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Light Emerging The Journey Of Personal Healing Energy Healing Techniques Advanced Workshopmodule II Workshop Authorised Bybarbaraann Brennan, (Warsaw)
Sat, 4. November 2023 - Sun, 5. November 2023
Karl Pernull
November 2023


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We invite you to the advanced workshop from the series: "Healing with energy according to Barbara Ann Brennan School". This “Light Emerging” workshop is a second part of the entire 3-stage series.

This workshop is intended for people who have already participated in the beginners workshop "Hands of light".

Brennan Healing Science is an enlightening system of energy work that combines hands-on healing techniques with spiritual and psychological processes, touching every aspect of Life. Workshops in Poland are led by Karl Pernul from the Brennan Institute in Oxford.

Barbara Ann Brennan is a world-renowned healer, teacher and former NASA physicist, whose research into the Human Energy Field has set a milestone in the development of energy healing and bioenergotherapy, She has devoted the last 40 years to research and exploration of the Human Energy Field. She is a founder of the school "Barbara Brennan School of Healing" / BBSH for students from around the world, where she has been teaching energy healing skills for over 37 years. She is the best-selling author of Hands of Light®, Light Emerging, Core Light Healing and the Seeds of the Spirit® book series translated into 22 languages. She is one of the most respected healers in the 21st century, whose workshops and books have influenced the lives of millions of people around the world. For many years has been showing how to heal yourself and others with the help of energy. She presents practical ways of using the Human Energy Field to improve health. Introduces innovative views on the source of health and disease. She proves that each of us has the gift of healing.

The whole series of workshops consists of three modules, based on three books by Barbara Ann Brennan. All workshops use energetic transmission and a sequence of lectures, experientials and healing techniques or meditations to work through the essence of each of the books of Dr Barbara Brennan. The journey of the trilogy follows author’s on evolution as a healer from hands on healing to personal transformation work and transpersonal experience. After completing all 3 modules, you will have the possibility to join the 3-year Karl Pernull Healing School.

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  • Hands of Light, HOL – Introduction to Energy Healing. Healing through the Energy Field.

In the first workshop, HOL, we explore the human energy field and the basic concepts of the work, we experience the field and stretch our perception of it. We learn to work with it as a healer and apply it to table work.

  • Light Emerging, LE – The Journey of Personal Healing. Energy Healing Techniques.

In the second workshop, LE, we explore deeper into the human energy field and the relational aspects.Focus is on the personal transformation and further healing techniques optimizing health and wellbeing.

  • Core Light Healing, CLH – The Creative Process. Advanced Healing Techniques.

The third workshop, CLH, is focused on creating the life you want to live, the creative process and the potential to create what you deserve.

Training of „Conscious Energetics” – a healing path to Creation, Self and Other

Intensive 2-Year training in 8 modules – offered by Karl Pernull

We invite you to an intensive and specialized two-year training in 8 modules offered and organized by Karl Pernull. The program is addressed to people interested in deepening personal development, multi-dimensional transformation, learning methods of working with energy and healing. Training participants can also join in order to experience personal transformation and healing, as well as to use methods in their professional practice. The training ends with issuing a certificate confirming the completion of 8 training modules.

Karl Pernull currently is first year DEAN at the Barbara Brennan Healing Institute in Oxford ("Barbara Brennan School of Healing" / BBSH). In his 2-year Training of “Conscious Energetics" he combines methods of energy work, psychodynamic aspect and integrational work for personal transformation. He integrates his many years of experience as a Teacher, Workshop Leader and Energy Healer in his professional practice, as well as his trainings in Transformational Breathing.

To participate in the training, you must first complete minimum two workshops led by Karl Pernull:

  1. Hands of Light. Introduction to Energy Healing. Workshop authorised by Barbara Ann Brennan, part I.
  1. Light Emerging. The Journey of Personal Healing. Energy Healing Techniques. Advanced workshop authorised by Barbara Ann Brennan, part II.

And get qualified for the training by Karl Pernull.

The school is based on 8 Modules comprising the following basic units:

  • Meditation/Presence and Contact
  • Expanded Sense Perception/ ESP
  • Healing Techniques and Methodology
  • Process Work
  • Characterology/Developmental Theory
  • Consciousness Training
  • Conscious Breathing
  • Energy Work

Today we know that our Consciousness can even influence and change our biology.  Following this perspective and the demand from the participants of Karl Pernull workshops all over the world, this Training of “conscious energetics”  has come into existence.

