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Tribal Woman - Natural Woman Nature, Neo-Shamanism, Tantra, Art & Meditation Module 1 Natural Woman. The Body As The Temple Of Nature. The Power Of The Holy Drum Kultrun. Sweat Hut. Creating Your Own Totem, (Nowe Kawkowo)
Mon, 5. July 2021 - Sun, 11. July 2021
Ranjana A. Pomar
July 2021


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“In nature, everything is one. Live your freedom, your natural state of mind - discover the unity of body, mind, heart and soul ”. Osho                        

Dear woman,
Do you want to discover your True, Natural and Wild Feminine?
Do you want to know the eternal rhythms of Nature and use their Power in your life?
Do you want to learn about ancient rituals that have always bound women around the world?
Do you want to know your true Tribal - Woman who is free, aware, full of energy, lives according to the cycles of Nature and uses rituals in her daily life? If so, we invite you!

The workshop “Natural Woman. The body as the Temple of Nature. The power of the Sacred Drum Kultrun and Sweat Hut” is the first module of the cycle of 5 independent meetings entitled “Tribal Woman” with an amazing teacher from Chile – Ranjana A. Pomar. During the classes, we will reconnect with Nature, receiving support and guidance from the Four Elements, the Four Directions, the Four Stars and the Four Phases of the Moon. We will restore the natural cycles of our body that is the Temple of Nature. We will feel and embody the energy of the Kultrun Drum - the Power of the Female Womb. We will build our own totem. We will find our Natural Wild Tribal Woman.

This workshop was inspired by the Core Cosmovision "Kultrun" - the Holy Drum of the Andes, played by Machi - the Shaman / Holy Healer. Kultrun symbolizes the womb of a woman / femininityand the integration of the vision of the cosmos in which the life cycle, all its elements and the universe become one.

We invite you to the series of 5 independent workshops entitled "Tribal Woman" with an amazing teacher from Chile - Ranjana A. Pomar.

Ranjana combines the indigenous transmission and cosmovision of shamanism from the Andes, where she was born, Asian traditions, Osho meditations, tantra and a deep connection with nature. Her message covers the areas of life, death, love, the cycles of nature and the Great Spirit.

The experience she gained taught her that in nature everything is ONE, and the ancestral traditions of Asia and the Americas are essentially similar in this sense.

Ranjana is also the founder of the Tantra Shamanic Essence School combining her many years of passion and research; co-founder of Tantric Tribal Woman in Great Britain and co-founder of Living Meditation, Osho Centro Activo in Chile.

The "Tribal Woman" series consists of five modules in which we focus on various topics. Each module is complete in itself. You can participate in the entire program or only in selected individual modules, in any order:

Basic Module: Tribal woman – cycles of Nature. The power of the Sacred Drum. Chanupa Ceremony. Moon and Sun cycles.

  • Module 1 : Living your natural woman; returning to the receptive power of the womb, to the rejoicing of the heart, and to the confidence in intuition
  • Module 2 : Embracing, balancing and integrating the Sun and the Inner Moon (masculine and feminine energies). The Mystical Union
  • Module 3: The Cycles of Life and Nature; The Moon and the Woman, the seasons and their rhythms, the ages of the woman (girl, adolescent, adult and wise)
  • Module 4: The Return of the White Buffalo Woman and the union of the 4 races; African, Asian, European and from the Americas
  • Module 5: Advanced Training; The White Buffalo Woman, the experience of the Fifth Race; Seeking Vision, Temazkal of the Eagle and of the Elements, become a Healer

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Living in harmony with the Natural Woman. The body as the Temple of Nature. The power of the Holy Drum Kultrun. Sweat Hut. Creating Your Own Totem.

This workshop was inspired by the Core Cosmovision "Kultrun" - the Holy Drum of the Andes, played by Machi - the Shaman / Holy Healer. Kultrun symbolizes the womb of a woman / femininityand the integration of the vision of the cosmos in which the life cycle, all its elements and the universe become one.

What will we do during the 1st module?

