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Trance Dance – The Map Of The Soul. Shamanic Trans Journey Deep Inside Yourself, (Warsaw)
Fri, 2. June 2023 - Sun, 4. June 2023
Rishi Sigurd Vlote
June 2023



Do you want to feel really free? Get answers to your most important questions? Heal the past? Connect with the higher energies and energies of the Ancestors?

Trance Dance is an ancient technique to connect with our inner spaces to find healing, clarity and inspiration and connect with the inner wisdom that lies within each of us.

Through the rhythms of Trance Dance, Rishi Vlote invites you to explore your inner world, heal trauma and release emotional and physical tension. Rishi has been teaching Trance Dance for over 25 years, he has recorded many albums, and by playing live drums and drums he creates a unique atmosphere of the workshop that allows participants to enter deep processes. Rishi will support you in finding the wild side and the silence of meditation. His CDs are widely used for conscious dance and self-awareness workshops.

Using unique rhythms, Trance Dance takes participants on a transformative Inner Journey. Ritual trance travels have always been a living part of shamanic journeys and eastern cultures that have existed for thousands of years. A contemporary approach to Trance Dance combines the wealth of ancient rituals with modern, extremely effective techniques.

Trance is about being free from everything you see, hear, and feel. Experiencing this will open up access to spaces within you that you know nothing about. This is Trans.


Trance Dance is a combination of physical movement, healing sounds, dynamic percussion rhythms and breathing techniques. All of this helps to enter a 'trance' state that promotes spiritual Awakening, mental clarity, physical endurance and well-being.

Trance Dance is the use of dance / movement as a healing practice, bringing power and experience of a spiritual nature. In this dance, each movement releases tension, releases expression and discovers emotions - so that we recall the state of being whole, unity, fullness, also with our senses and feelings. It liberates us from blockages and therefore allows us to return to a state of freedom and ecstasy.

In Trance Dance there is no structured and imposed choreography, there are no preconditions for how you should feel and how you should be. You do it blindfolded, which helps to focus your attention inward. It often happens that the dancer receives some special message - a message from within, sometimes expressed in words, and sometimes as an image or feelings.



One of the oldest and easiest ways to experience healing states is through trance dance.. Blindfolded, using the energizing breath technique (Fire Breath) begins the Inner Journey.

"Close your eyes, put on the blindfold, focus on your intention, breathe fire, move to the rhythm of the music - this is how you enter a trance ...".

In a state of alertness, aware and awake, and yet - in a huge inner space where the laws of physics no longer apply - you can meet wild animals, spirits, angels, spiritual allies, healers and Guides... You can meet other beings, find in forest or mountain, in your past or future ...

Trust your body, allow yourself to move and express your body - and when the trance is over, you will be calm, full of energy and richer with many sensations ..

Trance Dance is one of the oldest ways to reconnect with your inner strength - an empowering, uplifting and energizing experience. It's a great way to get out of old habits and view your life in a different way.

Dancing / trance with eyes closed creates a different focus. The energy that is usually used to look, gain approval, try to connect with others - is used to look inward, to open up to our emotions and memories.

The Trance Dance approach is the opposite to the traditional dance - there are no steps to learn, no special clothing (except for the most comfortable ones). Instead, try to let go of control, let your body move according to the rhythm of your inner Power.



For me, shamanic practice is about creating an atmosphere of healing. According to ancient languages, healing comes from being whole, so shamanic practice is to become whole, that is, filling in gaps. All shamanic ceremonies, rituals and prayers, as well as many symbols, are considered medicine (they are healing).

Shamanic practice is based on the understanding that we - as human beings - are not separate but are part of Nature / existence. And therefore everything we need to stay healthy and / or become whole again - we find in Nature and in ourselves. For me, most healings involve trauma - usually resulting from childhood shock, as well as during difficult events for myself and my loved ones.

A shaman is someone who has an inner drive to support himself and others to reconnect with their own inner power to make them complete.

20 years ago I met Frank Natale. Frank has helped to restore the shamanic / spiritual approach to our Western culture in many ways, and was a pioneer in personal development and self-awareness seminars. During his training, I came into contact with many long-forgotten childhood memories about Nature and Spirit, and I was inspired to share this knowledge and techniques that I had learned.

I offer trance dance, shamanic travel, meditation and various other techniques and practices for spiritual growth and self-healing. As a musician, I always use live music at most events to support the 'being in the moment' quality of 'Here and Now'. Besides - the quality of live music, played on real instruments in real time, helps people to enter the "other world" much easier.



Trance Dance is an intercultural phenomenon. The cultures of all continents on our planet have created unique forms of dance based on contact with the animal world and elements of nature present in their surroundings. The purpose of such a dance was to connect with the spirit of the sun, moon, and the spirits of various animals and plants. People believed that through their dance rituals, the spirits that live within nature could enhance qualities such as courage, compassion, and also bring insights into the future.

Trance Dance is primarily focused on the healing process and spiritual development. By dancing in the dark, participants discover parallel worlds in which they find solutions to problems previously experienced as unsolvable.

During Trance Dance we disappear, become like ghosts and at the same time become less attached to the difficulties encountered in everyday life, which allows us to free ourselves from them.

From the very beginning of recorded history, we find evidence of dance. It seems our original attitude towards dance was about worship and healing. Animistic cultures saw nature and all its manifestations as expressions of the Spirit. Copying or imitating nature through movement and sound was a powerful and effective tool to help connect with spirit. This was the beginning of dance. For thousands of years, spiritual dances have served to sustain and improve our relationship with Earth. The imitation of nature in the dance helped to align with the vibration of the creator. Dancing was synonymous with what we call prayer, worship, and when practiced regularly, it provided physical health and vitality.

"The Dancer Belongs to the Spirit"

Additionally, dancing was the gateway to the soul or "inner spirit," so dance in a trance state it meant to come into contact with the spiritual forces that healed. This is the 'shamanic' perspective of the Trans Dancing experience.


Details of the workshop


  • 2 – 4  June 2023 (Friday – Sunday)

  • June 2nd    at 8 PM

  • June 4th     at 4 PM

  • Warsaw


  • 700 PLN
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Rishi Sigurd Vlote


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Rishi Sigurd Vlote

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I am a German musician and play drums, percussion and a whole range of other instruments and have more than 35 years of experience in music, meditation, trance dance and other transformational work. I trained with teachers such as Osho, Arthur Hull, Frank Natale, Serge Kahili King and others. I have been playing music since I was 12 and produce CDs with various world music artists such as Hamsafar, Prem Joshua, Snatam Kaur, Milarepa, Ashik, Subodha.

As a drummer, music producer and animator, I offer events, seminars, retreats and individual sessions. I mainly work with partners such as Dhwani W. Zapp, Shakya M. Grahe, Harshil Chiostri and others...

My own productions "Forget the Limitations" and "Shamans Return " are widely used in workshops, classes and seminars, as well as at discos and parties. With my bands TranceFormation and The Call Of The Drums, we tour and play all over Europe.

In my shamanic retreats, I create a safe spiritual healing environment for personal insight and growth of inner strength and wisdom. Using ancient rituals and techniques, I invite people to reconnect with Mother Nature's deep wisdom and inner healer, guide and allies.


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