Mark & Anna

Mark & Anna


  1. Embracing our sexual Blueprint (for all)
  2. Worshipping all energies in us (for all)
  3. Conscious Tantric Massage (for all)
  4. Ritual of Pure Love (for all)


  1. Evening ritual: 1st Night of the Festival - Indoor meditation followed by outside Fire ceremony (for all)
  2. Evening ritual: Temple night – Play and feel (for all)
  3. Morning practice: Tandava meditation (for all)

About the Facilitators

Mark Oostermeijer

My name is Mark Oostermeijer. I coach people to be brave and actually live their chosen life choices.

Together with my love Anna we give pragmatic workshops. We give workshops for couples and singles. We only pass on what has worked for us.  My 34 year relationship with Anna became richer and freer after we walked the Tantra path. As if we could speak another language. We now experience more freedom and abundance, but always in connection with each other.  Together with Anna, we have been studying at the Center for Tantra in Amsterdam for a long time. We have done education and training with Anand Rudra, Mantak Chia, Margot Anand & Esther Perel and many others.  Tantra & Yoga have brought me the lifestyle change my life has been waiting for.

Anna Prat i Bascomte

I am Anna Prat i Bascompte, life partner of Mark Oostermeijer, mother of three daughters who teach me something every day.  Looking for my options, I left Barcelona when I was eighteen. After four years in Germany I moved to the Netherlands to give love a chance. The Netherlands has felt at home for 30 years, but I keep the endless curiosity from the beginning of my journey.  As a psychologist,

I have always looked for more than just talking. I work with psychodrama, EFT (Emotional Focus Therapy for Couples), EMDR, Transactional Analysis and Mindfulness. I support people to go back to the body, our source of wisdom. Last year I followed the “Sacred Feminity Tao Tantric Arts” course with Shashi Solluna and Minke de Vos. I am very grateful for their lessons.  Together with Mark I am currently following a two-year program at the Center for Tantra in Amsterdam. Our relationship grows deeper and more joyful with age. I feel very grateful for all the movements that life brings!


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