. She facilitates tantric and creativity workshops, active Osho meditations, holding Tantric Woman and People Circles, gives individual tantric sessions for women, men and for couples. Shamanic Creator and Sexologist graduated Practical Sexology at SWPS University in Posen.- Poland. Musician, actress, director and pedagogue and Mandala weaver. She is part of the o Ibiza Tantra Festival and Tantra Spirit Festival Croatia.





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