The School offers a modular, integrative Training based on direct embodied experience and group work suited to the individual needs, bringing support for their lives challenges and evolution of man. This integrative approach is dedicated to the balance and centering of the creative life force, human evolution, encompassing spiritual needs, mind and body (energetic as physical) as much as the need to support our fellow humans with knowledge of healing.

At the centre is the path to the integrated Self and relational Self to the Other. We use this energy-consciousness Matrix as an energetic system or field of supporting our growing consciousness and personal development.

This training includes, among others: breathwork, work with energy, healing, as well as process and integration work on the consciousness level.

The training program consists of 8 modules, 3 days each. The total length of the program is 2 years, with 4 group meetings per year. Additionally, there will be organized 6 online meetings for the group to deduct time for questions and answers.

All meetings will take place at the Tu i Teraz centre in Nowe Kawkowo.  Meetings will be residential, meaning that participants will be lodging at the centre for the entire duration of the training. All meetings will be translated to Polish.

Before joining the training, all participants will be expected to:

  • Take part in two workshops of Karl Pernull, parts I and II
  • Get qualified for the program by Karl Pernull.

The number of places is very limited. Maximum 22 participants !!!

Planned beginning of the training:

16-19 September 2021

Registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



During „Light Emerging” advanced workshop we will explore:

  • The HEF (Human Energy Field) and its relational aspects.
  • The manifestation of disease through the Human Energy Field and the internal balancing system.
  • The meaning of illness.
  • Creative process of health.
  • Illness through sacred contracts.
  • The influence of belief systems.

The “Light Emerging” book of Barbara Ann Brennan presents her continues groundbreaking research into the human energy field (aura). It also presents a new view on health and illness, as well as proves that each of us has the gift of healing. All of us - healers and patients - can use our healing power. And the patient's creative cooperation with the healer allows achieving full physical, mental and spiritual health.

Barbara Ann Brennan uses in her work the scientific discoveries of Rupert Sheldrake in the field of biology (morphogenetic fields), David Bohm in the field of physics (hidden order), Karl Pribram (hologram) and many others, combining them with the ancient and hermetic knowledge of healing and energy flow.

..I present a new view on health, healing and disease. I describe a scientific model based on the energetic and holographic theory of hands-on healing. I also describe the methods that healer uses and the basic scheme of the healing session. I show how we create disease in our body and life. I describe how your relationships with other people affect health and well-being. I give practical ways to create healthy relationships and the types of auric interactions that occur in relationships../Barbara Ann Brennan/


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In the second module we will learn:

  • How to heal yourself with love.
  • How to heal with hands-on healing techniques.
  • What is the holographic experience.
  • What are the different healing methods.
  • How can the patient make the most of his healing power?
  • What are the seven stages of healing.
  • How to create your own healing plan.
  • What are the healing meditations and visualizations.
  • What are practical ways to create healthy relationships with other people and what are the types of auric interactions.
  • How does the healing session proceed.



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During the classes we will practice skills that are taught at the Barbara Brennan Healing School, such as:

  • perception, feeling and receiving energy through the chakras;
  • breathing in colors;
  • seeing and understanding aura;
  • grounding and priming energy in the body;
  • how to read the chakras;
  • what colors are manifested in the aura of human emotions;
  • what diseases cause energetic aura disorder;
  • what are energy blockades and how to defend against them;
  • what can be seen through internal vision;
  • how to clean the auric field.

You will learn how to heal and receive healing that will cleanse your energy field and make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

At the workshop, we will also look at:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the Human Energy Field (HEF).
  • Human Energy Field function in health and illness.
  • Influence of the Human Energy Field in relations with others.
  • Skills of the High Sensory Perception in receiving the Energy Field of Man.
  • How to regulate your own energy for healing.
  • Powerful Techniques of Energy Healing.


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Brennan Healing Science (Barbara Brennan's Energy Healing Method) is a mild, and also a powerful method based on energy, developed by the healer Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan. Her books are used all over the world as basic manuals for working with energy. Her concept and way of working with the energy field, including psychological and spiritual aspects, has evolved from Alexander Lowen’s Bioenergetics, Core Energetics of John Pierrakos and Path Work of Eva Pierrakos.

