Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire

Ahlmeirah was born in France and raised in Ireland. She qualified as a Medical Doctor in 1994 and practised in Dublin covering the specialities of casualty, paediatrics, psychiatry, and general practice until 1998. She moved to England in 2000. She:

  • Established the Center for Conscious Ascension with Nicolas David Ngan in 2002 as a vehicle for accelerating the Ascension process
  • Works intuitively to heal emotional, ancestral and mental programming
  • Teaches healing and practitioner workshops
  • Gives Soul Contract Readings to both personal and corporate clients
  • Offers Lightbody Integration to facilitate the soul?s awakening
  • Is the author of "A Manual For Walk-Ins"
  • Is a Tachyon Practitioner and distributor
  • Developed numerous healing, practitioner and spiritual workshops and tools
  • Is a natural clairsentient, her aura is naturally healing to others
  • Has trained in Tantra with the School of Awakening
  • She has been developing and channelling the Divine Healing Master Key work in co-operation with a team of experienced healers
  • She lives with her son in Surrey

Ahlmeirah's purpose is to remind people that they are vast multi-dimensional Beings and bring in the frequencies of Unconditional Love.

Elena Angel

I am Tantric practitioner, guide and healer.

I draw from Tantric and Taoist practices, psychotherapeutic and bioenergetic techniques, meditation, hypnosis, Quantum Collapse methods, various forms of bodywork, including Sexological Bodywork and my own psychosomatic applications, Trance-Bodywork and Associative Bodily Re-patterning, to treat psychosexual, relationship and intimacy issues, supporting personal growth, integration and wellbeing.

My unique Tantric sex and intimacy coaching sessions, which include extended, immersive trainings, have transformed the lives of many men and women. I frequently give talks on Tantra and Taoism, Sacred Sexuality, Sex, Intimacy and Relationship and offer specialist group courses for Men, Women and Couples.

I am dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge in these fields and in my articles I strive for informative, inspiring and accessible writing.  ?Tantra, Taoism and the Ultimate Life-Sex Coaching?, written for Prediction Magazine, explains three crucial Tantric and Taoist principles and how these are applied in life-transforming sessions. I also co-authored ?Tantric Orgasm: beyond Masters and Johnson?, which was published by the Journal of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (CORST), with Mike Lousada.

I have a great passion for Tantric Energetics and have spent many years developing  my expertise in harnessing the Power of Manifestation. The result is an amazing method designed to Raise Your Consciousness and Manifest Your Highest Good, entitled ?Transformation & Manifestation: Creating Your Ideal Life?, currently offered as a course. Additionally, focussing on the area of relationship, I am pleased to offer a new one-day workshop, ?Tantric Alchemy: Manifesting Your Soulmate?, which uniquely combines Tantric and Taoist wisdom with powerful manifestation processes.

Following the model of traditional psychotherapy, I ensure that I have professional support and supervision.


Karo Aquabal

Karo Aquabal makes an individual coaching sessions and workshops about sexuality and erotic relation with Nature, circles, meetings and tantra evenings.

She feels, that sexuality is a force, that creates the universe in a pure form, not touched by fear or shame. Understanding, realisation, and self-accomplishment in sexuality makes us liberated. That is an evidence to her, to make this work.

To support her vision by knowledge and experience she has finished third year of Non Violent Communication .She learned and practiced the art of being, and other methods of work with sexual energy with teachers from all over the world. I finished "Sexual Attitudes Re-Assessment & Re-Structuring Training" in Institute for Sexual Self Realization in San Francisco. I studied in Sex Coach University in California created by Dr.Patti Britton and Dr.Robert Dunlap, pioneers of integral sexual coaching.

She committed in many projects supporting awareness and positive sexuality, tolerance for deferent forms of human sexuality. She cooperates in e-magazine about conscious sexuality and freedom in relationship MoreLove.eu.

She is a mother of three kids, an idea of education of children in atmosphere of sexual openness and safety is very close to her.?


