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The Transformative Path Of Breath. Dynamic Tension Release – Out Of Mind Into The Body. Module I, (Nowe Kawkowo)
27.02.18 - 04.03.18
February 2018


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Join us for a series of The Breath Path workshops in 2018, which will help us regain vitality, strength, authenticity, the ability to feel and live our life to the full. Our natural breathing rhythm which is accountable for our energy, power, spontaneity and creativity we can dispose of, is often blocked due to the accumulated daily stress and difficult events of the past or due to the defense systems we build. The result is that the natural flow of energy from the bottom up is blocked, we live unconsciously recalling the past, cut off from ourselves and others, and are condemned to a limited set of life strategies.

We will look beyond personality boundaries, habits, we will dissolve stress, regain our freedom, creative power, the connection with the body, heart and spirit. We unlock the flow of energy and connect fully with each other and life. This will be obtained through the gradual disarming of tension in the body, segment by segment. We will use bioenergies A. Lowen, the approach of trauma Peter Levine, somatic experience, breath sessions, numerous Osho meditations, dance and touch. We learn techniques to release emotions and relaxation useful in everyday life.

This workshop is the foundation for further modules giving an explanation for working through the breath and teaching skills to support the transformation process.

transformacja przez oddech02

Thanks to this, we function perfectly in society, but often this happens at the expense of losing connection with our true nature. We forget about the qualities and qualities with which we came into the world and which constitute our true essence, a source of harmony with ourselves and the world.

As a result, we often feel frustrated, separated from the body and heart, we live chaotically, burdened with stress, chronic fatigue and diseases. We feel the lack of something that we can not name and we live with the feeling that "there is something that will make me happy, but I do not know what." We begin to project this feeling of fullness and happiness into money, power or other people. We lose our connection with our power and stop polishing the diamond we are.

We create defense mechanisms and muscular armor, which are like a shield to protect us against chaos, overloads and wounds. At the same time, these defenses do not allow us to feel and live to our full potential.

In the first module of the Transformation by breath process, our goal will be to build foundations for experiencing oneself and bringing energy from the mind to the body. We will create a safe space in which it will be possible to experience being in the body in a natural and relaxed way. To create such conditions, we will work in a gentle manner, dissolving tensions in the body. We will focus on working with the eye segment and with the throat. And as usual, in our work we will take into account the legs. Grounding is necessary when we work with individual segments.

  • we will work with various techniques to release tensions from individual body segments
  • we will feel healthier and more vital
  • we will feel the difference between being in the head and being in the heart
  • we will learn how to be open to oneself and others, to go from separation to connection with Life
  • we feel the state of release and ecstaticity when we connect with the vital energy that has been trapped so far by our mechanisms and defensive structures
  • we will learn techniques to release tensions in everyday life
  • we will dance and open to the joy of life
  • we will learn the healing qualities of conscious touch and the benefits it brings in our relationships
  • we will learn how to be in harmony with our body thanks to active Osho meditations coming from different traditions, such as Sufism, Buddhism, Taoism and contemporary meditation
  • we will experience the space of silence, in which we will reunite with Life, our true nature and we will remember who we really are.

Breathing techniques, bioenergetics, tension release exercises, active meditations etc. will be the methods that we will use to open up the body, discharge the old tensions, and find the forgotten state of  natural and deep relaxation.

The training will be led by Govind Pushan, a certified Osho therapist with 14+ years of experience and his team.

Details of the workshop


27 February - 4 March 2018 (Tuesday - Sunday)

WE BEGIN 27.02, at 6 PM (Dinner)
WE END 4.03, at 2 PM (Lunch)

Here and Now” Personal and Spiritual Development Center in Nowe Kawkowo


  • 1650 PLN
  • 1600 PLN when registration and deposit is paid till 25th of January
  • 1500 PLN for participants of minimum 2 previous workshops with Pushan, when registration and deposit is paid till 25th of January
  • Food 88 PLN / day (3 vegetarian meals)
  • Accommodation depending on standard: From 33 PLN - 124 PLN / night;
  • Only full board packages are available.


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Govind Pushan


govind pushan

Pushan Govind

Govind Pushan is a certified Osho therapist 13+ years. After many years of running his own company in Spain his life took turn and Pushan met with shamanism and spirituality. Among all those years he had been trained in many modalities. His work focuses on personal transformation and self growth mainly through breath therapy, somatic experience and meditations. He invented bioenergetic breath - somatic experience fusion and with this technique he helped many individuals in their path of self transformation to find their authentic self.

He is still giving workshops and trainings all over the world related with opening the body and releasing the trauma in our system to have an access to our vital life energy and find harmony in our body and mind in our daily life. Some of his trainings includes: master breath training, somatic experience (trauma healing), relationship councelling, tantra, counceling training, meditative therapy.

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