Cacao Ceremony & Tribal Dance


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Cacao has always been consumed ceremonially by the ancient Olmec, the Zapotec, the Mayans and the Aztecs. It plays a central role in the Mayan Creation Story (Popul Vuh).

“Connecting with Kukulkan to bring the unity on myself to this incarnation”

The focus of this ancient ceremony is to create a deeper understanding and relationship with the plant spirit, Kukulcan (the Universal Kundalini on existence) and your own KUNDA. Kukulkan represent the sexual energy or life force in connection with awareness and consciousness. The shiva-shakti relationships in our lives. The masculine and feminine. Kakawa ceremony will awake the KUNDA the original life force on you to take it to the pineal gland.

Cocoa has been traditionally used as the Food of the Gods and was treated by the Mayans and Aztecs as a sacred healing plant to aid inner journeys to the spiritual worlds. They believed that cocoa harmonizes the imbalance between the mind and the heart, helps to fully open the heart, feel compassion and unconditional love. The Incas considered cocoa to be the "drink of the gods", hence the scientific name of the cacao tree, "Theobroma Cacao", from the Greek words theo (god) and Broma (drink).

Cacao is considered a Sacred Medicine - a teacher plant that brings insights, valuable lessons and transformation. During the ceremony, you are in control of your experience and can go as deep as you wish. Cocoa is completely legal in every corner of the world.


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