VII International Festival Of Tantra
Consciousness, Presence and Relationship
For Singles And Couples
On 26th June – 7th July 2019
"Here And Now" Center Nowe Kawkowo

Additional Events / Concerts

Rupert Alison

Buba Badjie Kuyateh is a kora virtuoso and composer born in 1982 in Gambia in a respected family of griots (musicians). 'Jali Buba' has become one of the most popular musicians in his homeland, performing with the Nyodemaa Band group.

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During the ceremony Freya will guide through healing shamanic journey into the depths of your own being, we will gather  in a safe circle space for a wonderful heart expanding experience. By drinking sacred Cacao we will relax, connecting deeper to our body, soul and to the Earth, so that we may love and accept ourselves and others, without limits, judgments or attachments.

TantraJoy is the term we created to indicate the more joyful and playful part of tantra. We invite you to come to celebrate life and love with an evening, where you can experience the joy of free expression through conscious dance and interactions.

Rupert Alison

A ritual of the tantric tradition that incorporates several elements from the world of tantra:

A wonderful combination of shamanic and tantric tools to open your heart, give space to express your truth, and create a loving connection between participants.

Biodanza - The Ritual of Human Encounter

In this minutes concentred outside of the chronological time, I’m going to invite you to make a simple journey that starts with strip tease of your ego and allow our individual identity to melt in the same unique Fountain of Life were we all sprout from!!!


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