VIII International Festival Of Tantra
Consciousness, Presence and Relationship
For Singles And Couples
On 26th June – 5th July 2020
"Here And Now" Center Nowe Kawkowo

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Welcome to the most exciting festival of the year!

  • If you wish to learn how to feel a real closeness with a person you love
  • If you want more depth and bond in your relationships
  • If you want to feel more alive, full of love and joy
  • If you want to learn how to experience deep love and intimacy
  • If you want to find out what embodied spirituality is

than this festival is a perfect place and time for You!

You will meet Tantra facilitators from all around the world! You will experience a meeting with Tantra that combines sexuality, awareness, personal and spiritual development.

We invite you to spend 10 days in an atmosphere of joy, friendship, sensuality, pleasure and fun!

The price for a 10-day pass is only 1400 PLN !!!

Free camping!

We invite you to spend 10  incredible Festival days during which You can take part in numerous workshops, lectures, meetings, ceremonies, rituals, concerts, shows and parties.

This is the time which will make your life transform completely!

The Festival opens on Friday, the 26th of June at 6:00 PM.


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  • Workshops (morning & afternoon sessions, simultaneously in 3 or 4 different places)
  • Ceremonies & rituals
  • Dance parties
  • Concerts
  • Morning activities (meditations, Yoga, dynamic meditations)
  • Healing Temple (body/mind, body work, healing)
  • Sharing Space
  • Tantra Temple
  • Massages: tantric, classic, Ayurvedic and other (payable outside of the pass)
  • Souvenir stands (fashion jewellery, cloths, incense, ecological food etc.)
  • Book store
  • Movie screenings

10 days – several dozen of workshops – the best teachers from all around the world (lectures, ceremonies, rituals, concerts, live music, parties & morning activities)

Together, we will create a safe space in which we will be able to taste different forms of Tantra, discover our sensuality, sexuality, mindfulness and embodied spirituality, and thus - the way to fulfilled life. During the Festival, it will be possible to meet teachers from different tantra paths who will offer various techniques. We invited teachers representing the entire spectrum of personal development paths, traditional as well as very modern. Thanks to them, the ancient wisdom passed down from generation to generation meets the modern approach to human development in the 21st century.


festiwal tantry 2020 01


  • Tantra is a path of developing full human potential. It focuses on working with the body, sexuality, mind and emotions, awareness and on spiritual development at the same time. Tantra is one of the few ways of development and spiritual search, which embraces not only sexuality, but considers sex to be necessary to enrich and deepen spirituality. It is a philosophical system with a tradition lasting several thousand years, also called the "yoga of love."
  • Tantra is particularly important for people who not only want to enrich their sex life, but also expect a deep relationship with a partner. Through delicacy, mindfulness and conscious perception of the body, tantra helps to fully open up to someone close. It affects our lives. It offers an approach to life that celebrates the joy, pleasure and sensual body consciousness.
  • Tantra is a way of development and change, experiencing deep love and sexuality, creating close relationships. These are not just sexual techniques and advice, as is commonly believed, but something much deeper. It is a process that takes place at all levels: body, mind and soul. And which unites all these levels.
  • Tantra honours our inner temple – the body. Tantra gives us tools to purify, cleanse; tools to recycle our sexual energy, our thoughts, our emotions and beliefs. As we are recycling in our own temple, our body, we start recycling in our home, our relationships, our family and our environment.
  • Tantra amplifies our experiences as subconscious material surfaces faster. Conscious breathing, meditation, tantric practices heighten the sensitivity of your nervous system and allow consciousness to expand. It provides techniques that empower you as the creator, the source of your own energy force. We are energy. Tantra teaches us how to become aware of energy, how to channel it, to raise it, exchange it and how to create with it.


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  • teaches how to develop awareness and spirituality through intimacy with another person
  • allows us to discover real intimacy – with oneself, with partner, with family
  • enables the deep flow of love
  • helps us find who we really are
  • enriches our sexual life, makes it beautiful and complete
  • excludes nothing, judges nothing but acknowledges us as perfect and good
  • heals our wounds
  • through presence and mindfulness influences all aspects of life


During the festival we will also be able to learn what tantra and shamanism have in common. For the first time we have invited so many teachers who combine tantra, working with sexuality, and shamanic techniques in their work.

In shamanism and tantra, every human being is an integral part of the web of life and experiences a connection with his multidimensional nature. Shamanism - like tantra - treats the body as a vehicle for entering other dimensions, not only to broaden their perception, but also to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Shamanic healing methods often relate to our natural life energy or sexual energy, which help in transformation of our personality at all levels. And the sexual energy in both these trends is treated as the Holy Gate to Spirituality. Just as important is the awareness and mindfulness which we bring to our lives.

