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The Natural Man Process. The Tantric Man – Keys to Healthy Sexuality, workshop for men, (Nowe Kawkowo)
Tue, 21. March 2023 - Sun, 26. March 2023
Govind Pushan and Adhiraj
March 2023


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“The Natural Man process is where a man meets men,

discovers and expresses his true nature,

reconnects with his vitality,

and expands his energy beyond the limitations of the past.”

Throughout the ages, we men, have met together forming a powerful energy with unique qualities of outer expansion and creation. Now the opportunity is through a meeting of men to expand within oneself. When we are connected with our male energy in a natural way, it allows us to explore the qualities of being rooted in our bodies, in our life energy and our healthy sexuality.

As children we all passed through different stages of development, where we naturally moved into exploring out of curiosity our body and sexual impulses. Our family, our society, our culture most often could not give us the support, the containment and the understanding of how to grow, ground and expand into our sexual impulses.

The challenges we face as men in the modern society that create: stress, tension, immobility, violence, depression, isolation, has disconnected us from our roots, from our deep sense of being present, and natural qualities of male energy of being protective, tender, structured and adventurous. As a result, one of the biggest challenges that each man has to face in modern society is how to open up to intimacy and vulnerability as a way of accessing to a healthy sexuality and the possibility to create healthy relationships. The fear of entering into meaningful relationships and to be seen in different aspects or shadows we want to hide, are some of the reasons that we avoid intimacy.

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Many people think of tantra as an approach to sexuality and sensuality, yet tantra is so much more than this. Tantra is a way of living with present totality and acceptance. Living with full receptivity to yourself and acceptance of what is happening in your life. It’s a way to experience life with all of your senses, taking into account your surroundings while fully sensing your interior world, your feelings, body sensations, your energy flow and your mind. Tantra teaches us different techniques to support us in our transformational journey, that we can reconnect with our inner qualities, with the natural flow of our life energy that we can live in our full potential.

In this retreat we will focus on creating a safe, protective and supportive space to open up to intimacy and vulnerability among men. Using revolutionary methods in the field of psycho-body therapy such diamond breathwork sessions, bioenergetics, emotional and trauma release exercises, tantric meditations, conscious movement, touch and contact we will reconnect with our inner authority, our dignity, our authentic expression and our true nature.

Topics we will explore:

  • Create a space of safety to expand into intimacy
  • Create trust again to your sexual energy, clearing it up and learning how to share in a more authentic and natural way
  • Understand and explore the polarities, male-female energy
  • How to open a dialogue and to release memories from your body-mind
  • Self-love and healthy dynamics of relating
  • Different keys to open up to the natural flow of our sexuality
  • Orgasmic formula and how to let go
  • Tantric meditations for your daily life
  • Bioenergetics for releashing tentions
  • Desires and fulfillment
  • Biology and spirituality

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Many of the circumstances that we experience in our daily life regarding to the inner and outer relationships, sex life, family and health, has its roots in the way that we received the transmission of male energy from our father's side, from the systemic heritage trauma of our family. Often a wounded and distorted one.

We are living a crucial moment in the human evolution and is time for men to get together, to understand and to take responsibility of the way that we express our manliness in the collective, in the society, in our relationships.


This process brings together different techniques and methods such as bioenergetics, breath work, roll play, transsomatic dialogue, psychodrama, trauma healing, while at the same time expands and find roots in active meditations. These methods and techniques will guide us into the process of transformation, allowing us to develop an inner space, an atmosphere from where the new man can grow into a new life.

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  • reconnect you with the natural qualities and expressions of the masculine energy that resides in all men
  • reconnect you with the wisdom of the body and teach you a responsive presence to the inner and the outer worlds
  • bring awareness and creating new possibilities to express your manliness in a more healthy way
  • honor the divine masculine and the divine feminine that flows and nourishes everything
  • give birth to a new man inside/out through the power of group rituals
  • celebrate your life and receive the support of the brotherhood of men


  • A deep connection with your vitality and your strength
  • A deep relaxation and trust as you connect with other men
  • A new understanding about your true nature and expanded ability to express your full potential
  • Get support and be understood from other men that may face similar life situations
  • A deep inner relaxation to oneself
  • Break the chain of the unconscious patterns regarding intimacy, love and sexuality
  • Recognize the transformational power of active meditations
  • Learn different tools and techniques that will support you in your daily life

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The Natural Man process consists of three modules each one of them addressing different challenges that men are facing in the modern way of life and society. In each one of them we create a space of trust and safety, which allows to explore issues needing our attention and heal whatever was missing or not completed in our path of becoming a man.

Module 1. Meeting the Mother and Father

Module 2. A Journey into the Male Archetypes

Module 3. A Tantric Man

You can start the process with any module.

This process brings together different techniques and methods such as bioenergetics, breath work, somatic experiencing, transsomatic dialogue, roll play, psychodrama, trauma healing, while at the same time expands and find roots in active meditations.


Details of the workshop


  • 21 - 26  of  March 2023 (Tuesday - Sunday)

  • March  21st  at 6 p.m. with dinner on Tuesday
  • March  26th  at 2 p.m. with lunch on Sunday

  • ”Here and Now” Personal and Spiritual Development Center in Nowe Kawkowo
  • Due to the unstable economic situation in Poland, we reserve the right to raise the prices of accommodation, meals and workshops, based on exchange rates and official inflation rates in Poland.


  • 1750 PLN  (when deposit is paid till 20 January 2023) +  Food & Accommodation

  • 1950 PLN  (when deposit is paid after 20 January 2023) +  Food & Accommodation

  • Food 110 PLN / day (3 vegetarian meals)
  • Accommodation depending on standard: From 35 PLN - 140 PLN / night;
  • Only full board packages are available.


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Govind Pushan and Adhiraj


govind pushan

Pushan Govind

Bodyworker and Osho Therapist: Certified as Osho Diamond Breath Therapist and Somatic Experience (Peter Levine Trauma work) Facilitator, Meditative Therapies, Active Meditations. Sexual and couple counselor, Ayurvedic Massage, Rebalancing, Cocoon tantra massage, Bioenergetic and characteriology. Pushan is now studying Pulsation and W. Reich work.

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Bsc Law/Psychology, Osho Transomatic Dialogue and Diamond Breath Therapist, co-leader of Osho Diamond Breath Training in Miasto, Chi Gung instructor, offering the Osho Akashic Processes, Facilitator and Trainer of Osho meditative therapies, Osho Born Again, No Mind and Mystic Rose. Leads events, groups, seminars in Italy, Greece, Croatia, Mexico, China and India.



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