VI International Festival Of Tantra Sexuality & Awareness In Poland For Singles And Couples On 29th June – 8th July 2018 "Here And Now" Center Nowe Kawkowo

Additional Events / Concerts

ecstatic cacao 04

During the ceremony Freya will guide through healing shamanic journey into the depths of your own being, we will gather  in a safe circle space for a wonderful heart expanding experience. By drinking sacred Cacao we will relax, connecting deeper to our body, soul and to the Earth, so that we may love and accept ourselves and others, without limits, judgments or attachments.

anna faber harfa

A real Sorceress of the Harp, she will take us into the world of her musical inspirations, covering different types of music from classical through Celtic and Scottish, touching on jazz standards, romantic ballads, reaching up to New Age music.

bebny doktor king 01

Doctor King - vocalist, author of music and lyrics, plays Cuban congas and African drums - Djembe.

saksofonarium 4

Saksofonarium - the only female saxophone quartet in Poland. Established in 2009 in Cracow. It is made up of graduates of the Krakow Academy of Music: Joanna Wróblewska, Aleksandra Skierka, Dorota Olech and Paulina Owczarek. The band's repertoire is stylistically diverse. The quartet performs both jazz standards and contemporary saxophone compositions.

ceremonia cacao caspi 01

This sacred ceremony is working with the Cacao medicine from Peru & Guatemala. In this ceremony we will dive into our Intention. Understand how to flow with the sacred Cacao ceremony and go into a deep meditative state.

ecstatic dance

Ecstatic Dance

Our ecstatic dance workshops are an invitation to welcome us back into the body – to celebrate in movement ourselves, each other, and the earth which holds us all. There are no steps to get right - the experience is about being, rather than doing. Our dance sessions take the form of a ritual, in which we gather together as tribe to call in that which we wish to dance with and through, and surrender to the wisdom of the body, as the beat takes over.

Rupert Alison's passion is to create a truly healing and joyful space that allows you to meet your true self and others using tantra, sensual accessories and ecstatic dance.

pokaz tanca orientalnego 01pokaz tanca orientalnego 02pokaz tanca orientalnego 03

Oriental dance allows you to make friends with your body - hips, belly, spine and buttocks. He awakens femininity and self-confidence. In the rhythm of oriental music, we have the opportunity to express ourselves and our emotions. We meet our joy, spontaneity and wildness, as well as sensuality and sexuality.

malowanie ciala 02

This event is an invitation to step into our child-like innocence and innate creativity, helping us to release shame, judgment, and any old stories we may have about our physical body.  We begin with some grounding movement and dance, then we enter our ritual – taking time to explore skin as canvas, as we tune into and honour each other’s bodies and boundaries.

ecstatic dance 02

This evolves into a colourful and often playful group process, before we move into movement and dance to celebrate all that we are.

malowanie ciala 07

No artistic ability is required to take part. Everything, including nudity, is optional and you will be supported to remain in consent at all times.

flowresta 04


Taqsim is a unique erotic ceremony of sound and movement. Evocative live music leads us to journey deep into ourselves and into connection with each other. Our inward attention and presence generates movement and invites us to express ourselves with our whole bodies. From our innermost places we move to outer dance, and from the outer dance we move back inward.


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