Mogadao Qigong teacher, Sacred Daoist Sexuality teacher, Yoga instructor, Tantra practitioner and co- creator of Qi Dance! (www.spiritdomeqigong.com)

After studying qigong and yoga for many years in the U.S, in 2009 Atithi (Brian, at that time) began a journey through Europe, Northern Africa, India, Nepal and Thailand to deepen and refine his experience of these modalities and to seek new therapies such as massage and dance that became essential components of Spirit Dome Qigong . Atithi continues to study with renowned Tantra teacher Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita (www.tantra-essence.com) and to deepen his knowledge of Daoist internal arts with Master Zhenzan Dao (www.mogadao.com)

Baul Mystics (Madhusudan & Jayanti Baul)

Baul Darvish Madhu Sudan was born in a great devotional and spiritual samanta family. Madhusudan has trained under many gurus like Ramanchand Brijwasi, Purnachand Das Baul & Krishnadas Baul. He says ?Baul singing is something you do not learn from anyone ? you just soak in!?. Over the years, he has been spreading the message of Baul Darvish philosophy along with Jayanti baul. Madhusudan & Jayanti have widely sung at different platforms in India & abroad. Madhusudan has performed at the prestigious ?Universal Cultural forum? in Barcelona and recorded his music for Ford Foundation, BBC-London. He & Jayanti have performed in Italy, China, Holland, Japan & Russia. He has a mastery over different instruments used in Baul singing. In India CCI has awarded him with the title of ?Baul Badhshah?.

I Candles.

Shachar Caspi

A teacher of sacred sexuality, Daka and guide for esoteric exploration and meditation, Shachar was trained around the world with ISTA (International Schools of Temple Arts). He founded the organization "Less is More" which teaches businesses and organizations how to streamline thought processes and increase focus and productivity.

Following 7 years as a team commander in the Israeli Air Force Commando Unit, Shachar went on to create a coffee chain in the Balkans. Realizing that he was not discovering the answers he searched for, he went on a journey to discover who he really is. In 2010, Shachar travelled to Guatemala where he spent 2 years studying at The Pyramids Del Ka, an Egyptian mystery school specializing in lucid dreaming, meditation, and Kabbalah studies.  During this exploration he experienced long periods of isolation and undertook intensive silent retreats of 40 and x days where he discovered the importance of direct connection to our life force.

Shachar invites you to expand your consciousness and tread the authentic heart's path that exists in each of us. Experience how to connect our Kundalini (sexual energy, Shakti) with the Cosmos (presence, Shiva) in our heart space, releasing old patterns that do not serve us and connecting to our essence that dwells beyond our stories. Find the simplicity and beauty that awaits in the now.


Chintan Nobila

Chintan has been practicing Tantra since 1998. He graduated from the School of Awakening Tantra Teachers Training in 2008 after having apprenticed with Sarita for several years. His session giving skills include Ito Thermie, Colour Light Therapy, Reiki, Ayurvedic Massage and Holistic Massage. A long practice of zazen has given him a profound understanding of human nature. This, combined with the practice and teaching of Tantra, allows his true essence of humor and joy to shine, bringing a quality of relaxed wisdom and joyous creativity to his teaching style. He has been teaching the soulmate training alongside Mahasatvaa Sarita for the last three years.


Chirag has been practicing Yoga, Meditation, Shamanism and Tantra for many years and is a gifted Healer. In 2008, he went on a journey to India where he discovered Tantra and experienced a profound spiritual awakening. He is a certified Tantra Teacher by the world renowned Tantra Master, Mahasatvaa Ma AnandaSarita, who spent 26 years learning tantra from the Indian Mystic OSHO.

''I had a difficult childhood and at an early age I was taken from my alcoholic parents to live in a home for children. After a while I was given, (with my 3 brothers) to a priest and his wife who physically and emotionally abused us. My younger brother never recovered from this experience and at the age of 35 years killed himself in a prison cell in South America after being caught for smuggling cocaine. My path was different to his; without a home or any real support I found myself drifting from job to job until I was homeless in France. It was there that I joined the French Foreign Legion parachute regiment and I served for 5 years in Africa and Corsica. Then I enlisted in the British Army and served with the Parachute regiment before passing the toughest selection process of the Special Air Service (22SAS). I served 6 years with the Special forces serving in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Balkans and Africa. I face death with my brothers, I experienced brotherhood and understood through direct experience the suffering caused by man.