Both in shamanism and in tantra, life energy is also understood as creative sexual energy, as a game of consciousness and love, male and female energy; as a way to Awakening.


festiwal tantry 2020


The festival serves to represent various trends and methods, as well as teachers from around the world. During the short 3-hour modules we will be able to learn about their work, feel what method and which teacher are closest to us and with whom we would like to continue the longer, several-day workshops.

And that is why the Festival is a part of the year-round Here&Now program dedicated to working with sexuality, tantra and shamanism. It also serves to promote our teachers and their methods. Throughout the year, in our center, there are workshops with the main teacher facilitating during the Festival - workshops will be run by: Anand Rudra, Laurent Lacoste, Ananda Kumar and others.


festiwal tantry 2018 01


It is an everyday meeting of all Festival participants, time when they can share their impressions, thoughts, experiences and emotions. It’s the most important event of the whole Festival. The meeting is moderated and the participants are divided into smaller groups, so called “tantric families”, which stay constant during the festivities.


It’s a space where You can get all kinds of various messages, consult bodyworkers and healers. Individual sessions are a great way to enhance your experience during the Festival. These sessions may support you for healing, energizing or simply deep relaxation. A variety of private sessions will enable you to deepen your understanding of Tantra in general. Our healing area is private and fully equipped to give you the best treatments and our dedicated healers are professional session givers, fully trained and qualified in their field of expertise. Prices for individual sessions are not included in the Festival fee.


In tantra, the body is the temple of the immortal spirit. We express our respect for our bodies caring for them, listening to their needs and satisfying them. We care about our temples when we make love, meditate, relax, eat healthy and fresh food, pampering the senses. But equally important is the attention to the appearance of our bodies and their garnishing. Especially during the Festival Tantra and Sexuality, which is a celebration, we wish that every lecturer and participant emphasized the beauty and brilliance was coming the temple of his body. Please take care of it, that your dress was not only convenient and comfortable, but also festive, decorative and full of harmony.


It’s a beautiful place with Tantric Altar, where You can feel the profound spirituality of Tantra. You can come with partner or alone. You can sing mantras, meditate or just seat in silence. The Temple is decorated with paintings, flowers, saturated with pleasing fragrances, filled with romantic music and wrapped with soft, diffused light. Each day a different tantra facilitator supports the Temple with his/her energy. The Temple is open every night from 9 PM till 11 PM.

festiwal tantry 2018 08


  • To bring awareness and presence into intimacy.
  • Meeting different Tantra & sexuality facilitators from all around the world.
  • Building the tantric community in Poland using international inspiration – gathering of the people who feel close to Tantra and wish to develop through love, relationship and awakening of consciousness.
  • To make Tantra and sexuality less controversial theme in our society.
  • Fun, joy, relax, dance and celebrating the beauty of nature.


  • The price for 10-day Festival pass is 1400 PLN (330 Euro) + cost of food and accommodation (rooms for 2, 3, 4 persons with private bathroom or shared bathroom, places at the attic, campsite for tents, camping). Priority in the choice of accommodation is given to people visiting the entire festival




  • Full board food price is 85 PLN ( 20 Euro). The price includes 3 vegetarian meals a day.
  • Price of accommodation varies according to the standard from 32 PLN – 90 PLN (7,5 – 22,50 Euro) per person per day


 festiwal tantry 2020


  • Everyone is welcome – alone or with a partner, beginners and advanced practitioners of Tantra, those who are simply keen to know more about this theme and new approach to life. You have to be at least 18 years old. Children are not allowed to take part in the festival.
  • You alone are responsible for yourself during the festival and it is your decision to choose the events you are interested in.
  • You are responsible for your behaviour towards other participants. We expect you to show respect for others as well as truthfulness and openness during the workshop processes. When subscribing to the Festival, you will also need to approve your consent regarding the Regulations at the Tantra Festival.
  • If you are coming with your partner you are required to book a double room or camping place in order to have your private space for exercises. If you choose to sleep in the common rooms you must be aware that this space is only for sleeping and relaxation.
  • During the Festival all of us create safe space to know each other and our attitudes towards love, relationships, sexuality and spirituality. Some of the workshops may deal with nudity and intimate touch but nevertheless, we always support you in respecting your personal limits and boundaries, in saying “No”. You can always be fully dressed and refuse to take part in activities which make you feel uncomfortable.



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Our Center for Personal and Spiritual Development “Here and Now” is situated among beautiful and peaceful surroundings (private property of 45 ha). Woods, meadows and lakes creates perfect atmosphere for meeting with Tantra, Love and Nature.

Workshops are held in four different places (workshop rooms and tents) located on the beautiful meadow (10 ha) among in the wood. Additionally, all Festival participants can join free morning meditations, Yoga sessions etc. In the evenings, we invite You for concerts, parties, movie screenings.




mobile phone. +48 662 759 576
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional contacts:

Jacek Towalski,   mobile phone: +48 602 219 382
Maja Wołosiewicz-Towalska, mobile phone: +48 606 994 366


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