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Journey Of Souls The Evolution Through Life Between Lives, (Warsaw)
Sat, 9. December 2023
Sanela Covic and Petra Brzovic
December 2023


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What is the soul and who am I as a soul?

What is my purpose?

Why did I choose this life and this body?

Can I remember the time before this life?

Where do we go when we die?

What is Life Between Lives?

Who was Michael Newton?

These are some of the big life questions Dr. Michael Newton dedicated his life to finding answers for. In his search he discovered some amazing insights into what happens to us in the afterlife, the Life Between Lives (LBL). You will be able to get answers to these questions and many more during an epic workshop "The Evolution through Life Between Lives".

Join us in this practical and experiential journey through time, other lives, lessons, and connections. Learn about the impact of Life Between Lives session on the current life and understanding life´s purpose, soul connections, and relationships. You will get the understanding of the impact of Life Between Lives session on the current life and understanding life´s purpose, events and circumstances of this life, soul connections, contracts, soul mates and relationships…

Dr. Michael Newton was a highly acclaimed international spiritual regressionist, an author of best-selling books „ Journey of souls”, „Destiny of souls” and „Life between Lives”. Using the LBL technique he pioneered, he discovered that hidden afterlife memories can be remembered because spiritual information and wisdom exists deep in the mind of every person. Through over 30 years of research through the eyes of 7000 clients he was able to map for us a working model of the spirit world.

During the workshop:

  • You will get the understanding of the impact of Life Between Lives session on the current life and understanding life´s purpose, events and circumstances of this life, soul connections, contracts, soul mates and relationships…
  • We will teach and guide you through practical and experiential journey through time and other lives for you to gain clarity about your own life, lessons you’re learning, relationships and connections between the events of this life and other lives.
  • You will also have the opportunity to resolve and heal what is ready to be healed.

This workshop will be very practical so prepare for an amazing journey to the world beyond senses.


What is Life Between Lives®?

"Life Between Lives" refers to the experience of being between incarnations (the inter-life), where you exist as a pure energy being. It also is the name of a process pioneered by Dr Michael Newton. Life Between Lives (LBL) is a deep hypnotic guided process that allows you to remember your experience of the afterlife and reconnect you with your true self and your guiding beings. 

An LBL session involves the achievement of complete physical relaxation to reach a state of expanded consciousness where hidden spiritual memories can be accessed. In an LBL state, awareness is altered so the subconscious and the highest level of the mind, the superconscious, can be accessed to bring forth deep personal wisdom. 

Michael Newton’s research enabled him to assemble a model of the spiritual realm. He documented consistent reports from thousands of clients from all walks of life of the existence and incredible support offered by countless Higher Beings in the inter-life. These energetic beings act in the roles of personal guides and teachers, ready to guide each one of us through and between each life. LBL can offer people a more direct experience of connecting with these spiritual guides to receive messages of wisdom and insights to apply to their current lives. 

Each of us is so much more than the physical aspect we can see. We are a combination of the energies, experiences and learnings of countless previous lives; each life a set of contrasting experiences that embody the variety of lessons our inner, eternal self seeks to learn in its quest for development. That core, eternal self, is always searching for growth and new levels of understanding. LBL sessions can improve the connection we have with our own expanded consciousness and true immortal self. 

LBL wisdom has touched hundreds of thousands of people’s lives around the world. Not only have Michaels books about LBL sold over a million copies, over 55,000 LBL sessions have been recorded by Dr Michael Newton and the Michael Newton Institute, with amazing similarities. The truth of the messages that come through LBL (which we call LBL wisdom), is universal. Therefore, the lessons can be applied to many people and their life situations, no matter what their religious affiliations. Millions of people have been touched by the LBL work through reading and learning about others' case studies, as presented in books. 

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An LBL experience and / or knowledge of LBL Wisdom has the potential to bring:

  • a renewed sense of purpose and peace, helping you make sense of your place on this difficult planet
  • a more complete perception of who you really are – the sum total of all your past lives
  • insight into what you are learning now, so that you can make sense of your current life experiences
  • a sense of the eternity of your consciousness, and an end to the fear of physical death
  • a new understanding of the collaboration of your soul with other souls and your personal guides and teachers
  • healing and expanded consciousness.


