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Freya Wolna

International Tantra teacher and a professional trainer with over 16 years of training experience, life coach, body&breath worker. Certified facilitator of OSHO meditations, certified professional Tantra Massage Therapist. Conducting trainings for men and women on sexuality & relationships, Tantra Massage Professional Trainings, Bioenergetics and sexual healing, Leading Tantra Women Circles, Cacao Ceremonies and Ecstatic Dance Evenings where she exercises her passion for shamanic meditation, DJ-ing and dancing. Freya’s powerful presence, integrity and feminine loving heart create safe space for transformation and growth.

Freya is a vibrant, passionate teacher, coach shamanic healer and a Dakini with a passion for life and the transformation of others. She has many years of professional training experience in one of the largest multinational corporations, where she gained fundamental and thorough experiences in holding group energy, presence, and coaching skills.

kuba bania izbicki

Kuba Bania Izbicki

I am a trained psychologist and trainer and passionate workshopaholic, because I spent the last 20+ years of my life as a participant or facilitator in all types of training and workshops on the development of body, mind and spirit.

For years I have been involved in business, offering trainings and psychotherapy, but my basic occupation was intensive search and testing, on myself and my courageous clients, of all techniques, trends, philosophies and therapies promising a return to personal fulfilment, happiness and life fulfilment.

Over the years I have experienced three close encounters with death, which completely changed my perspective on understanding Who / What we in our essence are and the approach to working with people. Personally, I was on the precipice, in places where the emptiness and pain of existence are so great that there is no will to live. I was also in places where every, the simplest breath is infinitely perfect and ecstatic experience of the fullness of Life.

I was in total frustration of a long-lasting ineffective search. I was also in the euphoria of finding answers that liberate you from systemic trauma leading to a full life. I was in the silence and emptiness of isolation and searching, and in the vortex of joy sharing with others the experiences and effects of this search.

I was also in the prison of my body remaining in the armour of accumulated tension that causes illness and slowly kills, completely blocking the flow of life energy. I was also in relaxation and return to the body, to movement, to the breath, to the flow of energy, which reaches every cell of the body and also reaches much, much further. It makes the body a friend that leads to the perception of a world I have never dreamed of before.

I am this one and the other, and something much more - just like you too, even if we do not always remember that. And I share it.

Together with one “Indian” woman, for 25 years, every day, again and again, we find ourselves and grow in a challenging relationship, and together we accompany the growing up of two wonderful children. For 10 years, together, boldly and intensely, we have been following the path of Tantra, letting us ruthlessly strip us of everything that is not our truth.

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