“Terra Nine In Psy” - Progressive Trance Ecstatic Dance Set / Concert And Audiovisual Show In Tantric 5d Dimension (2)

FACILITATOR:  TERRA NINEmarcin piatkowski zyc 0002

Terranine in Psy is an up-tempo musical odyssey into powerful yet simple grace and rhythm. Powerful beats to move the soul and the body combined with hypnotic digital soundscapes and moving imagery to excite and inspire.

Terranine in Psy is New Zealand based sound artist, Michael Westcot - on viola, keyboards, computer and other audio devices accompanied by VJ Intelliki, who provides colourful and consciousness raising visuals.

Michael’s live electric viola ~ with its hauntingly beautiful timbre and expressivity, weaves intricate melodies that float above the hypnotic pulsing of the bass drum and electronic basslines. The music is complemented perfectly by VJ Intelliki’s visuals, infused with vibrational power, teleporting us to higher states of bliss.

This fusion of traditional and contemporary, acoustic and electronic, creates a sonic landscape that is at once familiar and alien, comforting and exhilarating. It is an experience that challenges the mind, stirs the soul, and unlocks the hidden realms of the imagination.

At the heart of Terra Nine's music are powerful beats and captivating visual narratives that resonate deeply with both soul and body. Terra Nine's discography, with six albums and numerous EPs, showcases their innovative collaborations and remixes with international artists.

Over the past decade, Terra Nine have embarked on an extensive world tour, captivating audiences with their dynamic live audiovisual shows.

VJ INTELLIKI is a visionary New Zealand artist who uses images and videos to add a psychedelic thrill to her music. She is inspired by nature, earth, psychedelia, storytelling, meditation and landscapes. For 9 years, Intelliki has been participating in the Terra Nine and Sirius Music projects on numerous international tours, performing live at festivals. Her visionary art combines 3D animations, time-shifted photography and many film programs.


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