Prashantam, Josè Miguel Pereira De Matos, was born in Portugal in 1949 and received initiation from Osho in 1975. Since then, as Osho Therapist, he has led workshops and trainings, healing paths, Zen meditation retreats in silence, individual sessions and growth groups all over the world. He was director of the Osho Institute of Oriental Healing Arts in Pune, India. In 2001 he founded the Osho Divine Healing Arts (O.D.H.A.) school. He has been conducting workshops in Miasto since 1986. Prashantam takes a holistic approach to therapy; with teacher T. Namikoshi he trained and specialized in Shiatsu, in Japan. Before meeting Osho he becomes a monk with the master KoKu NisHimura, of the Tani-Ha Zen current, from whom he learns the art of Zen, an aesthetic and spiritual attitude to life. Also in Japan he learns to play the Kyotaku, bamboo flute, from master Koku Nishimura.

During his life he also met many shamans and became interested in their work. He has lived in the Philippines, in France (university studies of medicine at the Sorbonne), in Japan, in Australia, with aboriginal tribes, in Amazonia, in Mexico, in Finland, in Russia. He has traveled the world: he has traveled to Afghanistan, China, Laos, Cambodia, India, America, the Andes, Brazil. Speak eight languages. Her favorite hobbies are gardening and nature walks.

Prashantam has synthesized all his experiences in a Zen work as simple and clear as it is direct and effective, which always starts from the body to activate people’s energy and transform their spirit. Disciple and devotee of Osho, he transmits his teachings with a fiery passion that ignites souls.

He left home quite early, entered Sorbonne (Paris) at the Faculty of Medicine, and successfully completed it. Feeling that the education of a person does not end with the specialty training, he set off to travel around the countries of the East and Asia, meeting a lot of extraordinary people on his way, many of whom influenced what Prashantam became today.

But two great masters, who had an amazing, decisive influence, occupy a completely separate, special place in his life.

"God on Earth" Prashantam calls Koku Nishimura, a Japanese Zen master who led the Tani- Ha sect, Prashantam met him in 1973.

“God in Heaven” he calls the enlightened master OSHO, having met him in 1976, Prashantam decides to stay in the commune of OSHO in Pune.

Since then, for more than 40 years, he has been carrying his knowledge, his understanding of life, the result of a long and deep spiritual search, the accumulated experience of meditation to people in many countries: Russia, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, South America and Europe.

During the existence of the school, hundreds of students received training in it and received a specialty, now teaching themselves a unique method of healing.

This is how the most valuable happens: the important, necessary thing for people grows and develops, attracts fresh strength, acquires a new breath.

A few years ago, Prashantam returned to his homeland, Portugal.

He is full of energy and still faithfully devotes himself to serving people, conducting groups and trainings, continuing to teach healing methods, uniting these different types of spiritual work in his new holistic school “I.T.S. My life.”

A rather symbolic name for one who, like Prashantam, lives full, sincere and passionate life: “This is my life”!

« I travelled many countries, continents and sacred places. I crossed high mountains and silent deserts. I also listened to wise teachers and met holly-men from different cultures. Yet the greatest beauty i found it within myself.... »

Meditation took me there, to that place from where i never left 


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