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I am a psychotherapist, specializing in the field of child sexual abuse and adult survivors, and a shamanic counsellor and teacher. It was my work with traumatized children and adult survivors of abuse that led me to shamanism, and to the other healing techniques I have been teaching and practicing since the 1980s. Working with this particularly traumatized group of people led me to the realization that traditional, verbal therapies, while effective up to a point, had serious shortcomings in helping people to truly heal their past hurts and traumas, transform their lives and become self-empowered. In my search for more powerful techniques I first became a Play Therapist, NLP practitioner and Eriksonian Hypnotist, and later a practitioner and teacher of Reiki, Conscious Breathing, and a visualization technique called the Personal Totem Pole.

I first learned about shamanism in the mid-90s, when I attended a workshop led by Jonathan Horwitz at the Scandinavian Center of Shamanic Studies. I trained with Jonathan for several years, and have been practicing and teaching shamanism around the world ever since. Although I run workshops in shamanism and train people to become shamanic counselors themselves, I have never ceased to be a student of shamanism, and since 2008 I have also studied extensively with Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies in the United States.

My therapeutic practice today draws on shamanism, Reiki, conscious breathing, visualization and art work. I draw on each of these techniques when needed, to help the people I work with to discover their true potential, heal, transform, and empower themselves. However, I consider myself to be primarily a shamanic counselor, and while I regularly run workshops of Reiki, Conscious breathing, and Personal Totem Pole, it is Shamanism as a spiritual and healing technique that I most rely on in my private practice. My teaching has taken me all over the world, and in the past twenty years I have been training not only in Spain, where I currently live, but also in the UK, the USA, Israel, the Scandinavian countries, New Zealand and Poland.

In 2007, my book The Magic of Shamanism, was published in the UK by Book Guid. A second edition in English (paper and ebook) was later published by Guild Publications, along with the Spanish translation of the book. The Magic of Shamanism is also now available in Polish.

I also developed the therapeutic game Revelations, designed to facilitate communication between children and their parents, teachers, or therapists, in a fun and exciting way. The game was published in 2008 and is now available in English, Spanish, Hebrew, and Polish.


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