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Osho Meditations. Body – Mind – Breathing – Emotions Start With The Body – Golden Tools For Better Life. Dynamic Meditations, Kundalini, Osho Zen & Others. Introductory Workshop, (Nowe Kawkowo)
Mon, 3. July 2023 - Sat, 8. July 2023
July 2023



Start with the body. Your body is always present in "Here and Now". Prashantam

We invite you to an amazing workshop with Prashantam - the Great Teacher of Osho Methods, as well as a monk and teacher of zen and meditation. From 1975, for many years, at the request of Osho, he led meditation groups, spiritual development, KYO:OSHO ZEN retreats and shiatsu teaching at the famous Osho center in Puna, India. In 1986 he became director of the Osho Institute of Oriental Healing Arts in Puna. Prasnahtam also created his own healing method known as Osho Divine Healing Arts School (O.D.H.A.) and was a founder of the Osho Divine Healing Arts School.

During the workshop, Prashantam will introduce us to the Golden Techniques - Osho meditations (dynamic, kundalini, zen and others) and numerous original methods of healing, transformation, working with the body, emotions and mind.


  • 06:30 - 07:30  Dynamic Meditation
  • 08:00 - 09:15  Satsang meditation
  • 09:30 - 10:30  Breakfast break
  • 10:45 - 13:00  SESSION with Practice of techniques and meditations that include breathing, self-expression, healing movements, dancing, relaxation
  • 13:15 - 14:45  Lunch break
  • 15:00 - 17:30  SESSION with follow up of the morning session inclufding as well sharing and feed back with partner (when necessary)
  • 17:30 - 18:00  Break for drinks and rest
  • 18:15 - 19:30  Kundalini meditation
  • 20:00 -  Dinner
  • 21:00 -  Night open session
  • 22:30 -  Sleep


Start with the body. Your body is always present in "Here and Now". And so a beautiful way to live more consciously when you have a intimate connection with it. It is easy and very enjoyable to be your own body's  best friend. The way is simple and everybody can learn how to be a healer to yourself . It is about nourishment, movement , breathing and touch . The tools that you may use  are simple, playful and loving.

Then when the body is more relaxed and receptive you may move deeper to the awrenes of Mind: Your belief systems and dependencies. Then letting go becomes natural and non-identification fruit of your meditation qualities.

Once the body and mind are more relaxed you can go deeper into the complexe world of your Emotions. That is a deeper level that will follow as your awareness grows and you feel that you are master of your life choices.

The "Golden Techniques" that you will learn during the workshop will significantly improve the quality of your life. This applies to both body awareness and overall health. They will give you the ability to deal with your body and your whole life in a better and more holistic way.

Using oriental exercises and practices that include: breathing, movement and self-expression, you will be able to heal and transform your health, body and emotions. One of the basic teachings during this workshop will also be communication with the surrounding environment using your own body language. Also dancing, as well as laughing, playing, relaxing - these are other important ways to improve the quality of your health and life.

When you take care of your body and establish a conscious relationship with it, you will be able to go deeper into your mind - into understanding the belief systems and convictions that affect your entire life. What is called the world of "MIND" is very complicated and therefore only when the Body is relaxed then the Mind will follow it and there will be a deeper understanding.


During the workshop we will learn various Osho techniques and Prashantam's original methods:

  • not identifying;
  • non-identification;
  • intimacy/dependence;
  • careful observation;
  • meditations (dynamic, classical and others);
  • work with emotions Your heart/Relationships/Sexuality;
  • as well as sharings (sharing sessions during meetings);
  • Q&A sessions for Prashantam.

Depending on the possibilities, readiness, needs and expectations of the participants, Prashantam can introduce further teachings including shamanic and tantric experiences and related meditation techniques.

Practical information:

  • Participants are asked to cover their eyes during most exercises. Each participant MUST have a blindfold handy at all times.
  • Participants are expected to attend ALL sessions and be present from the beginning of each session. Latecomers will wait for the next session.
  • We invite everyone (over 18 years of age) in good health to participate.
  • People who smoke cigarettes can do so in a place away from the group room (we suggest washing your hands and mouth before entering the group session).
  • No phones, books or recording devices are allowed in the group room.
  • If someone is undergoing treatment and/or taking any medication, the facilitator must be informed before the start of the group (this does not apply to vitamins, supplements, etc.).



Zen is a conscious and harmonious way of living. It is not a religion, because there is no concept of "God"... Therefore it hasn't the dimension of guilt. May be you are living in Zen....or you are very close to intergrate it as your way of life. You may just need to recognise it.

