Govind Pushan and Nadi Gabalewicz



govind pushan

Pushan Govind

International Osho therapist, bodyworker, certified facilitator in Osho Diamond Breath School and  therapist Somatic Experience. Facilitator of Osho No Mind, Born Again, Mystic Rose and Osho active meditation therapies. Relationship and sexuality therapist, masseur.

He is the author of the method - dynamic release of tensions, which combines bioenergetic breathing, somatic experience and meditation. Its purpose is to open the body and heal traumas so that it becomes possible to regain access to life energy and contact with one's authentic self. He conducts workshops and trainings in different parts of the world. In Poland, he facilitates a series of workshops "Transformations through breath" and workshops for men "The NaturalMan". More information on the website


nadi gabalewicz

Nadi Gabalewicz

psychologist, coach and trainer with 15 years of international experience. She has trained hundreds of coaches and led thousands of managers through profound inner transformations. For eight years, she has been combining her work with her own practice in meditation centers and developing Quest a series of therapeutic and meditative processes leading from personality to individuality, regaining life energy and manifesting the authentic Self. Certified Primal therapist, certified breath work therapist in the Osho Diamond Breath school, facilitator of OSHO No-Mind, OSHO Mystic Rose, OSHO Talking to Your Body-Mind meditation therapies. For six years she has been assisting in breath workshops in Poland, Greece, Italy and China.


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