  • Reconnecting with the cycle of our body as a Temple of Nature
  • Receiving the Kultrun transmission, the power of the womb.
  • Learn to manifest what we want in our lives from the heart; I am ready to receive what I long for
  • Unlock our life force by releasing repression and shame stored in our body
  • Become innocent again in our beauty, sensuality and sexuality.
  • The Tantra Map for Women; instinct, intimacy, intuition and integration
  • Building our Mapuche flag, symbolizing the tribal woman that you are
  • Spend a lot of time in nature receiving support and guidance from the 5 elements.

How will we do it?

  • Participate in the Inipi or Temazkal, which represents The Universal Belly
  • Tribal drawings
  • Sacral massage
  • Being in a beautiful environment of nature
  • Create my totem flag
  • Tribal Dance and Sharings
  • Inspiring processes to enhance creativity.
  • A wild tribal tantric celebration.

What will you get?

  • Self confidence, love and respect
  • Embrace your dignity (In-diginas)
  • Tools to use in your daily life
  • Tribal support
  • Healing the negative imprint regarding being a woman.
  • Taking the strength of the female ancestors to be used in our current life
  • In crisis, sensitivity and creativity as part of gifts as women

What is the Holy Kultrun Drum? Meaning and symbolism

Kultrun is a ceremonial drum of the Mapuche tribes, used by Machi - Shamans / Healers for religious rituals and healing. Its hemispherical shape represents the Universe, Earth, the relationship between people and Nature, as well as the Womb and the Power of a woman. The drawings depicted on it symbolize the Powers and cosmovision of Mapuche.

The surface of the drum is divided by a cross into four cardinal points, each quadrant contains a star, moon or sun representing the sky. The lines divide the circumference of the drum into twelve segments, symbolizing the calendar months.

kultrun drum

Kultrun also symbolizes the indigenous cosmovision of the Mapuche people, in which the rhythms of nature and the life cycle are integrated as one, through forms:

  • Four stars: the first morning star, the midday star (the Sun), the first evening star, and the night star (Moon)
  • Four directions: North, South, West and East
  • Four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn
  • The four phases of the moon: full Moon, waxing Moon, waning Moon, new Moon
  • Four races: black, white, yellow and red

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Machi - A holy shaman / healer of the Mapuche people of the Andes

Mapuche, translated as "People of the Earth", is a tribe of South American Indians living in Chile and Argentina since pre-Columbian times. They were never subjugated by the neighbouring Incas or the Spanish conquistadors, thanks to which their state existed alongside the Spanish power and later independent Chile until 1871. Currently they live in Indian reservations in central-southern Chile, where they have kept their beliefs, rituals, art  and art its cultural distinctiveness to this day.

Machi - Holy Shamans / Healers have dealt with healing, ensuring fertility of fields, contacts with spirits and souls, and rituals. Machi status was hereditary within a given family or clan, in the female line. Their primary shamanic tool is the Kultrun drum.

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Embracing, balancing and integrating the Inner Sun and the Inner Moon (masculine and feminine energies).
Mystic Union Killa & Inti.

“The moon is inside me, and so is the sun. The sound of the drum of eternity sounds within me, but my deaf ears cannot hear it.” Osho

The workshop "Embracing, balancing and integrating the Inner Sun and the Inner Moon" is the second module of the cycle of 5 independent meetings entitled "Tribal Woman" with an amazing teacher from Chile – Ranjana A. Pomar. The workshop is inspired by the indigenous message and cosmovision of Andean shamanism, in which Killa is the personification of Luna / Moon and Feminine Energy, and Inti the personification of the Sun and Masculine Energy, and the Mystical Union symbolizes the relationship of the Sun and the Moon.

During the classes we will learn and embody the knowledge that the Moon and the Sun are symbols of our Inner Alchemy. The Moon stands for inner femininity and the Sun for inner masculinity. The Moon is intuition, the Sun is reason. The Moon is yin, the Sun is yang. Luna (Killa) is peace, silence; The Sun (Inti) is energy, vitality. The Moon is death, dream, imagination; The Sun is waking up, life, logic.

We will discover that when the Moon and the Sun merge within us, it becomes a wonderful and transforming experience - an experience of Union-Mystica / Mystic Union unity. This is the goal of all mystics - the state where the Sun and Moon meet inside you.