Michael Newton Institute (MNI)

Today, the Michael Newton Institute (MNI), founded by Dr. Michael Newton, and our global network of over 200 LBL Facilitators hold his vision for humanity and carry on his passion for researching the Afterlife and bringing the evolving modality of LBL hypnotherapy to humanity.

The Institute offers access to LBL sessions for individuals all around the world. MNI members are a diverse group of over 200 individuals who offer LBL to clients in 40 countries and over 25 languages within their own practices. The Institute continues to explore the afterlife and conduct studies into the therapeutic benefits of LBL. The research is regularly published in quarterly journals and thriving social media discussion group has over 8,000 members who discuss the work of Dr Michael Newton, MNI and LBL every day.

LBL Facilitators, and Members of the Michael Newton Institute (MNI) are dedicated and passionate about reawakening humanity’s connection to the unconditional love and wisdom of Spiritual Consciousness for healing and personal growth. They value trusting in the innate wisdom within everyone and All That Is, being compassionate to those they serve and each other.



Dr Michael Newton was a highly acclaimed international spiritual regressionist, who discovered how to enable people to access the wisdom of the spirit world and their higher guidance whilst living their lives. His dedicated research over 30 years mapped for us all insight into our  Life Between Lives (LBL)®  as presented in his books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.

This knowledge has brought healing and renewed life purpose to over a million people from all walks of life. His work continues to touch the lives of individuals and communities all around the world, through the sharing of the spiritually transformative experiences of LBL wisdom,  the Michael Newton Institutes®  – LBL Training and the worldwide network of LBL Facilitators.

Dr Michael Newton held a doctorate in Counselling Psychology, was a certified Master Hypnotherapist. He was also a practicing Psychologist who held positions in the faculty of higher educational institutions as a teacher in Los Angeles. In his lifetime he also spent time as a corporate consultant, and worked as a behavioural counsellor and group therapy director for community mental health centres and spiritual renewal organisations in cooperation with hospital and social service agencies.

Michael had been sceptical about exploring the metaphysical, in fact, he originally refused repeatedly to undertake past life regression sessions which had become popular in the 50’s and 60’s in America. Little did he know at that time what life held for him…

Even with his original sceptical nature towards past lives and a personal atheist belief structure, his developing deep trance work with clients in his mid-adulthood lead him down a path of the accidental discovery of Life Between Lives (LBL) which was truly ground-breaking.

In the late 1960s, Michael treated a client for psychosomatic pain of the shoulder with traditional hypnotherapy. This man had sought hypnotherapy, having exhausted the medical model where they could find nothing wrong with him. In a deep trance state, Michael asked him to go to the source of his pain, assuming some form of unconsciousness trauma lay beneath the condition. The client landed in a scene from WW1 where he was being bayoneted in a trench during the Battle of the Somme. Michael asked all manner of questions about his unit, commanding officer and even the badges on his uniform, before desensitizing the pain and resolving the issue. The client went away bewildered, though healed. Michael, ever the researcher, wrote to the keepers of the War Records in London and confirmed the client’s story. It was a moment of deep significance and set him on the path.

In 1968, Michael had his first taste of the expanded LBL state, when he treated a woman with depression. Again taking her to the source of her pain, she naturally flipped into the afterlife, a period in between her past lives and met her soul group there. Her profound experience of loneliness that had catalysed as her depression, was resolved after this reunion. She remembered in her LBL leaving  her soul friends behind to learn independence.

From his discovery of the healing that could be facilitated through deep spiritual regression, he developed over many years his own intensive age regression technique to effectively take hypnosis subjects beyond their past life memories, to a more expanded and meaningful soul experience between lives. It was to be over 25 years before Michael first shared his work with the world, having researched and assembled a model of the spiritual realm 7000 clients, spanning over 35 years.

