23-30 JUNE 2013


?Love, Intimacy, Relationships? - these three simple words are able to touch us very, very deeply, they seem to be related with every single piece of our daily life and our existence. They influence our mood, our identity, our self-esteem. Yet each of us understands these words in his or her own way.

Love... love toward my partner, my family, my close friends, paternal love, brotherly love, love as the attitude toward the life itself, toward the whole Universe. Many questions arise: Am I really able to love and accept Myself? Am I happy in the love-relationships that I create? What does it really mean to me ?Love?? What is my way to experience love and go through it's different phases? Am I ready for love to come? Ready to share every day? Did I ever run away from falling in love?  Do I run away from people I admire? Did I ever tried to hide from my own feelings and my own life? Do I long for love and try to avoid it in the same time? Isn't it that I long for love but I don't believe that love and happiness can happen to me?


Intimacy. Emotional connection. Being close to the Nature, close to my friends. Being in the intimate relationship with my partner. Is it easy for me to be close? Or do I try to always keep a distance? What do I feel when I hear a word ?intimacy??

Relationships. How do I build my relationships? What is the quality of my relations with my parents, my friends, my work mates. How do I behave when I meet a stranger? How am I related to the Earth? To the Nature? To Humanity? How do my relationships reflect Myself?


So many questions, so many choices every day, yet still Love is not just an emotion. Love is an energy. Love is the base for our existence.

Love is the energy the whole Universe is made of. Love is all around ? you can see it in flowers, in animals, in a beautiful sunset, you can find it in every human being and in every single moment of your life!


You are all welcome to come and join The Fifth Festival of Body-Mind-Spirit Integration focused on ?Love, Intimacy, Relationships?, where we will take a look on the most important questions in our life. We'd like to invite you to come on your own, as a couple or with a group of friends!

We are hoping to find answers for some of above questions during lectures and workshops on the Festival. We'll take a look on the patterns in our daily life, challenge ourselves to overcome these patterns and other obstacles on the way to fulfilling relationship! It will be a time and place to share joy, to love yourself us you are. We'll focus on the way to find and not miss your true love, to make your relationship balanced, happy and fulfilling!

The Festival is also the time of laugh, joy, parties, ceremonies, rituals.

Good time dedicated for Love and Open Hearts!

Join us and enjoy!

Maja & Jacek Towalscy


Come and join us for 8 fantastic days of the




Teachers ans speakers:

This  year more than 20 great teachers, tutors and speakers will take part in our festival!
Come and meet ,among others:  Wojciech Eichelberger,  Ewa Cyzman-Bany, Kama Korytowska, Dawid & Zosia Rzepeccy, Norbert Kulesza, Beata Markowska, Małgorzata Przygońska, Jacek Poteralski, Dagmara Gmitrzak, Beata Dyraga, Jan Szeliga, Karo Aquabal, Małgorzata Szokalska.


The workshops take place simultaneously in four different locations inside the Center: tents and classrooms ? all situated in a huge beautiful area - clearing in the middle of forest (the Center area is about 100 acres big, and the clearing itself is about 25 acres). Every morning you can attend group meditations and sport activities that are open to everybody and free of charge. In the evenings you are all welcome to dance, watch movies, attend parties concerts and artistic shows! Come and enjoy!

You can join:


  • short workshops  - 4 hours (free and paid workshops available)
  • full time workshops 2x8 h  (paid)
  • lectures  - 2 h (free of charge)
  • all other events ? concerts, ceremonies, dance shows, parties (free of charge)
  • morning activities  - sports and meditations (free of charge)




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