Prashantam will guide you to this recognition and equip you with the "golden keys" that will help you integrate the Zen style into your consciousness.

KYO:OSHO ZEN was founded as the first meditation group in the Osho Ashram in 1976, and its daily program remains unchanged to this day. It happened regularly in many countries throughout the world and touched hundreds of people.

Prashantam was a Zen monk in Japan (1974/75) before meeting OSHO and becoming one of His group leaders And he introduced ZEN techniques and meditations in the ashram that were later inspired by his Master to be part of the structure of KYO: OSHO ZEN.



Divine Healing training teaches how to live a long life in a healthy body, how to properly take care of yourself and help others. It comes from the understanding that health is a natural state and within the person there are all the resources to maintain it. The task of an intelligent person is not to interfere with his body, but to help the healing processes that continuously take place in the body.

Man is considered as a single system that includes, along with the physical body, other aspects of a human being: emotions, a set of ideas and beliefs, the spiritual aspect, in other words, in the unity of “Body-Mind-Spirit”. Therefore, in order to be truly effective, the healing process should include all these areas, which is achieved by advancing in 4 main directions: movement, meditation, healing touches, and filling or “feeding” human needs.

By practicing these methods during training, we become the first to benefit from the healing processes that take place, that is why the school’s motto is: “The healer is the healed.” Healed yourself, you can help another.


“I.T.S. MY LIFE ” — Innovative Therapeutic System - personal growth training, created on the basis of the instructions of Osho and Prashantam’s 50-year internal search, includes training in skills and techniques for studying the internal “ I ” (body-oriented therapy, qigong, breathing and bioenergy practices, meditations).

The training gives you the opportunity to experience the observation of the mind, awareness of your emotions, relaxation of the body, healing of sexuality with the subsequent integration of the experience through meditation. The training consists of three parts (My Mind, My Emotions, My Sexuality), and is also considered as an additional education and gives the right to act as a coach, leader  of meditation  and personal growth groups .



One of the most famous and provocative mystics of the 20th century. Born in 1931 in India, he graduated in philosophy from the University of Jabalpur and lectured there. From 1966 he traveled across India teaching meditation to thousands. He did not propagate any faith-based system, he only taught meditation techniques. He was neither an idealistic philosopher nor a religious prophet. He was, however, an excellent orator, an erudite who combined the Eastern mystical tradition with Western psychotherapy. Using simple language, he introduced his listeners to the world of yoga, tantrism, zen, taoism and sufism, extracting from them the essence of true religion. He often used irony, wit, provocation - as, for example, reads the inscription in front of the entrance to the room where Osho's lectures were held - "Leave your shoes and minds here." In the 1970s, he founded a community in Puna, India - a center that quickly became famous as a world center for development and therapy combining eastern meditation techniques with modern psychotherapy (yoga, tai-chi, psychodrama, zen, bioenergetics - a total of 40 thematic groups ). He also taught there his own, original, dynamic meditation methods. He died in 1990. Dozens of books have been published, recording Osho's lectures and his commentaries on texts of various religious traditions.


Osho claimed that it is very difficult for a modern man to just sit and meditate. So, he needs to do more than repeat techniques invented 2,000 years ago, when people were much simpler and sitting was something natural.

As Osho said:

“During the time of the Buddha, dynamic methods of meditation were not needed. People were more simple back then. They lived a truer life. Now they live a repressed life, a life that is not real. They laugh when they don't feel like it, they show compassion when they're really angry. People are false. Their whole life is a lie, it's a lie. People don't live at all - they play. What they experience they store in their minds, they load it into their brains. So for them: sit and sit - will not work. The moment you sit silently, you will see thousands of things whirling in your mind, it will be impossible to be still. So let these things out first so that you can naturally come to a haven of peace. True meditation only happens when you are completely relaxed."

Osho suggested that through dynamic meditations we should first throw away the tensions that accompany us and only then create space for silence. He proposed techniques that use the dynamics of movement and catharsis as a method of releasing tension - dynamic meditation, kundalini meditation and many, many others.

As Osho claimed:

“.....meditation as such does not need any technique! But techniques are needed to remove obstacles in the way of meditation. So you need to understand this carefully: meditation itself does not need any techniques - it is mindfulness, alertness, understanding. But on the road to mindfulness, there are many obstacles that need to be overcome, and for that you need techniques.