After his first two books became best sellers, Michael was concerned that his work may be lost to the world after his passing. He wanted to pass on his legacy to the next generation of hypnotherapists and created Michael Newton Institute ( MNI) to support this cause.

In an address to the members of the Institute in 2011, Michael said:

“I see our mission as twofold. First, through training and supporting our practitioners and secondly, to foster public awareness of the benefits we are able to offer people seeking to uncover spiritual knowledge within their own minds. Our movement is designed to help human beings mentally become whole by connecting with the essence of Oneness in the life between lives. Today, the earth is in an international crisis of nationalistic fundamentalism with militant states coupled with overpopulation around the world. I believe that much of the frustration of people living in a more stressful, technological and environmentally challenged world comes from not knowing their true identity of Self, or purpose. Many feel lost and disconnected. Our basic goal then is to help people move beyond the mindless strife in their physical existence to an inner peace through self-discovery.”




After the workshop, you possibly will be able to take part in additionally paid individual sessions on December 10th and 11th. Participation in the workshop on December 9th is necessary to be able to freely engage in successful regression sessions. Each session lasts approximately 4-5 hours. Pre-registration is essential!

Details of the workshop


  • 9th December 2023 (Saturday)

    9 am – 6.30 pm

  • Warsaw


  • 1500 PLN
  • 1290 PLN when deposit is paid until 30.09.2023
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Sanela Covic and Petra Brzovic


sanela covic

Sanela Covic  

Sanela is a passionate hypnotherapist, regression therapist, and executive, life and teams coach. She integrates many different modalities into her work and this integrative approach is what makes her sessions unique. She is Reiki Usui Master Teacher and Professional Reiki Therapist. She has always been aware of the impact of trauma on people’s lives and is dedicated to helping them overcome it and continue living the way they always wanted. She holds Self-knowledge and Soul Purpose retreats in Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany and other countries. Sanela delivers sessions in English, Spanish, Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian both face-to-face and online worldwide. Sanela has served as Director of Strategy and Director of Membership at the Michael Newton Institute. Currently, she serves as MNI Advisory Council member for Europe.

From a very young age, she knew that she wanted to help people achieve a balanced, happy and fulfilled life. She has a BA in Philology and is a Teacher of Croatian and German Language and Literature, Certified Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator Facilitator, Certified Life Between Lives® Facilitator, Quantum Consciousness Facilitator, IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists) Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Trainer Certified by IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists), Clinical Hypnosis Therapist, Life, Executive and Teams Coach, Licensed NLP Master Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master and Professional Reiki Therapist. After a long career in translation and interpretation in organizations such as the UN and the EU, she decided to change the course of her life and come to Spain where she continues her professional and personal development. She has always been aware of the impact of trauma on people’s lives and is dedicated to helping them overcome it and continue living the way they always wanted.

 petra brzovic

Petra Brzovic

Petra Brzovic is an intuitive therapist with a strong background and certifications in a range of disciplines including hypnotherapy, regression therapy, yoga, trauma work, mind and body medicine, holistic healing and life between lives therapy. She conducts workshops, seminars and retreats all over the world as a result of her long-standing experience in working as an intuitive therapist and a yoga teacher – they are a fusion of various healing techniques making them unique and liberating.

As Master Trainer and Instructor Petra is training and teaching therapists around the world, helping them learn how to help others heal. She also actively participates at Body & Mind conferences, seminars and training, follows the latest research in the field of medicine of the mind and body, and passionately researches the consciousness, and correlation between brain, body and soul with an international team of scientists and doctors.

Petra’s focus is on helping clients who have experienced traumatic events, suffer from fears, phobias, and anxiety, or who are suffering from chronic or acute diseases. Her work combines various body and mind healing techniques to help clients heal on all levels. Petra’s biggest passion is working with trauma, diseases and souls through Life between Lives sessions, which bring deep healing and understanding to her clients. In addition to her therapy work, Petra leads workshops and seminars worldwide offering a fusion of unique and intuitive healing techniques developed over years of practice. Petra’s work is grounded in the holistic principle, and she is a certified Fertile Body Method therapist, aromatherapist, yoga teacher, and doula.


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