At 32 years old I began to meditate and do yoga. I understood that I had allowed myself to be conditioned and that I was not on the right path for me. I left and after over 12 years of disciplines practice or meditation, yoga, tantra and Shamanism I have learnt how to heal the wounds of the past which were causing me and others so much suffering and pain. I had discovered methods to heal my addiction to alcohol, drugs, sugar, caffeine, sex, work, sport, all addictions that were causing suffering. I know these methods through living life, through life experience and only through experience can truth be known. I share in my groups from experience. I have walked hte path and I know the way to peace, joy, abundance and love without sacrificing my true masculine presence. "

Iza Cisek

I work as a personal development coach, sexuality?s and the body?s coach. Using the methods and tools that I learned in three years School of Personal Development Coaches and during a year in Authentic Movement and practice of NLP. I use a technique of body work, touch, movement, conscious forms of dance and sexuality - a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and experience that I learned about, and I discovered over the years. I draw inspiration from the Hawaiian Huna tradition and the indigenous people of the Americas and of such a practice of neotantra and sexual taoism.

Since working with the people most interested in supporting others in befriending their body and to living it fully, I created a proprietary Body?s Coaching, which is the practice of attentive presence in the body. This creates a space for the free flow of life-giving and creative force, which is the sexual energy and to take more pleasure and bliss. Draws heavily from the wisdom of the old messages with their wealth of myths and symbols that inhabit our subconscious. And because what is written in the subconscious body, working with the archetypes are very often used in the exploration of aspects of female and male sexuality. Helping women and men who want to take care of the balance of their body, so that they can better manage their energy, including sexual energy. And for those for whom it is important the intimacy with themselves and others, and relationships full of sincerity.

Antigoni Dhyandeepa

I am an individual therapist and group facilitator of Transactional Analysis, and Primal Childhood and Sexual Deconditioning. I have also been trained in Tantra,Goddess and Shamanic Energy work, and in Bio-Dynamic Breath-work. I am a certified yoga instructor and enjoy making mosaic art. Up until 2007 I worked with sexual and reproductive health on issues such as HIV prevention, adolescent sexuality, domestic violence, and family planning promotion. I worked with NGOs and the United Nations in the Caribbean, Latin America, East and Central Africa, and Asia. I have a Masters in Public Health and a Masters in International Affairs, both from Columbia University in NYC. I speak English, Spanish, and Greek.

John Hawken

John Hawken has been teaching tantra for 23 years. He originally trained with Margot Anand, best-selling author of ?The Art of Sexual Extasy?, and is a certified SkyDancing tantra teacher. He has since developed his own techniques, which he teaches under the name the Tantric Path . His year-lond trainings in the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic are known for ther depth, clarity and transformational effect. His massage giving and teaching experience goes back 35 years: he has studied and taught Reichian massage, bioenergetics massage, biodynamic massage, deep draining (Chiron Institute London), Taoist erotic massage, Quodoushka and many forms of tantric massage.

Heidi Orovasani

Heidi guides people in finding their inner depth through Tantra and nature-based self enquiry work. She is a vision quest guide and a TECHS energetic healing practitioner. She is accredited to teach Tantra Man ? Tantra Woman. She says her joy is being allowed to witness and hold others on the path of daring to live and love. www.beloved-earth.com


Roxana Hewett

Roxana has trained with Sarita since 2004 and is accredited to teach Sex to Superconscious and Tantra Soul Mate Training levels 1-3. She is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a qualified Shiatsu practitioner and Steiner school teacher. Her joy is to witness and assist participants in their sexual, heart and unfolding their full potential. www.tantrawithroxana.com

Vincent Hewett

I am an international tantra teacher within the lineage of Osho Rajneesh, through studying tantra with Mahasatvaa Sarita PHD since 2004. Together with my wife Roxana I teach the School of Awakening?s 7 level  Tantra Soulmate training. I have a pragmatic experiential approach to Tantra and am a member of Jason Shulman?s Society of Souls enrolled in the Non-dual Kabbalistic healing program. I use my background in architecture, design and performance to build strong foundations and supportive structures in the group work. I have a particular enthusiasm and commitment to lead and hold space for men?s personal transformation.



Dancer, Choreographer, Dance teacher, co- creator of Qi Dance!, Tantra Practicioner, Colour Ray healer and founder of Dancescape (www.dancescape.gr)

Movement and dance have interested Kalpita since childhood. Her journey into meditation, and personal development started in India, 21 years ago when she took Sannyas at the Osho Commune. That moment changed her life forever. Using different healing techniques, practicing many meditation methods, participating in retreats, and meeting with inspired, enlightened masters has enriched her life. Practicing living in love, gratitude, joy and awareness on a daily basis and sharing in community energy, truth, love and celebrating true, ecstatic human nature is her passion. Kalpita continues her Tantra studies with with renowned Tantra teacher Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita (www.tantra-essence.com)

Bruce Lyon

Bruce has formal qualifications in ecology, psychology, astrology, and the esoteric arts and sciences.