So the job of the techniques is to prepare the ground for meditation. Techniques are not meditation. Throughout his life, Jiddu Krishnamurti emphasized that there is no technique for meditation. But that didn't put people in a meditative state - they just became convinced that no technique was needed for meditation. But they have completely forgotten how to overcome obstacles, how to fight difficulties. What remained was the intellectual belief that the techniques were unnecessary.

What Krishnamurti says is true, but he only describes the positive side of the experience. And there is a negative one - and it is for this that all kinds of techniques are needed, because if you don't prepare the ground, if you don't pull the weeds, the roses won't bloom. Roses have nothing to do with weeds, but removing the latter is necessary for roses to bloom.


Details of the workshop


  • 3 – 8  July 2023 (Monday – Saturday)

  • 3rd  July at 6 PM with Dinner
  • 8th  July at 2 PM with Lunch
  • ”Here and Now” Personal and Spiritual Development Center in Nowe Kawkowo
  • Due to the unstable economic situation in Poland, we reserve the right to raise the prices of accommodation, meals and workshops, based on exchange rates and official inflation rates in Poland.


  • 1600 PLN +  Food & Accommodation
  • 100 PLN for the participants of other Osho Meditations workshops in our centre

  • 200 PLN for the participants of Tantra Festival 2023

  • Food 110 PLN / day (3 vegetarian meals)
  • Accommodation depending on standard: From 35 PLN - 140 PLN / night;
  • Only full board packages are available.


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Prashantam, Josè Miguel Pereira De Matos, was born in Portugal in 1949 and received initiation from Osho in 1975. Since then, as Osho Therapist, he has led workshops and trainings, healing paths, Zen meditation retreats in silence, individual sessions and growth groups all over the world. He was director of the Osho Institute of Oriental Healing Arts in Pune, India. In 2001 he founded the Osho Divine Healing Arts (O.D.H.A.) school. He has been conducting workshops in Miasto since 1986. Prashantam takes a holistic approach to therapy; with teacher T. Namikoshi he trained and specialized in Shiatsu, in Japan. Before meeting Osho he becomes a monk with the master KoKu NisHimura, of the Tani-Ha Zen current, from whom he learns the art of Zen, an aesthetic and spiritual attitude to life. Also in Japan he learns to play the Kyotaku, bamboo flute, from master Koku Nishimura.

During his life he also met many shamans and became interested in their work. He has lived in the Philippines, in France (university studies of medicine at the Sorbonne), in Japan, in Australia, with aboriginal tribes, in Amazonia, in Mexico, in Finland, in Russia. He has traveled the world: he has traveled to Afghanistan, China, Laos, Cambodia, India, America, the Andes, Brazil. Speak eight languages. Her favorite hobbies are gardening and nature walks.

Prashantam has synthesized all his experiences in a Zen work as simple and clear as it is direct and effective, which always starts from the body to activate people’s energy and transform their spirit. Disciple and devotee of Osho, he transmits his teachings with a fiery passion that ignites souls.

He left home quite early, entered Sorbonne (Paris) at the Faculty of Medicine, and successfully completed it. Feeling that the education of a person does not end with the specialty training, he set off to travel around the countries of the East and Asia, meeting a lot of extraordinary people on his way, many of whom influenced what Prashantam became today.

But two great masters, who had an amazing, decisive influence, occupy a completely separate, special place in his life.

"God on Earth" Prashantam calls Koku Nishimura, a Japanese Zen master who led the Tani- Ha sect, Prashantam met him in 1973.

“God in Heaven” he calls the enlightened master OSHO, having met him in 1976, Prashantam decides to stay in the commune of OSHO in Pune.

Since then, for more than 40 years, he has been carrying his knowledge, his understanding of life, the result of a long and deep spiritual search, the accumulated experience of meditation to people in many countries: Russia, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, South America and Europe.

During the existence of the school, hundreds of students received training in it and received a specialty, now teaching themselves a unique method of healing.

This is how the most valuable happens: the important, necessary thing for people grows and develops, attracts fresh strength, acquires a new breath.

A few years ago, Prashantam returned to his homeland, Portugal.

He is full of energy and still faithfully devotes himself to serving people, conducting groups and trainings, continuing to teach healing methods, uniting these different types of spiritual work in his new holistic school “I.T.S. My life.”

A rather symbolic name for one who, like Prashantam, lives full, sincere and passionate life: “This is my life”!

« I travelled many countries, continents and sacred places. I crossed high mountains and silent deserts. I also listened to wise teachers and met holly-men from different cultures. Yet the greatest beauty i found it within myself.... »

Meditation took me there, to that place from where i never left 


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