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From Personality To Individuality: A Breath Journey Through The Chakras, (Nowe Kawkowo)
17.05.22 - 22.05.22
May 2022


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The breath journey through the chakras is an intense process that will lead you from the superficial layers of personality in which we habitually function to your core, your individuality, and the discovery of an ecstatic way of experiencing life.

We will use Western knowledge exercises from W. Reich's bioenergetics to dissolve the armour of muscle tensions and through breath turn it back again into a natural flow of energy. We will combine this with the Eastern understanding of our energetics and use active meditations to purify and unlock our energy centers.

We will go outwords: we will use the OSHO Diamond Breath approach, bioenergetic exercises, dance, touch and specially selected active meditations to express and release what is repressed in us and blocks the flow of energy in specific areas of the body.

Well grounded, we will wake up the pelvis, unlock the diaphragm and open the chest, regain our voice and remove the tension from the eyes. We will purify our e-energetic centers and gradually open ourselves to healthy sexuality, sensuality, power, love, truth and creativity. 

We will go inwards: through deep relaxation and deep letting go in silence and meditation, we will open ourselves to Life. The practice of meditation will relax the mind, direct us inwards and calm us down. Thanks to this, we will hear our truth and move from automatic functioning to a life based on presence and mindfulness.


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"You're frozen. I would like to melt you and re-create the flow. That is why I insist on active meditations. By "active" I only mean that your body must be involved in it... the body is the world, through the body you exist. Your meditation must somehow be deeply rooted in the body; otherwise, it will become just a dream floating in the mind."Osho

We come into the world in a free flow of energy, in harmony with the World. Gradually, under the influence of difficult events, we accumulate tensions and create a muscle armour, beliefs and survival strategies that become our personality. Personality gives us a sense of security and the ability to function, but limits our vitality and disconnects us from our true nature. In the daily rush and stress, we perpetuate this state and forget the way back.

The breath is the way to reverse this process - to regain the natural flow of energy and return to yourself. Using the OSHO Diamond Breath approach, W.Reich's approach, bioenergetics, dance, movement and specially selected active meditations, we will regain our natural breath, and thanks to it we will release tensions from specific areas of the body.   In a safe atmosphere we will connect with what is to be felt and expresssed. We will begin to replace the muscle armour created over the years with greater vitality and authenticity. Thanks to this we will be able to embody our true nature.


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The workshop is addressed to:

  1. both beginners and advanced in body work and meditation
  2. participants of the Transformation through Breath modules who want to continue their practice
  3. participants of Primal, The Natural Man, The Natural Woman workshops


  • you will understand how the past is recorded in our bodies and affects our present
  • you will release tension from individual areas of the body
  • you will express the emotions that are suppressed on a daily basis that block the flow of life energy
  • you will feel the difference between life in the head and life in the body
  • you will regain a state of natural deep relaxation
  • you will experience a space of silence, mindfulness and deep awareness
  • you will learn relaxation and meditation techniques for daily use


Details of the workshop


17-22 May 2022 (Tuesday-Sunday)


May 17th at 6 p.m. with dinner on Tuesday


May 22nd at 2 p.m. with lunch on Sunday

VENUE: ”Here and Now” Personal and Spiritual Development Center in Nowe Kawkowo
  • Due to the unstable economic situation in Poland, we reserve the right to raise the prices of accommodation, meals and workshops, based on exchange rates and official inflation rates in Poland.


  • 2000 PLN + food & accommodation
  • 1850 PLN when an advanced payment is made till 30st of February 2022 + Food & Accommodation
  • Food 100 PLN / day (3 vegetarian meals)
  • Accommodation depending on standard: From 34 PLN - 130 PLN / night;
  • Only full board packages are available.


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Govind Pushan and Nadi Gabalewicz


govind pushan

Pushan Govind

International Osho therapist, bodyworker, certified facilitator in Osho Diamond Breath School and  therapist Somatic Experience. Facilitator of Osho No Mind, Born Again, Mystic Rose and Osho active meditation therapies. Relationship and sexuality therapist, masseur.

He is the author of the method - dynamic release of tensions, which combines bioenergetic breathing, somatic experience and meditation. Its purpose is to open the body and heal traumas so that it becomes possible to regain access to life energy and contact with one's authentic self. He conducts workshops and trainings in different parts of the world. In Poland, he facilitates a series of workshops "Transformations through breath" and workshops for men "The NaturalMan". More information on the website


nadi gabalewicz

Nadi Gabalewicz

psychologist, coach and trainer with 15 years of international experience. She has trained hundreds of coaches and led thousands of managers through profound inner transformations. For eight years, she has been combining her work with her own practice in meditation centers and developing Quest a series of therapeutic and meditative processes leading from personality to individuality, regaining life energy and manifesting the authentic Self. Certified Primal therapist, certified breath work therapist in the Osho Diamond Breath school, facilitator of OSHO No-Mind, OSHO Mystic Rose, OSHO Talking to Your Body-Mind meditation therapies. For six years she has been assisting in breath workshops in Poland, Greece, Italy and China.


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