Concert Gypsy Jazz / Funky / Pop „Love & Freedom”


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Isabelle's warm and expressive voice even makes the last chair in the room tremble. In addition, the song lyrics engage in poetic intimacy, pulling no punches in her music. Love and freedom. That's the title of Isabelle's first EP with its accompanying poetry book. A journey towards answering the question "What is love?".

In her songs Isabelle shares various experiences with and through love, attempting to come closer to a definition of it. But how does one describe something that sometimes cannot be described with words but only felt? Isabelle offers insights into her innermost self. They are poems and thoughts from her personal diaries combined with her music. Over the past ten years, Isabelle has gathered wisdom and thoughts that she now shares in the hope of giving others confidence and inspiration. To encourage showing oneself as one is. To love and live as if there were no tomorrow and also to address topics such as sexuality and break taboos. This concert is an invitation to all those who want to embark on a journey towards finding the answer to the question of what love is.

Isabelle discovered her love of singing at a young age. She gained further experience in many different formations - from acoustic duets to cover rock bands. Her musical involvement has always been accompanied by writing her own songs. At the age of 22, in addition to learning to sing, she also started learning to play the guitar on her own. In 2016, at a seminar organized in Greece by jazz vocalist J.D. Waltersa she discovered her love for jazz, which has since become part of her expressive singing, performed with an open and moving voice. She also obtained a master's degree in jazz and pop singing from the ArtEZ Conservatory. In 2022, she released her mini-album, Liebe & Freiheit, combined with a book of poetry.


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