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Dynamic Tantra – The Tantric Space. Tantra, Consciousness, Meditation. For Singles And Couples, (Warsaw)
Fri, 18. November 2022 - Sun, 20. November 2022
November 2022


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We invite you to the Dynamic Tantra workshop, where you will be able to learn about modern and ancient techniques of tantric practices combined with elements of Body Love, Osho meditation and shamanic techniques. It is dedicated to all beginners and advanced in Tantra, Meditation and Shamanism.

Dynamic Tantra is my vision of Tantra adapted to our contemporary life: a soulful, playful, and passionate experience to practice Tantra in the urban jungle.

After the Shape of Love, we will go beyond our daily routine and common perception to explore the Space of Love or The Tantric Space.

We will cleanse our body, our true temple, with the practice of tantric meditation, and then expand our capacity of Love and Connection.

What is The Tantric Space?

The Tantric Space is a sacred space where you can experience peace, love, and relaxation. It's not a physical place but rather an inner movement to discover ways to connect with yourself and others on a deeper level.

The Tantric Space is a powerful concept. It is an expansion of consciousness and a very personal process. This space isn't necessarily dependent on time or place – it expands with you wherever you go. In this workshop, you will learn specific tools that you can use to help accelerate the journey of expanding your consciousness towards it.

In this weekend, we explore the intersection of three alternative practices that might appear on their surface to be completely separate from one another: Meditation, Tantra, and Bodywork connection exercises.

This weekend will delve into these three elements as individual forces before bringing them together in what we call The Tantric Space – your capacity to expand Love and Awareness into everything that you do in your life.

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How to expand your consciousness through the tantric space

Sometimes we feel like we are closed in our bodies. We may even judge ourselves for feeling that way. In truth, most of us are blocked or contracted in particular areas of our body or specific aspects of our experience. The Tantric space helps you open into yourself; learn new forms of self-expression while increasing your energy levels and stabilizing your mind.

With more space comes a more profound sense of love. However, with greater love comes to a stronger desire for that love to be expressed. This course gives you tools to open yourself up sexually and emotionally, to have meaningful connections with others while also having clear boundaries.

Your lovemaking can enhance intimacy, awareness of yourself and your partner. You become filled with a joyous unconditional love as well as experiencing a deeper appreciation for yourself. As we remove resistance, we open ourselves up for new possibilities.

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Expand your loving capacity

Love is an indescribable experience that radiates from our core and transcends physical attraction. So why do we sometimes miss out on the love that could enrich our lives? The answer is because we don't know how to tap into our inner treasure chest of love, or maybe we have a few blocks in our chakra system.

In The Tantric Space, you will discover powerful methods for creating more harmony in your life and relationships. You will begin by exploring ways of expanding your body and mind to make room for more profound love, acceptance, and connection in every part of your being.

The opportunity will be more than an event; it will be a personal and collective transformative experience. There is no better way of experiencing life than being fully present in a moment in time surrounded by beauty and love.

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Imagine your body as a starship to navigate this Tantric Space.

*We will learn how to transform our dense energy into more sublime and refined forms.

* Breathwork will be the sacred fuel to expand our inner space.

*Movement and ritualism will shape our quantic jump.

* Sacred connection will be our alchemical elixir.

*Touching our inner polarities, masculine and feminine, will allow us to go beyond duality.

In this intensive weekend workshop, you will experiment and learn the skills, techniques, and essential tools to create Sacred Intimacy and a deep connection with yourself and your partner. To harmonize your energy and become more connected with yourself as a couple and as individuals in your everyday life, creating the conscious intuition to transform the quality of lovemaking.

This workshop is designed to remind you what you need to be happy and fully present – self-love, healthy communication, and playfulness. As we grow in love for ourselves, we become better at expressing our love for others!

With the practice of active meditation, dance, ritualism, and other individual and collective group dynamics, we will navigate in the tantric space with tenderness, spontaneity, and fun. Dynamic Tantra is an invitation to discover the sublime combination of aliveness and consciousness, which is the true essence of Tantra in a playful and soulful way.

There will be no sexual intercourse or nudity happening in this event.

This workshop is for everybody: singles, couples, all genders, and ages, even without previous experience in Tantra!

More info abut Dynamic Tantra:

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What is Dynamic Tantra?

Dynamic Tantra was born with the idea to create a tantric experience that would be easily accessible for all levels, from beginners to advanced meditators, and to have fun with it, relaxing into it, like going to a party, even if it's a party of one.

Let's start with the body.

We are so overwhelmed by television, advertising, social media, and our work routine that our minds often have a hard time keeping up. Our natural ability to connect with our bodies is lost. However, the body is the natural gateway to human experience, not the mind.

For this reason, a more dynamic approach to tantric techniques is necessary for those who cannot simply sit down, meditate, and connect with their bodies.

A safe and joyful space.

Osho said, "First, be happy. If we are completely happy, there is no meditation, no technique needed to reach the state of a pure blissful being".

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In these collective experiences, we practice together how to:

  • Dedramatize sexuality, freeing ourselves from our limiting beliefs.
  • Learn to treat our body with respect.
  • Bring more awareness to increase our ability to love and be loved.
  • Recognize our body as our true temple.
  • Learn the art of letting go through deep relaxation.
  • Let our vital energy flow freely.
  • Regain confidence in oneself, in others and life.
  • Become familiar with the issues of choice, become more aware of our limits, and respect ourselves.
  • Discover and harmonize our inner male and female polarity.
  • Build our energy responsibly using the three keys: Breath, Movement and Sound

More info about Dynamic Tantra:

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Join us for a weekend of connection and spiritual awakening. We'll help you unlock greater intimacy with yourself and others while learning new skills in meditation, Tantra, sexual healing practices, and bodywork. Our Dynamic Tantra program provides powerful tools to enhance relationships, healing work as well as heighten your sensual pleasures.  Dynamic Tantra is a magical world that turns ordinary into extraordinary!

"Ecstatic states are accessible. And you do not have to spend years meditating on mountaintops or alone in dark caves to experience ecstasy and harness its vibrant energy. Somewhere along our journey of awakening, with all its struggles, joys, and disappointments, ecstasy will be revealed as a confirmation, a blessing, a message from the Source. Then all that remains is to live with joy, love, and laughter."

Margot Anand, The Art of Everyday Ecstasy.

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Details of the workshop


18-20 November 2022 (Friday-Sunday)


November 18 th


November 20nd

VENUE: Warsaw
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Born in Italy, he started to research Indian philosophy, spirituality, and meditation in his early years.

After graduating in Shiatsu and Osho Divine Healing Arts and Meditation with Prashantam in Portugal started working on the connection and the interaction between the Mind and the Body.

After a long intensive meditation practice, he works as a facilitator at Osho Studio in Berlin, leading regular classes and workshops.

After attending a seven-year Training at SkyDancing Tantra Institute in France with Margot Anand, he became a certified SkyDancing Tantra teacher.

After moving to Berlin, he is inspired by the city to create Dynamic Tantra, a playful, soulful way to practice Tantra in the urban jungle.

Gopal is active in many different creative areas as a musician, promoter, art director, DJ, teacher, and facilitator, constantly experimenting and combining the 3 Tantric Keys, Breath, Movement, and Sound with innovative meditation techniques.

Working and living in Berlin, Gopal facilitates training and workshops worldwide.

The answer is always Love.



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