During the workshop, through shamanic rituals, meditation and deep contact with Nature, we will also awaken and stimulate every cell of our body. The endocrine and nervous systems will be activated. The pineal gland will increase its potential. All this will affect our level of relaxation, help to catch a natural rhythm, deeply connect with Nature and eliminate the stress of everyday life.

By getting to know the Tantra Map for Women, we will learn how to balance male energy with female energy, creating a bridge between the left and right cerebral hemispheres. The Tantra Map will also help us in getting to know the subtle and mysterious Feminine Energy, which is the Source of Life. It will show us how to follow the heart, increase vibrations, develop trust and connection with intuition in connection with the pineal gland.

We will also honour the male energy within us, the energy of the Sun, presence and consciousness. This will result in greater empathy and understanding of male energy flowing from the outside. We will enrich knowledge about our partners, sons and friends.

What will we do?

  • Reconnect with the internal energies of the Moon and the Sun.
  • Developing self-love and self-confidence as part of our daily life.
  • Receive the transmission Killa and Inti, the power of love
  • Your inner music of sun and moon
  • Healing through nature and music Wound of father and mother.
  • Healing relationships
  • Unity of body - feelings - mind - soul and spirit.
  • Body Art
  • Spend a lot of time in nature receiving support and guidance from The 4 Elements.

How will we do it?

  • Active and silent meditations
  • Creating your song
  • Connecting with the healing power of nature to release the wounds of father (society) and mother (life)
  • Healing music and rituals to harmonize past relationships and enjoy present relationships.
  • Massage
  • Being in a beautiful environment of nature
  • Inti and Killa Dance
  • Internal exchange of the sun and the moon
  • Inspiring processes to create your Totems (sun and moon - yoni & lingam)
  • Celebration.

What will you get?

  • Sun and moon inner connection
  • Balance of intuition and logic
  • Integration of action-feeling-mind and spirit.
  • Tools to use in your daily life
  • Tribal support
  • Healing the wound of the mother and father
  • Gratitude for our relationships
  • Flourish as a human being
  • Become a tribal woman with a free spirit.


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Module 3:

The Cycles of Life and Nature. The Moon and the Woman, the seasons and their rhythms, the ages of the woman (girl, adolescent, adult and wise).

“The whole approach of women is natural, she lives in nature, she is more natural than man. In India, we have called it prakriti, nature, the earth, the basis of all nature. It is more natural, its tendencies, its goals, are more natural. He never asks for the impossible, he asks for what is possible… ”Osho (The Mustard Seed, talk # 18)

Topic of the 3th module

  • Collective healing of the feminine and masculine
  • The Moon and menstrual cycles
  • The moon and the water
  • The Sun and the cycles in the masculine
  • The sun and the earth
  • Women and their cycles, associated with the sun and the moon
  • Moon and sun, baths and cleanings

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The Return of the White Buffalo Woman and the union
of the 4 races; African, Asian, European and from the Americas.

The White Buffalo Woman taught the people how to use the pipe. He filled it with chan-shasha, red willow bark tobacco. She walked around the tipi four times in the manner of Anpetu-Wi, the great sun, representing the eternal circle, the sacred ring, the way of life. The woman placed a piece of dried buffalo on the fire and with this she lit the pipe. This was peta-owihankeshni, the eternal fire, the flame passed from generation to generation. She told them that the smoke coming out of the bowl of the pipe was the breath of Tunka Shila, the living breath of the great Grandfather Mystery.

Topics of the 4th module

  • La Chanupa (The Pipe) and its symbolism
  • The Sacred Tobacco
  • Work with past lives associated with each type of woman:
    • African Woman (roots, medicine and energy)
    • Asian Woman (roots, medicine and energy)
    • European (roots, medicine and energy)
    • From Las Américas (medicine and energy roots)
  • The 8 directions; its meaning and experience in your daily life
  • The Tipi and symbolism
  • Your Personal Drum and how to play it

Discover your Power Allies

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Advanced training; The Wisdom of the White Buffalo Woman and the Fifth Race Experience: Vision Quest, Eagle and Elemental Temazkal (Holy Sweat Lodge), become a Healer.