His chosen spiritual path was the TransHimalayan tradition but he has a background in many different pathways and trained with many teachers. He co founded Shamballa School ? an experiment in residential spiritual community ? and has taught extensively around the world for the last decade.

He has written several books including Standing For The Sacred, Agni, Group Initiation, Working with the Will and Occult Cosmology. He is a poet and an adventurer, a scuba diver and an astronomer, businessman and philanthropist, an ascetic monk and a sensualist. He loves to explore the heights and depths of the inner and outer worlds making of his life a tantric tapestry.

Marta Niedźwiecka

Pussy Project is a collective dedicated to education and development of women?s sexuality. We teach, we explain, we encourage, we provoke. We believe in femininity, sense of humor and freedom.


Niten is a facilitator of Tantra courses in various parts of the world, co-teaches with Sarita and is accredited to teach Tantra Man ? Tantra Woman and Sacred Sexuality. He dived deeply into the world of Tantra for 15 years before starting to teach. Trained in the healing arts, he also leads Raw Food & Nutrition seminars and retreats. www.tantra-spirit.com

Kerry i Diane Riley

Kerry and Diane Riley trained originally as yoga and meditation teachers with the Satyananda School of Yoga and East West Foundation in Sydney, Australia. Subsequently, they studied sacred sexuality, tantric and Taoism throughout the world with leading teachers in this field, including authors Dr Stephen Chang, Charles and Caroline Muir, Larry Collins, and David and Ellen Ramsdale. She also studied advanced sexuality at Moore University, USA.


Together Kerry and Diane were at the forefront of the introduction of the philosophy of sacred sexuality to Australia. Their books ?Tantric Secrets for Men?, has been published worldwide in different languages, including Polish,  ?Sexy and Sacred, sexual secrets for women? is a ground breaking approach to tantric practices for women, and  they co created the DVD ?The Secrets of Sacred Sex?, which has now sold over 200,000 copies. They are directors of Australian School of Tantra with established teaching of sacred sexuality for over 25 years.

They run workshops and private consultations for couples and singles, assisting with issues of sacred sexuality and relationships, communication, and men's and women's sexual wellness.

They have been interviewed for major newspapers, Penthouse magazine, Cleo and Cosmopolitan magazines and also for TV and radio.

Ten years ago as a result of their studies and inspiration from the ancient sacred qadishu and priestess they introduced the first sacred sexuality Dakini training in Australia. Graduates of this program and the LoveWorks teacher training have seen over 4000 clients since the introduction of this work.

Highly regarded as a versatile, authoritative speakers on sacred sexuality, tantra and related issues.

Watch interview with Diane and Kerry Riley:


Web sites





Santoshi has been imbibing the essence of Tantra and Meditation since 1995. She lived for 16 years, at the Osho international Community in Puna (India), learning and practicing meditation techniques and ultimately teaching.

She is a qualified architect that left her profession and her life in the west for her passion of shelf discovery. She was trained  at the Osho Multiversity in Shiatsu, Hypnotherapy, Meditative Therapies, Zen Counseling and Energy work and was part of the Osho Therapist training for two years.

For 10 years she was facilitating Tantra for singles & Women groups as well as Osho Meditative therapies (Mystic Rose, Born Again and Body-Mind Balancing) at the Osho Multiversity in India and in other spiritual centers around the world.

In 2009  she spent a year in meditation retreats at Tibetians monasteries in the Himalayas and at Bodhgaya (India).



Sarita is a world renowned Tantra master and mystic offering courses and retreats across the globe. Having received a direct transmission from Osho, she is true to the spiritual essence of Tantra and leads us on the path to self realisation.

At the same time she takes care to help us transcend the psychological blockages that we carry as a result of our cultural background and past experiences. She is also a master healer, author and consultant.

After a childhood where her sensitivity to subtle energies was already developing, she became a seeker of truth as a teenager ? hitchhiking across the globe aged 17 and encountering Osho in Mumbai, India. She spent many years in Osho?s community working through a process of profound personal transformation with direct support and guidance from him.

