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Sacred Relationships: Women and Men. Men & Women. Shamanic 5 Day Power Circle for Men and Women, (Nowe Kawkowo)
19.08.18 - 24.08.18
August 2018


SHAMANIC TRAINING (5 days) for men and women (the program includes many shamanic ceremonies)

This Sacred Relationship workshop is an experience of partnership in spiritual growth - embracing your relationship as a vehicle for your awakening - your relationship as a Spiritual Path.

Whether you are currently in a partnership or want to get ready for the kind of consciousness that prepares you for a divine mate, the workshop will take you on a journey into the mysterious realms of love, connection, sacred sexuality and the soul’s journey to spiritual union. Whether currently partnered, or seeking, whether ready or healing, this workshop will be an experience of union. Same-sex couples warmly welcomed.

Using cross-cultural shamanic and alchemical techniques of love and play, sacred dance and drama, meditation and breath, 4 elements healing, sacred sexuality, mirror work, art and ceremony we will discover how ancient traditions can help us make a radical shift into a new way of partnering in the modern world.

The destiny of the Sacred Relationship is to create balance and harmony through expanded love. This is a workshop about Love.

We start the first day with an Andean fire ceremony called a “Despacho”.  This practice is a core part of ancient and modern Inka healing practices.

Then we will split into women’s groups and men’s groups.

Working with David, the men will focus on the sacred masculine using universal archetypes in order to honor and understand one half of the mystical union. They will utilize Pullkyu (Sacred play) to heal childhood wounds and will cleanse and prepare their spirit bodies using the sweat lodge. Mattie and Ewa will work with the women and the Sacred Feminine to heal past heart wounds and step into a balanced feminine power. The women will also cleanse and prepare their spirit bodies on a “medicine walk” and in the sweat lodge.

The workshop will utilize this alchemical format of splitting in the mornings and rejoining in the afternoons (“the Coniunctio”) to weave together all the learnings for creating mystical union. The creative talents of the groups will be utilized to ensure we remain open to something radically new for allowing the power of the ancient Mystical Union to bring healing hope to today’s world.

Using the sacred pipe, evenings will be spent in creative ritual and sacred ceremony to seal the healing and learning from the day. Our final closing ceremony will be a jointly created act of threshold art to send us on our mystical journey back to our loved ones, work and home.

We await our time together!

PROGRAM INCLUDES: “Awakening the Sacred Feminine” with Mattie Davis-Wolfe and “Awakening the Sacred Masculine” with David Thomson

Letter for men from Mattie and David:

Dear Men,

During our Summer Gathering on “Sacred Relationships” at Tu i Teraz, we men will be focusing “shamanically” on our “Childhood Joys, Woundings, and Healings.” In order to fully awaken and come into Sacred Relationship with ourselves and the women, men, and children we love, we will take the time during the week of August 19-24 to carefully and caringly consider the deep joys of our childhoods, and the woundings that also took place during this time.

Most of our deepest patterns of living were formed in our childhood, and many of us are still responding to others, and life situations today, consciously or unconsciously, based on the decisions we made as children.

One of our dear Bear and Wild Boar Clan brothers, Colin Thompson, who many of you know from his time in Poland in 2017, recently said this about us …

“Mostly I see men coming through three main family of origin story groups.  The first involves some aspect of abuse: physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, or psychological.  The second is … ‘You are  not okay the way you are group.’  The third is the abandoned group where a parent may have not been fully present, perhaps because of work or travel, or have left through divorce or death.

All the groups have several things in common. First, men and boys were shown the roles of perpetrator and victim, so anyone who has been abused also has the potential to be an abuser.  Secondly, there are only a limited number of responses to the family of origin story.  You can fight, you can defend, you can flee, you can freeze or try to make yourself invisible, or you can shut down and leave your body energetically.

The good news about coping strategies is that they were formed in childhood … by children.  They may have been added to as the men got older … but at the core there is still the wounded child.”

And … all these childhood woundings can be healed though conscious adult coping strategies in the company of loving and genuine, authentic men.

As we consider our childhood stories, we also often forget to honor and remember the joyous and happy times of our youth … creatively playing with our friends, memorable road or camping trips with our parents, or athletic and cultural activities we experienced. So … during this week together, we will also spend lots of time “in play.”

To this end, and to help you get ready for our week together, will you please bring the following:

Toys (cars, airplanes, squirt guns, stuffed animals, soccer balls, etc.) and coloring books and crayons, and board games or outside games you played as a child (between the ages of 3-12), and a photo of you during this time period.  Will you also bring a list of your favorite music (Polish, British, American or other) during that time period.  We will have a lot of fun during one of our sessions playing (and dancing) to these great songs of the past.

