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Concert and audiovisual show: Evolution of Consciousness. Music in 5D.

Discover the captivating music of Terra Nine, an atmospheric band from New Zealand. Dive into a musical adventure full of vivid colors, mesmerizing melodies, and deep feelings.

Sirius Music, the trance project by Michael Westcot, also known as Terra Nine, promises an immersive journey into a realm of mesmerizing imagery and evocative soundscapes.

Led by Michael Westcot on viola, keyboard, and computer, Terra Nine's sonic explorations are further enhanced by the artistic brilliance of Claire, aka VJ Intelliki. Together, they create a spellbinding visual spectacle, weaving together moving images, music videos, and electrifying live performances.

At the heart of Terra Nine's music are powerful beats and captivating visual narratives that resonate deeply with both the soul and the body. With six albums and numerous EPs under their belt, Terra Nine's discography showcases their innovative collaborations and remixes with international artists.

Over the past decade, Terra Nine has embarked on extensive worldwide tours, captivating audiences with their dynamic all-live audio/visual shows. Join us as we journey through the sonic realms of Terra Nine and immerse ourselves in a world of boundless creativity and expression.

"Projected images are believed to contain vibrational power that can lift us to higher states of consciousness and bliss - especially when combined with music."


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