Brennan Healing Science is a holistic healing tool based on the human energy awareness system and its relationship with health and disease. This method moves and heals every aspect of human life. It is a psycho-spiritual work of consciousness through experiencing the body, which is directed to healing and supporting the Human Energy Field. It includes maintaining good health, working with illness and recovery, as well as personal transformation and evolution of full potential.


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Each of us has a much greater inner healing potential than we realize: Come and discover how you can awaken this inner ability!

We invite everyone interested in mental and physical health; working with energy, deep personal transformation on many levels and spirituality. And also people who would like to use energy work and healing in their profession or would like to become healers. It is valuable for beginners as well as practicing healers.

This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn energy healing together with an advanced faculty teacher at the Brennan Institute in Oxford, England.


„Wonderful, interesting, inspiring.”

”I highly recommend workshops led by Karl, there is a lot of knowledge about the healing method of Barbara Brennan, and above all there are practical exercises. Extremely friendly atmosphere. In addition to learning healing techniques, there is a great opportunity to work on your inner self and your own development.”

„Very professional workshop. Very clear pictorial message of the lecturer, which facilitated understanding, perception, seeing completely new things and spaces. I WANT MORE.” Marta

„During the workshop, it was a great value for me to discuss the human energy field and how to take care of my own energy level. So far, this knowledge has been touched on various workshops in a very simplified form. After this short workshop, I know how to take care of my own energy, how the healing process works and what are the possibilities for healing.”

„Very good workshop on healing. It shows with what and how to work. Why in such and no other way. The leader "holds" the group field and is flexible. He adapts activities to the group and 'flows' with the group's energy. If energy of the group, or the group flows in the wrong direction, he slightly directs the group to the right track.”

„Karl's workshop supplemented my knowledge of energy-related topics and work with it. I really missed such a structured and perfectly given portion of knowledge. Karl is an excellent lecturer and trainer. The workshops are understandable, interesting, there is a lot of practical work with energy. I recommend to everyone.”

„Whole workshop at a very high level. A lot of knowledge given in a very professional way, which is confirmed by the students who in my opinion were very involved in the course. I am waiting for information about Karl's next courses / workshops. Thank you for everything.” Sylwek


Details of the workshop


4 – 5   of November 2023 (Saturday - Sunday)


November 4th   at 10 am (meeting on Saturday 10 am – 6 pm)


November 5th   at 5 pm  (meeting on Sunday 9 am – 5 pm)

VENUE: Warsaw
  • Due to the unstable economic situation in Poland, we reserve the right to raise the prices of accommodation, meals and workshops, based on exchange rates and official inflation rates in Poland.


  • 1250 PLN


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  3. We kindly ask you to pay a deposit in a week from registration. No payment within 7 days will cancel the registration. Please do not pay deposit before receiving an email confirmation of the reservation of your place in the workshop!
  4. Paying the deposit to our Centre means you agree to the Center rules and regulations, which you will receive by email upon registration.
  5. Please pay 270 PLN deposit to “Tu i Teraz” to the following account with description: "Name & Surname, 4-5.11.2023”.
  6. Refund will be available only within two weeks after a payment is registered into our account, but not later than two weeks prior to the event. In case of refund, the 20 PLN administration fee will be deducted from the deposit. The deposit cannot be transferred to another workshop.


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Karl Pernull


karl pernull

Karl Pernull

Karl Pernull studied with Barbara in Europe and the US and graduated in 2010. After completion of the ASBIW program in 2012 he continued his Teacher Training until 2013. With the opening of the Brennan Institute, UK, in 2017 he started as a lead teacher for the freshman class.

While living in the US he completed his training as a Transformational Breath Facilitator.

Originially trained in Business Administration he holds an MBA from Innsbruck University in Austria involving research and project work in Nepal. He also holds a Bachelor in Healing Science and a Masters Degree in Complementary Psychosocial Integrated Health from the University in Graz, where he is researching a Ph.D. in Heart Rate Variability Measurement for Breath Therapy. He runs a practice in Austria and is holding seminars and workshops in Europe.

Both in his academic and professional career in Industry and business he worked in multicultural environments. Over 15 years as a leader in international business management he has learned and followed his passion to support people and teams in realising their potential.

"I passionately love teaching the first year at BI, facilitating this first step in the transformational process towards your true Self. And from that perspective i would like to welcome all those opening to the call of their souls to join us in the celebration of creative potential". Karl Pernull



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