And … to continue the shamanic traditions from our past gatherings, please bring your drums, rattles, medicine blankets, pipes, and shorts and a towel for the sweat lodge.

And … some practical items such as water and electrolytes to stay hydrated, protein bars, notebook and pens and pencils, and a special  “medicine give-away gift” for our last day together (to give to another man to support him on his path).  Examples of this might be a necklace, bracelet, hat, T- shirt, or other small gift that has been important to you in the past, and now wants to bless the life of another man.

So looking forward to seeing and being with you soon!

Mattie and David

Letter for women from Mattie and David:

Dear Women,

A call has gone out across the world for women to come together for a sacred purpose. Balance is needed. The Earth is crying for the power of the sacred feminine to be honored and strongly manifest at this time. There is a fight for the very life of nature and our children and our current world has lost the balance of the sacred feminine in union with the sacred masculine.

We must stand up as women in our personal power and we must not let toxic masculinity kill the soul of sacred femininity or masculinity. This is our challenge and our response-ability.

At the workshop, the women will be focused on our mature feminine powers and how to stand in strong partnership with our beloveds.

To facilitate this in our work together, we will utilize the beauty of the women soul to show up in the world and make ourselves visible to our partners. Our strong, gentle, loving hearts do know the Way.

To help you get ready for our week together, will you please bring the following:

A personal photo that captures the essence of who really are. Ribbons of several colors, colored pencils and a drawing pad, a long skirt and other ceremonial wear, shorts and a top, and a towel, drums, rattles, and other music makers, medicine blankets and pipes if you have them, and other personal sacred objects. Please also bring some of your favorite dance music (Polish, British, American or other).  During one of our sessions we will dance to these songs of hopes and dreams, loves gained, loves lost, and empowerment. Also, a special “medicine give-away gift” for our last day together (to give to another woman to support her on her path).  Examples of this might be a necklace, bracelet, scarf, bell, or crystal, or other small item that has been important to you in the past, and now wants to bless the life of another woman.

And … some practical items such as a water bottle and electrolytes to stay hydrated, protein bars or other personal snacks, and sturdy shoes for the medicine walk.

So looking forward to being in sacred space together!

“When the Gods and Goddesses meet in sacred marriage, it is the union of opposite and equal powers as well as the union of love.”

Mattie and David


Workshop is held in English with Polish translation.

Details of the workshop


19 - 24 August 2018 (Sunday - Friday)

WE BEGIN 19.08, at 1 PM (Lunch)
WE END 24.08, at 1 PM (Lunch)

Here and Now” Personal and Spiritual Development Center in Nowe Kawkowo


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Number of participants limited – first come first served.


David Thomson i Mattie Davis-Wolfe


Dr Mattie Davis-Wolfe

Mattie Davis-Wolfe, PhD, is an author, educator, counselor, and workshop leader whose teachings focus on multi-cultural shamanic wisdom and respect for self, each other, and the natural world. With her husband, Dr. David Thomson, she founded Sacred Circles Institute which offers workshops, retreats, and a two-year course in personal and spiritual development entitled Walking the Sacred Wheel. For over 30 years, Mattie has taught internationally about the sacredness of life through “spirit in action” workshops and gatherings. Using insights, traditional teachings, “practical shamanism,” and experiential exercises from many cultures, her work focuses on the 4 levels of being, – spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical and teaches students how to cleanse, heal, and integrate these 4 bodies for greater awareness, balance, and wholeness. Mattie’s power springs from a mixture unfamiliar to many in modern life: a rich women’s heritage; broad experiences; apprenticeship training; and a deep and tested faith in the sacredness of all life.

thomson david

Dr David Thomson

David Thomson, PhD, is a college counselor and professor of human development. He has also worked closely with traditional indigenous elders, healers, and ceremonial leaders from North and South America, Mexico, and Eastern Russia for over twenty years. He, and his wife Mattie, have been coming to Poland since 1994, leading workshops and wilderness encampments to help their students come into a deep and sentient relationship with the earth, themselves, and all life. (Please see the Naraka article??) In addition, David has led countless workshops and seminars for men, assisting them in becoming who they truly are at the core of their being.

“It’s time to care; it’s time to take responsibility; it’s time to lead; it’s time for a change; it’s time to be true to our greatest self; it’s time to stop blaming others.”
- Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience


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