She learned and then taught Holistic Healing in various parts of the world eventually expanding to teach Tantra with Geho, her partner at the time. She developed courses for individuals, a 7 level training for lovers and founded the ?School of Awakening? which has transformed the lives of thousands of people.

Now teaching alone or with a co-teacher, she offers a Tantra transmission in workshops and retreats promoted by individuals and organisations across the world.

www.schoolofawakening.com www.tantra-essence.com

Shakara (Sharon Lyon)

The Tantric Inner & Outer ?Marriage? Dance that ?joins? the Heights & Depths of our Human Experience, form the clay from which Shakara shapes her Life, in the Art-full & Conscious, Co-creation of Heaven on Earth.

Shakara formed part of the core group at the Shamballa School residential Spiritual Community, has journeyed to many of the Worlds Sacred Sites & is committed to the Restoration of the Ageless Temple Mysteries that have for so long been held ?secret? or for only the few.

She has formal training & qualifications in Secondary School Teaching, Astrology, The Esoteric Sciences, Rebirthing, Soul Centered Psychology, & Dance.

Past Co-founder of the New Zealand School of Esoteric Arts & Sciences. As Director of ?Mystical Pathways Ltd? she produced & appeared in a series of astrologically based television info-mercials in a large 0900 business operation in NZ for many years.

Shakti Malan

Shakti jest Dakinią, nauczycielką tajemnic Tantry. Należy do Szkoły Advaita Tantra (nie-dualnej ścieżki). Mieszka w Kapsztadzie w RPA, lecz uczy na całym świecie. Jej głównym podejściem jest wejście w totalność doświadczenia jako bramie do przebudzenia. Shakti uważa, że seksualność jest obszarem, który w najpotężniejszy sposób kieruje nas do tej bramy. Trening Shakti jako Dakini pochodzi z tradycji Advaita oraz wielu lat zanurzenia w medytację oraz praktyki  świadomości ciała. Więcej o jej pracy: www.shakti.co.za www.totalitytherapy.com

Celem Shakti jako Tantrycznej dakini jest ułatwienie przebudzenia i dotarcia do tego, kim naprawdę jesteś, pozostając w pełnym kontakcie ze swoim ciałem. Wiele tradycji duchowych postrzega ciało, jako coś co należy przekroczyć. Tantra zaś widzi ciało jako naczynie, pojazd wiozący nas do przebudzenia. Proces zrzucania kolejnych zasłon iluzji może znacząco oddziaływać na nasze ciało fizyczne i energetyczne. Shakti ceni ciało jako naczynie, poprzez które można się dzielić swoim światłem ze światem, dlatego stara się zapewnić, aby Twoje fizyczne i energetyczne ciało było najpierw w pełni przygotowane do procesu przebudzenia się. To wymaga od poszukiwacza bycia totalnym - tzn. woli, aby każdy aspekt energetycznej i fizycznej rzeczywistości został obmyty mocą prawdy. Gdy to nastąpi, wtedy dopiero ciało zaczyna być w stanie odczuwać i doświadczać na niezwykle subtelnych i wyrafinowanych poziomach. W ten sposób, fizyczne naczynie ciała staje się odpowiednim instrumentem do przekazywania dalej wibracji stanu przebudzenia.

Shakti ma także tytuł doktora antropologii społecznej. Jest do dziedzina, która uczy wsłuchiwania się w rzeczywistość grup i jednostek poprzez dogłębne ich poznanie od wewnątrz, stapiając się z ich teksturą życia. Spędziła wiele lat tłumacząc władzom rzeczywistość wspólnot w swojej istocie bardzo kruchych. Była ich "rzecznikiem" w kontaktach z osobami decyzyjnymi w rządzie, organizacjach rozwoju i korporacjach w zakresie zarządzania ubóstwem, rozwoju ekonomicznego i zarządzania środowiskiem.


Autorka książki
"Seksualne przebudzenie dla kobiet - tantryczny podręcznik z ćwiczeniami"

Jest to praktyczny podręcznik, którego z łatwością każda kobieta może użyć sama czy w grupie. Wykonując ćwiczenia z tej książki przeniesiesz się w podróż, gdzie doświadczysz przebudzenia kundalini, która łączy energię seksualną z energią serca. Pozwoli Ci to ponownie zasmakować i głęboko nacieszyć się błogością kobiecej energii seksualnej.

