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Deborah Waknine

Therapist, speaker and co-author with Gérard Athias of the game “Les 22 étincelles de vie” and of the book “La Shoah en heritage” (Entretien aux frontières d’un état limite). Deborah Waknine was taught by a white shaman for many years and is trained in «biological decoding», a method allowing us to unfold the meaning of diseases with support of palliative care through different holistic techniques.

The study of the wisdom and the symbolic 22 Hebraic letters through the teachings of the Kabbalah gave her an important perspective, which enabled her to explore the infinite healing resources that we all possess. In her workshops and consultations, with the support of the 22 Hebraic letters, Déborah provides us with the essential question, which in a mutual and caring environment gives us the key to realize our true nature.

In constant research for means of growth, Déborah created “Body Touch”, a method aimed at reaching our internal organs, the vital systems of our bodies and the meridians respecting our sacred geometry in a deep, dynamic and subtle approach.

And consequently, bring us more liveliness and a harmonious purification and transformation of our being in its totality.

Déborah Waknine conducts workshops in Europe and Canada focusing on topics such as: “Bio Kabbalah”, “Body Touch”, le jeu “Les 22 étincelles de vie”, “Women’s sacred Circle” and “Les clés de l’autonomie”. Additionally, she consults in her office in Antwerp and through Skype for individual sessions.


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