gopal sekretna swiatynia

In this collective ritual we want to honor together the wonders of our body, this magnificent temple that lovingly has taken us to this present moment and that is the vehicle for any spiritual awakening.

We will start with a ritual to purify our physical body with the traditional elements and sounds of the Shamanic traditions of South America, combining it with the poetic description of the basic elements of reality of the 5 Tattvas of Kashmir Shaivism.

From Silence to Air, from Air to Fire, from Fire to Water, and from Water to ground completely in our physical existence in this wonderful body and our loving Mother Earth, Pachamama.

Once our physical body is purified and acknowledged in its totality, we will celebrate its magic with a Self-Loving Touch journey to awake our senses and explore all its dimensions, travelling back from Earth to Silence.

We will end the evening with a Tantric Meditation to honour the subtlest part of ourselves: our Inner Body.


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