Shalti Malan wierzy, że kobieca energia seksualna jest bramą do duchowego przebudzenia. To pierwiastek kobiecy, dzięki swej otwartości i receptywności, może poprowadzić pierwiastek męski w nieznane... w misterium... które leży poza umysłem ego.


?Moja osobista podróż?

Zostałam wychowana w Afrykańskiej kulturze protestanckiej. Jestem wdzięczna moim rodzicom za wychowanie mnie w duchu wolności podczas moich wczesnych lat życia. Moje pierwsze zanurzenie się w praktykę medytacyjną przyszło poprzez tradycję mistyki chrześcijańskiej, dla której wciąż mam dużo uznania. Tai Chi i joga nauczyły mnie piękna obecności w ciele oraz jak podążać za mądrością ciało-umysłu. Taniec, a w szczególności Biodanza, prawdziwie otworzył mnie na pasję, która płynie przez komórki naszego ciała i która umożliwia nam prawdziwie głęboką kreatywność. Życie także przyniosło mi znaczące dla mnie spotkanie z szamanizmem (tradycji Afrykańskiej, Celtyckiej i Rdzennych Amerykanów), które otworzyło moje oczy na wielowymiarowość naszego świata i światów poza nim.

Pod koniec 2001 roku seria wydarzeń spowodowała, że jasnym stał się dla mnie sens mojego życia: przebudzenie. Wystrzeliło mnie to jak z katapulty na ścieżkę tantryczną. Poprzez wizje dowiedziałam się, że moim prawdziwym imieniem jest Shakti i że to imię niesie ze sobą kierunek mojej pracy w świecie. Nastąpił okres 4 lat intensywnego zanurzenia się w praktykach duchowych. Jak wcześno-chrześcijańscy ojcowie pustyni, wyruszyłam na pustynię, aby tam żyć. Przeszłam tam przez ważny proces rozpuszczania siebie i swojej osobowości. Wtedy rozpoczęła się moja praktyka jako tantryczki. W 2003 spotkałam Leslie Temple Thurston, nauczycielkę szkoły Advaita, której techniki medytacyjne i transformacyjne radykalnie zmieniły moje życie.

Moja uwaga wciąż była przyciągana do pracy tantrycznej. Miałam okazję pracować z wieloma nauczycielami -  począwszy od tradycji Uzdrawiającego Tao Mantak'a Chia po Neo-Tantryczną tradycję Osho. W końcu spotkałam Rahasya, który stał się moim mistrzem w tym obszarze. Inicjował mnie w życie praktykującej Tantryczki - Dakini. Od tego czasu zaczęłam przyjmować klientów i prowadzić warsztaty. Pojawiło się w moim życiu nowe, stopniowo rozkwitające jak kwiat, olśnienie - głębokie rozpoznanie, że podążam moją ścieżka dharmy oraz wdzięczność za totalność obecności, jaką ta praca ze sobą przynosi.

Zrobiłam także doktorat z Antropologii Społecznej. Pracowałam jako specjalistka od rozwoju społecznie zrównoważonego. Jestem również wykwalifikowaną nauczycielką i fasylitatorką psychologii zorientowanej na proces.

Shashi Solluna

Shashi jest międzynarodową nauczycielką Tantry i Świętej Taoistycznej Seksualności (Taoist Sacred Sexuality). Jej podróż w poszukiwaniu Uniwersalnej Prawdy rozpoczęła się podczas studiów na kierunku Psychologii Eksperymentalnej (Uniwersytet w Oxfordzie), a następnie była kontynuowana w czasie dugiego pobytu w Indiach. Poszukiwanie prawdy prowadziło Sashi od ashramów przez świątynie i groty skalne do górskich szczytów... od sesji uzdrawiania do medytacji, jogi i satsangów. Po rozpoznaniu Prawdy w obecności mistrza Zen, Shashi zaczęła zadawać nowe pytania: w jaki sposób możemy pozwolić aby ta prawda, nasza prawdziwa natura, rozwinęła się w twórczość (kreatywność)? Jak sprawić, aby każde słowo, każde działanie, każdy aspekt naszego życia rezonował z wibracją najwyższej prawdy? Poszukiwanie odpowiedzi na te pytania doprowadziło ją do Tantry i Taoizmu. Od 2000 Sashi była uczennicą (Sanyassin) Osho, praktykowała również pod okiem Mistrza Mantak Chia. To, czego naucza, jest kombinacją ćwiczeń energetycznych, medytacji, tańca, terapii i quigong.