And that is why the sacred pipe is also the union of men and women in the circle of love. It is in this sacred object that men and women join hands to create. The man carves the bowl and makes the mouthpiece and the woman decorates it with coloured strips of porcupine spines. When a man takes a woman for his wife, the two hold the pipe at the same time and a red cloth work is tied around their wrists, joining them for life.

Topics of the 5th module

  • The Mystery and Wisdom of the Temazkal
  • The Search for Vision and its meaning in Life
  • Becoming a Healer

"We are all different expressions of one reality, different songs of one singer,
different dances of one dancer, different paintings - but the painter is one." - Osho



Details of the workshop


5-11 July 2021 (Monday – Sunday)


July  5th    at 6 PM (with dinner)


July 11th    at 2 PM (with lunch)

VENUE: ”Here and Now” Personal and Spiritual Development Center in Nowe Kawkowo


  • 1300 PLN   + food & accommodation
  • 1100 PLN  when advanced payment is made till 31st March + food & accommodation
  • 100 PLN  for the participants of Ranjana workshops in 2021
  • Food 88 PLN / day (3 vegetarian meals)
  • Accommodation depending on standard: From 33 PLN - 124 PLN / night;
  • Only full board packages are available.


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Ranjana A. Pomar


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Ranjana A. Pomar

Ranjana – współtwórczyni Tantric Tribal Woman w Wielkiej Brytanii i współzałożycielka Living Meditation, Osho Centro Activo w Chile. Ranjana pracuje jako psychoterapeutka,
a także doradca Tantry oraz prowadzi warsztaty w zakresie samorozwoju dla osób indywidualnych i grup. Od najmłodszych lat tęskniła za doświadczaniem życia we wszystkich jego wymiarach, gdzie wszystko jest zawarte w JEDNYM, zamiast oddzielonym od doświadczenia.

W 1988 roku poznała Aktywne Medytacje Osho i zaczęła je praktykować. Medytacja zmieniła jej życie, wprowadzając większą wrażliwość, ekspansję i miłość. W tym czasie Ranjana rozpoczęła także trening neo-szamanizmu w Andach, gdzie doświadczyła głębokiego związku z naturą. Od 2010 roku Ranjana kroczy również Ścieżką Tantry, w której odnalazła jedność i świętość.

Po podążaniu tymi ścieżkami przez ponad 25 lat, połączyła tradycje azjatyckie, tantrę, medytację z rdzenną wizją kosmosu, w której życie, miłość, śmierć i cykle natury istnieją jako jedno w Wielkim Duchu. Warsztaty Ranjany mają na celu zintegrowanie tych tradycji z naszym codziennym życiem, nawet w środowiskach miejskich.

Obecnie jest żywym przykładem i dzieli się nową i świeżą wizją ludzkiego potencjału. Dużo podróżuje i od 20 lat prowadzi warsztaty w Ameryce Północnej, Środkowej i Południowej, Hiszpanii, Francji, Grecji, Estonii, Indiach i Wielkiej Brytanii.

Podczas swojej podróży poznała różnych mentorów i została przeszkolona lub certyfikowana w ramach:

  • Przekaz Linii Andów w Condor Blanco, Chile
  • Tantra Essence, autorstwa Sarity, światowej sławy mentorki Tantry, Wielka Brytania
  • Vigya Bhairav ​​Tantra, na University of Integrated Science, Kalifornia
  • Tantra Consciousness, Homa i Mukto, Brazylia
  • Konstelacje rodzinne, Centro Tara, Murcia, Hiszpania
  • Konstelacje rodzinne, Universidad Centra, Santiago, Chile
  • Osho Mystic Rose TM, w Multiversity w OIMR, Indie
  • Osho No Mind TM, w Multiversity w OIMR, Indie
  • Trauma Healing, Somatic Experience metodą Petera Levina, USA
  • Praca z oddechem (Breathwork), u Petera i Diane Delong, Kalifornia, USA
  • Life Coach, Integrated Coaching Institute, USA
  • Terapia kolorami Aura-Soma w Międzynarodowej Akademii Terapii Kolorami
  • Psychologia, UNED Santiago, Chile


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