Dj Ashirri

Dj Ashirri

We invite you to an extraordinary dance party and sound journey by Ashirri – a talented DJ and music producer. Get ready for an evening full of ecstasy, joy, energy and the mystical sound of organic music that will open the door to deeper tantric experiences.

Using it, we create a unique atmosphere conducive to deep immersion in practice. Ashirri will guide you through an emotional journey in which you will immerse yourself in an intimate space, stimulating your senses and raising your life energy.

Join our event to discover the potential of ethno music in the context of tantric practices, experiencing the connection between sound and intimacy. Ashirri will provide you with an unforgettable evening full of magic, inspiration and a deep connection with yourself and your surroundings.

Ashirri, also known as MoonDeck, is a renowned DJ and producer. Ashirri began her musical adventure in Tricity, Poland. After two years of playing in local clubs, she was invited to the Underground and Utopia clubs in Warsaw, and after half a year of fascinating performances, Utopia offered her a position of a DJ in residence, making her the only female DJ in residence in Poland.


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