Doskonale pasują do niej słowa Osho "Mów życiu TAK!" ("Say Yes to life"), bo wybiera zawsze to, co wnosi do jej życia więcej życiowej energii.

W ciągu ostatnich10 lat Sashi spędziła większość czasu w Tajlandii, żyjąc w cudownej wspólnocie związanej z Tajską Świątynią na wyspie Koh Phangan. W miejscu tym odbywa się bardzo dużo różnych warsztatów, kursów i odosobnień, których celem jest ekspansja życia. Poza dziejącymi się tam wydarzeniami, sama dzika natura tego miejsca stwarza idealne warunki dla transformacji.

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Barry Spendlove

Barry Spendlove is a long time Taoist teacher of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Healing Love and Internal Alchemy. A senior instructor of Master Mantak Chia?s Universal Healing Tao, he teaches transformational workshops and retreats from his base in North Wales and across the UK, Holland, Belgium and Denmark. He specialises in deepening Tantric Arts using Taoist Internal Alchemy. His greatest joy is watching these tried and tested techniques transform his student?s everyday lives.


Deborah Sundahl

Jest międzynarodową ekspertką w dziedzinie kobiecej ejakulacji i pionierką. w dziedzinie kobiecej seksualności od 1983 roku. Od lat 90. ubiegłego stulecia uczy tysiące kobiet i mężczyzn na całym świecie, jak uwolnić Kobiecą Fontannę. Swoją działalność zaczynała w czasach kiedy większość autorytetów nie uznawała istnienia punktu G, kobiecej prostaty ani zjawiska ejakulacji. Kiedy trafiła na na duchową ścieżkę tantry i duchowej seksualności, jej misja poszerzyła się o zrozumienie roli punktu G w emocjonalnym, fizycznym i duchowym życiu kobiety. W 2007 została nominowana do  ?Obelisk Award? za całokształ erotycznej twórczości autorskiej i wydawniczej.


Suta is accredited to teach Tantra Soul Mate Training levels 1-3, Tantra Man ? Tantra Woman, Sex to Superconscious and Sacred Sexuality. As well as co-teaching with Sarita he facilitates Tantra events in the UK and Europe. A skilled bodyworker, he has a passion for meditation, sound and movement, which he uses to sensitively open up space for transformation. www.chooseblissnow.co.uk

Swaroop Verma

Dr. Swaroop Verma jest dyrektorem ?Centum Shri Ajurwedy, Jogi i Tantry?. Urodził się i wychował w północnych Indiach w rodzinie kultywującej tradycję Jogi i Ajurwedy. Jest szóstym pokoleniem Tradycyjnych Uzdrowicieli i Terapeutów Jogi. Jego dziadek, Munnalal Verma z Agra, był znany jako praktykujący te tradycje. Swaroop w młodym wieku przeszedł inicjację, przeprowadzoną przez dziadka, i pracował w rodzinnych przychodniach. Po ukończeniu pierwszego stopnia naukowego na Uniwersytecie w Agra, dalej uczył się Ajurwedy od różnych mistrzów i uczęszczał do szkół, zdobywając tytuł biegłego w tej dziedzinie. Jego głębokie zainteresowanie punktami Marma, doprowadziło go do Indii, gdzie studiował tą dziedzinę. By zrozumieć relacje pomiędzy Ajurwedą, Marma i Chińską Akupunkturą Swaroop studiował chińską medycynę, otrzymując tytuł doktora medycznego w zakresie Akupunktury od Indyjskiego Towarzystwa Akupunktury. W 1989 roku Swaroop dołączył do renomowanego instytutu badań naukowych nad terapią Jogą. Po studiach opracował unikalna terapię dla ciała i umysłu o nazwie ?Shri Yoga Therapy?. Swaroop jest specjalistą w Ajurwedyjskim programie detoksykacji i odmładzania, Panchakarma, Kayakalpa Chikitsa, Akupunktury Marma, Marma masażu, masażu tantrycznego Marma itp. Od 1993 Verma prowadzi centrum odnowy biologicznej w Izraelu. Praktykuje i naucza Ajurwedy, Jogi i Tantry, w połączonej terapii, w Izraelu i za granicą.



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