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Tantra. Healing The Inner Teenager, (Nowe Kawkowo)
04.10.21 - 08.10.21
October 2021


tantra uzdrowienie nastolatka eng 2021

When the child inside us has received healing during the process of „Primal. Childhood Deconditioning”, we are ready to make the step into reliving our adolescence. What could have been one of the most rich and adventurous steps into our life, growing from a child into an adult, has instead been for many of us a difficult and confusing transition.

In order to participate in this group, you will be required to have done „Primal. Childhood Deconditioning” process before. This will prepare you to continue your inner healing journey and will also create safe and intimate feeling for all participants.

You can participate in the „Primal. Childhood deconditioning” workshop 27.09-3.10.2021 just before the Tantra workshop. You can also take Primal as an individual process. For details contact our centre “Here and Now”.

This process guides you through your adolescence, healing the wounds of that time and retrieving the qualities that are the essence of a healthy teenage. It helps us to understand and express what we learnt to deny at that time. It allows us to contact our true need to treat others and be treated with sensitivity, connectedness, enjoyment and exploration.

We will explore themes such as:

  • the inner relationship between your adult and your adolescent
  • the original longing of the teenager in you
  • the family dynamics and conditionings of that time
  • shame, revenge and forgiveness
  • red passion and golden merging

The big of our teenage years is the awakening of sexual energy. It is not only a potential source of physical pleasure, it also makes life an adventure and eventually a search. However when we entered adolescence, all what we were taught before about relating, love, intimacy and sexuality comes to the surface… And whatever choice we make: to act it out and hurt and abuse ourselves, or to act it in and to alienate ourselves from ourselves and others - for most of us this time is a time of deep turmoil.

To heal and transform these feelings, to find back the innocense and totality of our sensuousness and sexuality, we need to start again from where we lost touch with it. In a loving and meditative surrounding, we will go consciously through a process of rediscovery: to learn to honor our body as the living temple of our being, to find back the pleasure of physical contact and exchange of energy with others, and to rejoice in the relaxation of playing with sexual energy without a goal.

Tantra teaches you all these things.

 In the group we will:

  • heal our connection with the same sex and discover its nourishing effect
  • open up to a new, healthy way of relating and enjoying the opposite sex
  • learn meditation and breathing techniques to reconnect with the natural flow of the male and female energy in your body

Embracing your inner adolescent now, as an adult, will bring back into your present life a sense of daring to go beyond what is familiar routine. Healing your sexuality will teach you to listen and respect your body, open up to the natural state of sensuality that flows inside of you. Discovering Tantra will allow you to become natural and total, enjoying the rich polarity that life contains. The masculine and the feminine, the Yin and Yang, sexuality and sensuality, the outgoing energy and the ingoing energy. It will prepare you for consciuous, total and fulfilling relationships with yourself and the world.


Details of the workshop


4th – 8th of October 2021 (Monday-Friday)


October 4th at 11 a.m. (Monday)


October 8th at 2 p.m. (Friday)

VENUE: ”Here and Now” Personal and Spiritual Development Center in Nowe Kawkowo


  • 1900 PLN  when advanced payment is made after 30th of June 2021+  Food & Accommodation
  • 1700 PLN  when advanced payment is made after 30th of June 2021+  Food & Accommodation
  • Food 88 PLN / day (3 vegetarian meals)
  • Accommodation depending on standard: From 33 PLN - 124 PLN / night;
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premartha and svarup


The group will be led by Svarup. Together with Premartha, they have created both the Primal and the Tantra Processes. Premartha and Svarup are fellow travelers since a lifetime. Together, they have been working with people in the world of Osho for more than thirty years. Their passion and expertise is in the field of Primal and emotional healing, Sexuality and transformation, and Essence.

Their love is to inspire in others creativity, courage and trust in life. Their work has a successful outcome in both the inner and the outer world.

Out of their combined passion, has grown their unique way to teach, which is called DWIJA-TWICE BORN, a multicolored journey through a large variety of groups, courses and trainings.

Together, they have written a book about their work: “TWICE BORN-Healing the Past-Creating a New Future”.



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